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Early Black Friday Sales At Walmart You Can Shop Right Now

WALMART vs COSTCO GOURMIA AIR FRYER comparison | how to use 2020 Black Friday Sale

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Don’t wait until Black Friday to shop at Walmart — the deals are starting much earlier there this year.

Recently, the retail giant announced it will kick off its Black Friday Deals for Days event on Nov. 3, a full three weeks before Thanksgiving. That sale, featuring big discounts on Roku TVs, Samsung Chromebooks and more begins at 7 p.m., with Walmart+ members getting access four hours earlier.

With supply chain issues looming large over the holiday season, however, you may not want to wait until November to start your shopping. Some of the hottest toys of 2021 are already selling out, and stores may not have consistent availability of the items you’re shopping for this year.

Fortunately, Walmart is offering some great Black Friday-worthy deals now, even ahead of their Black Friday sale. These pre-Black Friday deals are a good way to lock in a great price and guarantee that you’ll have something great to give this holiday season. Check out these deals on Apple tech, Keurig, LOL Surprise dolls and more that you can snag right now, plus one sure-to-be-hot-for-the-holiday item on everyone’s wishlist that you won’t find discounted anywhere.

This Air Fryer Is So Cheap At Walmart Today That It Could Be A Mistake

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    Theres never been a better time to get into the air fryer craze. Hot air fryers are the latest craze for home cooks, delivering crispy and delicious meals that are cooked at home with much less oil and fat than traditional methods. Make the best of chicken cordon bleu or dino nuggets with the air fryer offerings now on sale at Walmart. Right now, you can get the Farberware 3.2 Quart Multi-Function Air Fryer on sale for just $ 54, up from the regular price of $ 99, so you can save $ 45 if you order it today.

    Buy now

    If you somehow missed the air fryer madness over the last year, this is your chance to hop on board. This Farberware air fryer has a spacious 3.2 quart capacity that can hold up to 2 pounds of ingredients for many fried foods. Cook faster, healthier meals with little to no oil. Quickly get crispy fried chicken skin without trans and say goodbye to mushy, oven-baked french fries. Hot air fryers work much like a hot air oven by moving superheated air around the food. The included grill basket ensures that the food does not stick while it becomes crispy and tasty.

    Buy now

    Instant Pot Vortex 6 Quart Air Fryer

    If youre looking for an affordable air fryer with a large cooking capacity, consider this option by Instant Pot. With a 6-quart capacity, the square basket can fit a 2 pound bag of fries or a 4 pound bag of chicken, according to the brand. The interface is also user-friendly, featuring four pre-programmed settings and a temperature-controlling dial. The popular air fryer has a 4.8-star average rating from over 35,000 Amazon shoppers.

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    One Of Our Favorite Air Fryers Is On Sale For $69 Today

    Want to make delicious fried foods without the guilt, the danger, and the cleanup? Then its time to shop for one of the best air fryers! Air fryers have become super popular over the last year, and in this case, the hype is well warranted. Sometimes, good things are good, and this is true of Americas favorite new kitchen appliance. Right now, you can get this Ninja AF100 4 Quart Air Fryer on sale at Walmart for just $69, marked down $20 from its regular price of $89. Youll be able to cook everything from crispy restaurant-style fries to savory chicken wings to fancy dishes for two, like chicken cordon bleu or cornish game hens.

    Be the star of every football party this year when you whip up delicious hot wings and other appetizers for your crew. Air fryers are an awesome way to make tasty culinary creations without using a ton of unhealthy oils and fats. These kitchen appliances work similarly to a regular convection oven, by circulating super-hot air around the interior space, so your food can cook evenly from all angles. Because of the compact size and metal fry basket used in the air fryer, food comes out with a fresh, crispy texture that is unmatched by other frying methods. Youll use little to no oil when cooking in an air fryer, which makes this a healthy alternative to deep-frying or pan-frying methods.

    Best Air Fryer For Small Spaces

    Posame Air Fryer 4.2 Quart Programmable Digital 1500 Watt ...

    This compact and budget-friendly air fryer is the size of a small coffee maker and is ideal for an apartment or student dorm room. The fryer can cook a one-serving main dish or two appetizer portions and makes preparing frozen foods like breaded chicken tenders and fries a total cinch. Best of all? You can also grill, roast and bake in it. Plus, it has a preset function for cute little cakes .

    • The mini air fryer includes six digital preset modes: grill, roast, fries, shrimp, fish and cake.
    • It has a small 1.6-litre capacity and can serve one or two people, depending on portion size.
    • A 60-minute countdown timer with automatic shutoff lets you set it and forget it, while an adjustable thermostat with precise temperature settings gives you even greater control over cooking.

    Its perfect for small-sized portions. I love to make my baby snacks and food in it. I would definitely recommend this if you have kids.

    Nini426, Walmart customer

    If you forget to flip your food during the cooking process, it will end up burnt on one side and mushy on the other.

    smileyfacesharpe, Walmart customer

    I love the features on this model. It not only will shut off when you set it to, but will also cook at two different temperatures.

    Neil108, Walmart customer

    The top/left side and back get real hot so this cant be placed close to objects that can melt.

    muellerguy, Walmart customer

    Minnie11, Walmart customer

    Charitus, Walmart customer

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    How Does An Air Fryer Work

    Although the name suggests otherwise, theres no actual frying going on inside an air fryer. Air fryers are basically small appliances with heating elements and fans that rapidly circulate hot air. The high heat and forceful air work together to dehydrate ingredients and mimic the golden-browning effect of traditional frying. While the exact mechanisms vary with different air fryer models, the hot air is key. It helps wick away moisture from the surface of foods, getting them nice and crispy, says Bustard.

    Black Friday Air Fryer Deals Are Live At Walmart Save Big Today

    Early Walmart Black Friday deals are here and that means some exceptional Black Friday air fryer deals. With deep discounts on some great air fryers, this is the ideal opportunity to treat yourself to a new kitchen gadget for the whole family to enjoy. If youre keen to enjoy crispier food thats healthier for you, these are the Black Friday deals you need to check out. Read on while we guide you through them.

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    Ninja Af100 4 Quart Air Fryer $69 Was $89

    Ninja is one of the best air fryer brands out there so you know youre onto a good thing with this Ninja AF100 4 Quart Air Fryer. Its capable of cooking up to 2 pounds of French Fries at once so its ideal for the whole family. With a temperature range of between 105°F and 400°F, its perfect for gently removing moisture from foods or quickly cooking and crisping them up as well. A dehydrate function proves extra useful plus everything about it is easy to clean and maintain. For the regular family, this is a great option at a really good price.

    Chefman Turbofry Air Fryer $74 Was $100


    The Chefman Turbofry features a capacity of 8 quarters and helpful presets for serving different kinds of food, such as fries, chicken, and fish. The air fryers timer goes up to 60 minutes, adjustable on its touchscreen where you can also control its temperature to up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Walmart is selling the Chefman Turbofry for $74, down $26 from its original price of $100.

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    Ninja Digital Air Fryer

    For chefs who enjoy dehydrating their food , consider this version from Ninja that has garnered a 4.8-star average rating from over 2,400 Best Buy shoppers. By slowing the circulation of heated air it gradually dries out kale, apple slice and other fruits and vegetables to provide variety to your cooking routine. This air fryer also features four programmable cooking modes, a 4-quart capacity and a wide temperature range .

    Stick Anything Under The Sun Into This Air Fryer For Crispy Crunchy Consistently Delicious Results

    Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer, $69 at Walmart

    Theres a lot out there that famously did not live up to the hype: the Zune, the Segway, Wild Wild West, Titanic, the boat, not the movie Google Glass, and dont forget Hot Vax Summer.

    Something that I find, time and time again, does live up to the hype is the air fryer. Stick anything under the sun into Ninja 4-Quart Air Fryer for crispy, crunchy, consistently delicious results. Air fryers work by blasting whats inside with a powerful and hot convection current that leaves a crisp outside and tender inside, sans 75% of the fat from traditional frying methods.

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    Is An Air Fryer Worth The Money

    Need a small and speedy portable oven and dont already own a countertop convection toaster? Youll probably be happy with an air fryer. If you have the space to store an air fryer, I think its worth it. For me, its the convenience factor. It cooks many foods quicker than a full-size oven and doesnt heat up the kitchen the same way an oven does, says Bustard.

    But if you already have a good countertop convection oven, keep using it! Theyre ideal for larger families and youll find that they can do everything air fryers can do and more.

    Walmart Black Friday Deals: This Gourmia Air Fryer Is Now Just $49

    The Farberware 3.2 Quart Oil

    Excellent low prices on kitchen accessories

    We’re into the second wave of Walmart Black Friday deals now, and if you’re after some gadgets to keep your kitchen exciting you’ll be glad to know there’s plenty small accessories on sale in these early Black Friday deals.

    This Gourmia digital french door air fryer is coming in at just $49 this week – $40 off its usual $89 MSRP. That’s fantastic value for the 17-function toaster oven, with easy to set controls Fry Force 360° technology for quick and even cooking, and dishwasher safe components.

    Not only that, but you’ll find a16-inch Faberware non-stick griddle now available for just $9.96 – in an incredible price drop down from a $39.95 MSRP.

    You’ll find more information on these Walmart black Friday deals just below, but there’s plenty more to browse further down the page as well.

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    What Are The Different Types Of Air Fryers

    There are many types of air fryers on the market but they generally fall into three categories:

    • Basket-style air fryers: This pod-shaped type of air fryer has a footprint similar to a coffee maker and is the most popular because its small and generally the most affordable. If youre single, or cooking for only a few people, a basket-style air fryer could be great for you, says Bustard.

    Shop Basket-Style Air Fryers

    • Toaster-oven air fryers: Theyre larger and more expensive, but also fit more food and do more than air fry, such as roasting, convection baking and toasting. If you have a larger family to cook for, the convection ovenstyle air fryer will probably be a better fit for you, as you wont have to cook in batches, Bustard notes.

    Shop Toaster-Oven Air Fryers

    Shop Air Fryer Combos

    Beautiful By Drew Barrymore Air Fryer

    Drew Barrymore recently launched Beautiful, a line of cookware, kitchenware and appliances at Walmart, including this bestselling 6-quart air fryer. As we previously reported, the air fryer sold out in 24 hours after it was launched, but its now back in stock. It features a digital touch-activated display, gold accents and a nonstick crisping tray. You can air fry, roast, reheat or dehydrate food at temperatures between 90 and 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and the appliance is designed with a 60-minute automatic shut-off function. The crisping tray and pan are dishwasher-safe and the air fryer is available in four colors: Sage Green, Black Sesame, Oyster Grey and White Icing.

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    Are Air Fryers Healthier

    Air fryers tend to be healthier than conventional fried food because they use less oil, says Frances Largeman-Roth, a registered dietitian and TODAY contributor. But while it may be healthier, not everything you prepare in the gadget is going to be healthy. Many of the recipes still suggest adding a little oil, so you may not save a significant number of calories during your meal, she says.

    Since it’s so easy to use, it may help people get more creative with their “fried” options, thinking outside of the typical french fries and chicken wings. When used to fry vegetables like Brussels sprouts, zucchini and carrots, it could help you up your daily veggie intake. ” makes veggies crisp, making them much more enjoyable for folks adults and kids alike,” Roth says. “Whatever we can do to make vegetables more craveable is a huge plus in my book.”

    Early Walmart Black Friday Sale: Online November 3 In

    $49 Gourmia 8-Qt. Stainless Steel Digital Air Fryer on sale at Walmart November 2020

    Like last year, instead of one large, post-Thanksgiving sale, Walmart will release new deals on the lead up to Black Friday each week in November.

    The first wave of deals starts online on Wednesday, November 3, with discounts appearing in-store starting Friday, November 5. The next wave of deals kicks off on Wednesday, November 10, then in-store on Friday, November 12. The final wave of deals will happen during Black Friday.

    During the sale, starting on , shoppers can shop a 55-inch TCL 4K Roku TV for $228 , Samsung Chromebook 4 for $87 , Roku 4K Premiere for $19 , Eufy Robovac 25C robot vacuum for $99 and a Keurig K-Compact coffee maker for $35 .

    For the sale starting on , you can shop Apple AirPods for $89 , an HP 15.6-inch laptop for $279 , a Shark robot vacuum for $288 , a Roku Ultra LT for $30 , a Netgear Nighthawk mesh system for $149 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 for $139 .

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    Powerxl Vortex Air Fryer Pro Plus 10 Quart $129 Was $152

    With an extra-large 10-quart cooking capacity, the PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer Pro Plus is ideal for large gatherings. With 1,700 watts of power, it includes 10 pre-programmed settings including a reheat function so you wont have to worry about complicated settings here. Alongside that, youre able to rotisserie an entire 4-pound chicken or up to 12 ounces of French Fries with temperature settings up to 400F available. With a large and easy-to-grip handle plus auto shut-off functionality, its suitably safe and practical too.

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    Farberware Air Fryer $55 Was $99

    The Farberware air fryer is a solid option if you need an air fryer that prepares meals just for yourself or for two, as its capacity of 3.2 quarts holds up to 2 pounds of food. It may be set with a timer for up to 30 minutes, with a temperature of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The Farberware air fryer, which also comes with a book of 25 recipes that will help start your journey as an air fryer master, is available from Walmart at $44 off, bringing its price down to $55 from its original price of $99.

    Best Air Fryer Overall


    The Philips Airfryer line gets rave reviews for being easy to use and cooking food more evenly and consistently than similar models. The Digital Turbostar is our favourite from the collection because it has four digital presets, is a cinch to clean and looks sleek on a countertopa must if you plan to use it regularly.

    • The heat and airflow of this digital air fryer reduce fat by up to 90 percentcompared to deep frying or wok frying and turn foods extra crispy.
    • Clean-up is easy because the removable non-stick mesh frying basket and the drawer with non-stick coating are both dishwasher safe.
    • Customers have said that the included recipe booklet is limited .

    It works great. Steak, chicken, fish, brownies were all done to perfection when following directions. Easy clean-up in the dishwasher, too.

    Duty Cook, originally posted on

    This product only comes with a basket, but you can make so much more with the inserts. You need to purchase those separately.

    DenisefromOnt, originally posted on

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