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Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11

Quarantine Cuisine/Air Fryer CATFISH Nuggets/Rice Cooker LINGUINE – #2012

Instant Pot Duo Crisp 11-in-1 Air Fryer is just like a regular instant pot unless you swap the pressure cooker lid with the air fryer lid and there you have an Air Fryer Pressure Cooker with a wide range of cooking options. The air fryer lid offers 5 cooking features such as quick air fry, roast, bake, broil and dehydrate. While the pressure cooker lid offers 6 cooking features such as pressure cook, sauté, slow cook, steam, sous vide, and warm.

If you dont wish to buy instant pot duo crisp, you can buy a separate air fryer lid that comes with the capability to air fry, broil, roast, bake, reheat and dehydrate. It has the same fryer basket, and broiling tray as duo crisp. Still, confused about whether to buy an air fryer lid or the Duo Crisp? Keep on reading our full review of the product to completely understand the products features and functionality.

  • 11-IN-1 FUNCTIONALITY: Air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, pressure cook, slow cook, rice cooker,…
  • THE INSTANT POT THAT AIR FRIES: From the makers of the best-selling Duo series comes a pressure…

Like most of expensive rice cookers, the Air Fryer Pressure Cooker is equipped with a keep warm feature which comes in handy if you dont wish to eat right away. The meal will stay warm at a serving temperature unless you are ready to eat.


  • Faster than a convection oven
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to clean
  • Added safety features for safe cooking


How To Cook Rice In An Air Fryer

When it comes to cooking rice and other grains, there are 3 main cooking methods that are commonly used. These are

  • The Simmering Method
  • The Pilaf Method, and
  • The Risotto Method
  • When we cook rice in an air fryer, however, we will mainly be using rice that was previously prepared using the simmering method. I say mostly as your air fryer can also be used to prepare a mean aranchini which is essentially fried risotto balls.

    Now that weve explored a bit more about rice, lets dive into a few simple and tasty recipes that can be prepared in the air fryer.

    Design And Size Of Mealthy Crisplid

    The Mealthy Crisping lid comes in black with the display and control panel located on the top of it. The control is a simple touch screen consisting of start/top, Plus/minus, and time/temperature options. The tempered glass lid lets you watch your meal while cooking.

    One thing our readers should note that use of CrispLid or any other accessories that arent provided by the manufacturer will void your pressure cookers warranty. Most warranties last for a year or two so if this much time has passed, you are good to go. With CrispLid youll get an air fryer pressure cooker and in our opinion its a win-win.

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    Can I Reheat Rice In Air Fryer

    You can reheat rice in an air fryer. An easy way is to use a cake pan for the rice. Preheat the appliance to 320 for 3 min. Then add the rice and fry for 10 min if frozen, 8 if not. Spray or drizzle some oil over the rice and mix. Increase heat by 40º and fry for extra 5 min. Stir and serve. I found this at Fast Food Bistro.

    Does Instant Pot Duo Crisp Makes Rice

    Ilo 187141001 Rice Cooker, Air Fryer, Deep Fryer, Egg Cooker, Food ...

    The Duo Crisp lacks the preset cooking function as rice, yogurt, meat or stew. If you are a pro cook and know how to make rice in a pressure cooker you are most welcome but without a preset cooking function, it will be harder to have a quality bowl of rice. In case you are looking for a dedicated machine for rice, wed suggest you get one of the best Zojirushi rice cookers i.e. expert rice makers in the town!

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    Advantages Of A Pressure Cooker

    Pressure cook reduces the cooking time by almost 75%, resulting in reduced energy cost. It is extremely helpful for food items that take a long time when cooked traditional way such as meats, beans and rice. In addition to this, soups, stews, and almost anything can be cooked with a pressure cooker.

    Most Multi cookers feature settings for rice, yogurt, baking, warming, and more. Pressure cookers are widely praised for killing harmful bacteria that could survive the traditional cooking methods.

    Is The Mealthy Crisp Lid A Good Alternative To The Instant Pot Air Fryer Lid

    Mealthy Crisp Lid is a great piece of tech but we suggest going with the instant pot air fryer lid for its powerful fan that circulates the superheated air evenly in the cooking chamber yielding perfect results every time. Its faster, quicker, reliable, and efficient. Further, we are of the opinion that it is best to stick with the appliance made by the same manufacturer rather than going sideways. However, the Mealthy Crisplid fit 8 quart instant pots so it is best for those wanting to upgrade their 8 quarts.

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    A Combo Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Changes The Game

    You do have to be careful which food items you choose depending on the type of cooking machine. Some vegetables, for example, do well in one but not the other. This means that consumers either have to choose between the type of meals they make in choosing a machine, or they get two machines and need to find more space in the kitchen.

    The alternative here is to go for a combination pressure cooker air fryer system. This is where you can get the two great cooking functions in one simple machine. All you need to do is have the right insert in the machine and the right setting and it will do the rest. A air fryer pressure cooker combo like this can save on time, space, and money when you choose the right model.

    With all this in mind, let’s look at some of the top air fryer pressure cooker machines available. Below are our top five. We have laid out the pros and cons to help you find a suitable match for your needs.

    Michelangelo Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combo

    Rice, Emeril Lagasse Pressure Air Fryer, White and Brown

    The Michelangelo Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer is a versatile and convenient appliance that can be used to cook food faster than traditional methods. It features a simple yet convenient panel design and an innovative tender & crisp technology that minimizes oil consumption.

    The pressure cooker also has an optimized size for family meal preparation and an accelerated cooking time. Additionally, the air fryer function allows you to fry food with only a few drops of oil.

    Advantages of Michelangelo

    • The Michelangelo Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer is an excellent appliance for those who are looking for a faster and more efficient way to cook their food
    • It is also a great option for those who want to fry food with minimal oil consumption.
    • The price and value for money of this unit are extraordinarily better than other competing models.
    • Advanced safety protection.
    • Optimized size for family meal preparation.
    • Accelerated cooking time.

    Cons but not a dealbreaker

    Some assembly is required before you start cooking. Some users may find it a tiresome and tedious job. But you have to bear it with patience if you want to enjoy an air fryer pressure cooker combo.

    Who is this air fryer and pressure cooker good for?

    This appliance is ideal for those who are looking for a faster and more efficient way to cook their food. It is also a great option for those who want to fry food with minimal oil consumption.

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    What Is A Rice Cooker

    A rice cooker is a small kitchen appliance designed to cook rice and other grains like quinoa and oatmeal. It is also often used to prepare porridge and steamed vegetables.

    A rice cooker is a fantastic way to cook a healthy meal, especially if youre on a strict diet or you have dietary restrictions.

    The way a rice cooker works is pretty simple, you just need to add the appropriate amount of rice, water and any other ingredients you want to cook, then turn it on and let the rice cooker finish the job.

    Most rice cookers have settings for how long you want your rice to cook. There are several types of rice cookers, but the most common varieties are the electric rice cooker and the stovetop rice cooker.

    Advantages Of An Air Fryer

    Air fryer reduces the cooking time by almost 20% compared to a conventional oven. It is energy efficient so it reduces the energy cost as well. The appliance is perfect for a wide range of foods including vegetables, meats, frozen snacks, sauces, sandwiches, pizzas, baked items, desserts, chicken wings and more. An air fryer mimics the effect of a deep fryer without using much cooking oil hence producing a healthy diet for people who are always counting calories.

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    Carl Schmidt Sohn Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer

    After reviewing the features, we really loved CARL SCHMIDT SOHN Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer. Its so versatile and easy to use. The digital LED touch screen is extremely user-friendly. The cooking capabilities are amazing.

    Weve used it to cook steak, chicken, seafood, shrimp, bacon, frozen foods, french fries, vegetables, root vegetables, bread, and desserts. Its super healthy and safe to use with the PFOA-free and BPA-free features. We highly recommend this product to anyone.

    Advantages of CARL SCHMIDT SOHN

    • The 1500W powerful heating element cooks food quickly and evenly.
    • It is a low cost pressure cooker and air fryer with a great value for money.
    • The 6-quart cooking capacity is perfect for large families or entertaining.
    • The variety of cooking modes allows you to cook almost anything.
    • The digital LED touch screen is user-friendly and makes it easy to select the desired cooking mode.
    • The PFOA-free & BPA-free features make this appliance safe to use.

    Cons but not a dealbreaker

    Some of the cooking modes require preheating, which takes a few minutes. Other than this, CARL SCHMIDT SOHN is a great air fryer pressure cooker.

    Who is this air fryer and pressure cooker good for?

    This appliance is perfect for busy families or anyone who loves to cook. The versatile cooking modes and user-friendly interface make it a great addition to any kitchen.

    What Is A Grain & How Is It Made Up


    A grain is an edible seed that is generally found a variety of grass types. As you can imagine, there is a large number of grains available for purchase to date with wheat and rice being the two most popular. All grains are made up of 4 main parts:

    The Husk/Hull

    This is the outer layer of the grain. It is fibrous and inedible and generally removed during processing.

    The Endosperm

    This is the starchy content of the grain that forms the kernel or seed that we love. In the plants life cycle the germ would feed on the endosperm so as to be able to provide the young plant with the essential energy it needs to transport nutrients and water to the roots of the new organism. But what does that mean us, humans, consuming it? Sure, its a starchy item, but its a good source of starchy carbohydrates as it also contains protein along with a few other minerals and vitamins.

    The Bran

    The bran is basically the skin of the grain, so to speak. It is the tough edible outer layer of the grain. The bran, being the outer layer naturally contains a high level of fiber. It also a number of important antioxidants, as well as Vitamin B.

    The Germ

    This is a tiny embryo in the grain that allows new plants to form when the seed sprouts. The germ also contains vitamin B along with a bunch of minerals, healthy fats, and protein.

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    Carl Schmidt Sohn 65qt Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Combos

    Next up is a model that has a lot of great reviews from those that have tried it out. This is a good looking model that seems more compact and has a nice touchscreen for all the settings and controls.

    There are 22 pre-sets available, 15 of which are for cooking processes, and this means great variation in how you cook your meals. You can experiment with this model. It is also meant to be easy to clean once you have finished.


    MOOSOO are widely known for their incredible cooking utensils but what tops the charts is this particular device that gives you a blue LED screen along with tons of air fryer cooking functions and many presets to choose from.


    • The design is quite nice, compact, and overall pretty visually aesthetic in my opinion.
    • The MOOSOO Pressure Cooker Air Fryer contains 360-degree rapid air circulation technology to reduce oil and fat up to 85%.
    • It is known to cook food 70% faster than other pressure cookers or air fryers and quite easily too.


    • Not as many presets or functionalities as the other available combos.
    • The size capacity of the MOOSOO combo isnt that huge either.

    If youre a beginner, then I believe getting the MOOSOO Air Fryer Pressure Cooker combo would be an apt decision for you but it doesnt have a lot of advanced functions so that is something to keep in mind.

    Ninja Fd401 Foodi Deluxe Xl Air Fryer Pressure Cooker Combo

    This first option is a great choice for those that want convenience and are new to this sort of cooking. There are lots of different functions here – 9 in total – so that you can get a great result on lots of different meals.

    The 8-quart capacity should be more than enough for your cooking needs. The air fryer pressure cooker is designed to provide a great result from frozen in just 20 minutes and there is a great crisp to the meats on the meat in the fryer basket.


    • Not the cheapest option.
    • Heavy parts that can make it more difficult to handle.

    Another benefit of choosing this option is that you get a strong construction, with the stainless finish, as well as user-friendly guides and recipes. If you are a complete novice, this should get you started with ease. Just make sure to source the best deal on price and remember that this thing is heavy!

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    Thomson Tfpc607 Pressure Cooker And Air Fryer

    The Thomson TFPC607 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer is one of the most versatile and easy to use cooking appliances on the market. It has a large capacity and is very easy to program. The digital display makes it simple to select the desired cooking function.

    The extra accessories that come with this pressure cooker, such as the measuring cup, plastic spoon, and dipping rack, make it even more user-friendly. This pressure cooker is perfect for those who want to save time and energy in the kitchen.

    Advantages of Thomson TFPC607

    • The Thomson TFPC607 Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer is a multi-use pressure cooker that can also be used as an air fryer, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, yoghurt maker, and warmer.
    • It has 1500 watts of power, making it one of the most powerful heating elements on the market.
    • The PTFE/PFOA-free construction makes this pressure cooker safer to use than other models.
    • It has a digital display that makes it easy to select the desired cooking function.
    • The 6.5-quart capacity makes this pressure cooker perfect for large families or those who entertain often.

    Cons but not a dealbreaker

    • Some reviewers have said that the pressure cooker does not come with an instruction manual, making it difficult to use for those who are not familiar with pressure cookers.

    Who is this air fryer and pressure cooker good for?

    Longevity Of The Product

    Air Fryer Fried Rice – Adventures in Everyday Cooking

    Customers who place a high value on durability will gravitate toward products with a high level of durability. In the long run, the excellent guarantee may save clients money on repairs and maintenance.

    We usually update the Best Air Fryer Rice Cooker Combo as soon as new information is available. For the most current information, visit our websites regularly.

    Would you please not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries or problems with Best Air Fryer Rice Cooker Combo? If you ask, we’ll do everything we can to help!

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    L Air Fryer Pressure Rice Cooker Multi

    ALL-IN-ONE Pressure Cooker And Air Fryer Combos. This 5.6L pressure cooker and air fryer combo has the multipurpose cooking capabilities including steam, pressure cook, slow cook, air crisp, dehydrate, bake/roast, broil for preparing mouthwatering dishes with more flavors. A multifunctional cooker that saves your space and provide convenience.



    • Dimension : 36 x 32 x 36cm
    • Dimension : 36 x 32 x 39cm
    • Capacity:5.6L
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  • Pros Of Using A Rice Cooker

    Easy to use The simplicity of using a rice cooker makes it one of the most user-friendly appliances available today. Cooks a large amount of rice A rice cooker is designed to be used for cooking large quantities of rice.

    This makes it perfect for large families. Fits any sized kitchen Rice cookers come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors. This means that you can find a rice cooker that will fit perfectly into any sized kitchen. Versatility Rice cookers can be used to cook much more than just rice. You can use your rice cooker to cook oatmeal, steamed vegetables and more.

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