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The Big Boss Air Fryer Has A Large Capacity:

Is It Worth It? Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review!

The Big Boss Air Fryer has a large capacity. Big Boss air fryers are able to cook food faster than other air fryers on the market today. Besides, Big Boss came out with this product so people can be healthier by cooking their foods in less oil and fat using Rapid Air technology. So, Big Boss has been around for many years now, and they have been making some of the best kitchen appliances available on the market today, and they will continue to do that for many years in the future.

If you havent gotten a Big Boss airfryer yet, then this might be the push you need to take action! Big Boss Air Fryers are great for cooking crispy food without having to be near a stove or oven. Big Boss Air Fryers also has a large capacity, which means that you can cook more at one time without worrying about having to cook again anytime soon.

Also, remember that Big Boss Air Fryers can still be used with simple recipes such as frying eggs and making french fries! Although Big Boss Air Fryers are initially meant for fried foods, they can still be used for most simple recipes.

Whats My Suggestion About The Big Boss Air Fryer Review

If you want to know my suggestion its an awesome air fryer with this price range. Yeah, it has some problems with built quality and temperature. But, it can be ignored in front of its price, features, and cooking quality.

After buying an air fryer, what I all want is the awesome cooking result. And, it was able to win peoples hearts.

Always remember that every product has some issue, whatever the price is! If youll check other air fryers, it will have some other problems. But every product will have some problem! So, no one is 100% perfect. Go for it and buy it!

Cooking Big Boss Air Fryer Review

The Big Boss air fryer is does what any other air fryerdoesthe difference being that it is big. Very big. It therefore means you cando more in itin theory anyway. There are those that suggest you could do aturkey in theremaybea small one anyway.

Im not going to take that risk. I will run a couple ofcooking testsboth involving chicken. Since I suspect people buy this to roasta chicken or cook fried chicken, those are the cooking tests I will run.

Firstly, the roast chicken. I deliberately chose a larger to judge the capacity. This air fryer is as simple as it gets. Put the chicken on the rack, lower it into the glass bowl, shut the lid, set the temperature and timeand away you go. Simple.

I have to say that I was quite impressed with the results.The chicken had a lovely crisp to the skin, whilst the meat was moist andsucculent. I can totally see why some people swear by them. The result wasunexpected for me, I was fully expecting an average result. The quality of thecooked chicken genuinely surprised me.

Moving onto the chicken legs, I brushed on some egg wash anddipped them into some bread crumbs. I was expecting this to work quite wellgiven the excellent performance on the whole chicken. I was right to beconfident. The Chicken legs came out beautifully. The outer surface had alovely crunch to them. The inside was cooked beautifully and the chickenretained its moistness. Overall, a very nice resultmy husband approves ofthis.

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Design: A Huge Air Fryer With Many Parts

When you purchase the Big Boss air fryer, itll probably intimidate you with the multiple parts it has. This gets especially true if youve considered more compact air fryers, like Kaloriks or Philipss.

Thats why I thought I should start by breaking it down to see how it goes into action.

The Base: A Plastic Holder and Glass Bowl

When youre setting up the Big Boss air fryer, you have to start by forming a well-supported base. To do that, Big Boss ships a U-shaped plastic holder that locks the fryer components in place.

I definitely like this perk since it might be dangerous to have a hot glass bowl sitting directly over your countertop. Also, this holder extends well beyond the margins of the fryer. This way, itll be less possible for someone to knock down the fryer while its working.

The second important part is the 16-inch glass bowl. Its fabricated with a size that fits perfectly inside the plastic holder.

The Inside:Cooking Racks and Mesh Basket

Luckily, you dont have to randomly cram the large glass bowl with food. Big Boss sends 2 cooking racks and a mesh basket that can layer your food.

The first rack is called the low cooking rack. As the name implies, this rack has a height of probably less than 0.5. It should be placed directly over the bowls bottom. This way, itll allow excess oil to drip from your food onto the glass bowl, giving you the healthiest snack possible.

The Top: A Glass Lid with the Control Unit

Awesome Product In The Price Range

Best Big Boss Air Fryer Extra Ring

After doing deep research on this air fryer I found some of the things that must be highlighted before you buy it. No doubt, the big boss air fryer has a large capacity, can cook multiple things from frying chickens to bake, grill, roast, and toast. It comes with a 360° air convection system that allows you to cook the food more efficiently. A lot of other things.

Being a cheap air fryer, it is able to provide you all the necessary features that a fryer must-have.

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I Need To Change The Bulb From Big Boss Oilless Fryer

Whre to buy the bulb?

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You Can Cook Multiple Foods At Once

Thanks to the multiple racks sent with this fryer, you can prepare a whole meal in one cycle. Ideally, you can place some chicken wings on the lower rack, and add some french fries on the upper one.

Conventional fryers dont allow for this, not by a long shot. As I said earlier, most of them are too small to accept more than one meal at a time. Even the ones big enough dont come with racks that separate between food. Youll have to put everything together, which wont taste that well.

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Big Boss Air Fryer Alternative: Philips Premium Xxl Air Fryer

  • Bring home the Airfryer so you can have
  • The Philips Premium Airfryers are the
  • With a 3lb/7qt capacity and no preheat
  • Unleash the full potential of your

If the Big Boss air fryer is too bulky for your kitchen, consider the Philips Premium air fryer.

The first and most important difference lies in the construction. The Philips air fryer is much tidier than its competitor. It comes as a 17-inch cuboid body with curved corners. The basket, where the food goes, is impeded inside the same unit.

To use it, you simply pull the basket via its handle, put the food, choose the temperature, and set the timer.

Heat Source: Coil And Fan

Which Is Better? Ninja Air Fryer Or Big Boss?

Instead of the halogen bulb, Philips uses a metal coil to generate the heat. Then, a fan keeps pulling and pushing the air inside the unit to evenly cook the food.

Although coils are more convenient, theyre not as powerful as halogen bulbs. The former is able to produce 400°F, while the latter goes all the way up to 480°F.

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Check The Air Fryer Heating Element

It can be majorly frustrating when you do all sorts of diagnostics and testing on your air fryer, and you still cant figure out why its malfunctioning. Theres dinner to put on the table! Once you have exhausted all other options and made sure that none of the other issues on this list have happened to your air fryer, then its time to look at the heating element.

The heating element is the part of the air fryer that creates the high heat that will cook and fry your food. This is the most important part of your air fryer because its the piece that makes everything happen. Because its so important, youll want to be careful when youre taking a peek at it. Dont just start poking and prodding around inside your air fryer without knowing what youre doing first.

If there is no other solution to your issue, and after youve gone through all the tests weve suggested in this article, then its time to call up the customer service wing of the brand youve bought an air fryer from. Its important to note the tests that youve run on your device when youre calling them up.

Big Boss Rapid Wave Halogen Oven

The Big Boss Rapid Oven is an essential cooking system to roast, broil or bake foods.

It has a three times faster capacity to cook food than the traditional oven.

However, this convection, halogen heat cooker, and infrared technology cook properly.

The Rapid Wave has removable trays, a cooking bowl, tightly sealing lid.

It locks moisture and heat.


  • Triple cooking capacity: convection, halogen, infrared heat dinner
  • Broils, Roasts, bakes, grills, air fries, boils and steams
  • Parts are also dishwasher safe
  • No oil is needed to fry.
  • Have less fat in the food

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Top 10 Best Big Boss Air Fryer Replacement Parts Reviews Of 2022

There is no denying the fact that shopping for big boss air fryer replacement parts is stressful and anxious where your mind is always overwhelmed with a lot of questions. We share the same feeling with you because we have ever spent much time in researching and experiencing the big boss air fryer replacement parts by ourselves. Thats why the list of best big boss air fryer replacement parts now comes to your hand, and we do hope that you find it useful after reading the review. Of course, although there are other helpful and detailed reviews available in the current market, we believe that this big boss air fryer replacement parts review can meet your demand and fulfill a few questions you are now having in mind.

Be A Happier & Healthier You

The 10 Best Replacement Motor For Big Boss Air Fryer

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If you are a fried food lover, you must check out this small oven that creates a golden crispy texture food using a circulating heat source. As a crispy fried food lover, fried food is one of my guilty pleasures that I dont get to indulge in often enough. It is high in calories and fat and can increase the risk of many health issues such as obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, acne, and all things we want to avoid staying healthy.

There are many healthier ways to mimic that golden crispy texture on the outside and moist and tender inside without deep frying. Some of these healthier alternatives include baking, roasting, grilling, and air frying. The air frying method is the closest to deep-frying texture as you can get. Thanks to these methods, you can enjoy your favorite fried food while cutting back on calories and fat.

If you have never heard of an air fryer before or seen one, you may have many questions about it. Is it better for you? Is the food still satisfying? What can you put in an air fryer? I put together everything you need to know about an air fryer in this guide below to address all the questions going through your head. And I will share some of the best air fryers to purchase.

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Verdict Big Boss Air Fryer Reviews

My emotions are quite mixed on this review. I really want tosay that if you can overlook the negatives, the cooking is great. The realityis that I have to give a balanced opinion.

The build quality was average and I suspect it wont last aslong as some of my other appliances. Its heavy and cumbersome, the lid isheavy too and you need separate space for that too. Storage space might be anissue too for many.

On the flip sidethe food was beautifully done. You can seewhy Im hovering. I guess at the end of the day, you will decide what isimportant to you. For some of you, it is the food that counts. In that case, getthe Big Boss Air fryer. If you like to take an overall viewhave a good thinkabout it.

If you want to find out more about the Big Boss air fryeror read some actual user reviews, click the button below.

The Glass Bowl Gets Hot

Like I said, the glass bowl lets you see the food as its cooking, which is great. Nevertheless, you still have to turn off the device and remove the lid to turn the food every once in a while. Otherwise, the hot air wont be able to reach all the surfaces evenly.

With conventional air fryers, this process couldnt be simpler. Take the Kalorik Digital Air Fryer for example. All you have to do is pull its handle. You dont need to use any tools or take any precautions.

Unfortunately, things arent that easy in the Big Boss fryer. Since glass isnt a sufficient heat insulator, the bowl gets stupendously hot. If you dare to touch it by hand, you wont last seconds before getting burnt.

That leaves you with the imperative use of tongs. I like that you already get free tongs with the fryer. However, these tongs are specifically made for lifting the cooking racks. Therefore, you might want to buy padded tongs that could easily turn the food.

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Check The Air Fryers Timer

After determining that the air fryers issue isnt actually the temperature setting, then its important to look at another setting on the air fryers face the timer. Sometimes, depending on what style of air fryer youve purchased, the machine wont start up unless you pick a time from the timer setting. This is to increase the devices safety, but it can also be frustrating for people who just want their air fryer to cooperate.

Much like the temperature setting, your air fryers timer setting will vary by brand and by model. Some air fryers have an old-fashioned dial on the face that turns and ticks, while others have a digital model that you can just punch the time into.

The air fryer pros at My Budget Recipes talk about the intricacies of air fryers in their article, and in particular, about the nuances of using a Philips model air fryer. They say that the Philips air fryer can often have an issue heating up if you dont pick a cooking cycle this can be confusing if you dont want to set your air fryer for a particular amount of time.

To fix the issue of an air fryer not heating up because you havent picked a temperature or cook cycle, youll just have to set a time for your air fryer, even if its a bit longer or shorter than you want. This will help ensure that your air fryer heats up properly and doesnt give you any issues when trying to cook yourself some lunch.

Big Boss Air Fryer Accessories Are Stainless Steel

BIG BOSS 1300-Watt Oil-Less Fryer, 16-Quart Review

Here, it wins my heart!! This big boss air fryer comes with a lot of accessories. All of them were found to have stainless steel bodies. So, no doubt the accessories will live for years. The accessories are Air fryer, stand, glass bowl, recipe book, trivets, mesh rack, lifting clamp, and extension ring.

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Common Big Boss Air Fryer Problems

Although you are experiencing a few troubleshooting issues with your Big Boss air fryer, you have a pro cooker in your kitchen. You no longer have to battle with greasy and unhealthy foods. The all-in-one machine comes with a wide temperature range of 180 to 400, meaning you can toast, bake, roast, air fry, and grill with the air fryer.

This air fryers heating mechanism is even and powerful you get crispy and juicy results. The air fryer utilizes the latest 360° air convection mechanism to circulate blazing hot air on your ingredients.

So, Big Boss fryer troubleshooting shouldnt bang your head. It is easy with this guide. Read and solve easy problems that do not require technical support. And if it seems complicated for you, do not hesitate to contact the companys support team.

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  • EVEN & POWERFUL HEATING: Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Circulates…
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