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The Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo On The Market Today

Check out this all in one air-fryer, microwave, and convection oven from Galanz

Now, if you are looking for the best microwave air fryer combo on the market, you have come to the right place. We have put together a list of the top 8 microwave air fryer combos currently available so that you can make an informed decision on which one is right for you.

Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo Features
Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo 1.5 cu.ft
Best For Versatility 1.2 cu.ft

The Panasonic HomeChef 4-in-1 microwave and air fryer combo is a great option for people who want the convenience of a microwave with the taste of fried food without all the added calories.

This oven has 1000 watts of power and uses Panasonics inverter microwave technology to ensure even cooking every time. You can also bake and roast with convection heat up to 425°F. The Genius Sensor Cook automatically adjusts the power and time for perfect results every time.

The HomeChef 4-in-1 Microwave Oven with Air Fryer, Convection Bake, FlashXpress Broiler comes in stainless steel and is 14.97 x 15.36 x 9 inches with a weight of 39.1 pounds.

Key Features


  • Youll save time and money by not having to buy an oven, microwave, or air fryer.
  • Cooks food evenly and quickly.
  • Has a sensor that tells you when the food is done cooking.
  • Spend less time in the kitchen and more time with your loved ones


  • The text is small for low vision people.
  • Slightly noisy sound when operating.
  • Substandard control panel
  • It is relatively pricier than others.

Air Fryer Pros And Cons

Air fryers are definitely popular these days, but theyre not all upside. They have their downsides as well, and these should be considered before you purchase an air fryer. If you know what the upsides and downsides are, youll know how to get the most out of your air fryer and stay away from the hassles it presents.

The Pros And Cons Of Air Fryer

The market for kitchen appliances is growing by leaps and bounds. You can find any appliance for your home, ranging from dishwasher to mixer grinder, to work on electricity. Now, there are also several appliances which get power directly or indirectly via our stoves. One such appliance that has gained popularity in the past few years is the air fryer.

Air fryers are a boon for everyone who loves to eat fried food, but wants to remain healthy and lean. They reduce the consumption of oil by a huge amount in comparison with deep frying. You can easily make hash brown, french fries or even samosas in them with very little oil.

In addition, they also help you cook deliciously crisp food without any old oil smell lingering around your kitchen. Airfryers have become so popular that there are at least three brands selling it now in India- Philips, Avalon Bay and Tefal. In this article we will tell you about all the pros and cons of using an air fryer which will help you decide if one is meant for you or not.

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Air Fryer Vs Microwave The Difference Between The Two & Which Appliance Is Best For You

Air fryers and microwaves are both appliances that help us save time in the kitchen and make cooking easier but you might be wondering which is best for you and your cooking situation.

The main difference between microwaves and air fryers is that microwaves heat up food and reheat whereas air fryers change the way you cook the food. If you want to heat or reheat food you will require a microwave, if you want to cook food and have fryer quality food you will want an air fryer.

In this article I will be talking about each appliance, what they do and what are the differences along with which is more suitable to you and what you require.

Using Air Fry On The Panasonic Genius Microwave

Galanz 0.9 Cu.Ft Air Fry Microwave 3

I love Air Fry. Its my absolute favourite way to cook anything I used to fry, and Ive made everything from french fries to chicken strips and donuts in my own air fryer. The air fry option on the Panasonic Genius 4-in-1 microwave was easy to use and I loved how much the air fry basket held.

Air Fry is offered as a one-touch button on this microwave, so all you have to do is touch Air Fry, indicate the time youd like the food to cook, and press start. Approximate times for cooking different foods are listed in the manual, and its a great reference point for all types of dishes.

My french fries cooked for the set amount of time and they came out crispy and perfectly cooked. I had the same results for chicken strips, and I love how you can set the time and walk away, coming back to a basket of steaming, crispy food.

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Nuwave Bravo Xl Smart Convection Air Fryer Oven


At less than $200, NuWave has introduced an affordable microwave air fryer combo that is an absolute steal. This model is extra-large, meaning you can literally cook a 10-pound chicken or 13-inch pizza. It can also get up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit for anything that requires some major heat. Please note that while this is not marketed as a microwave, it has the same capabilities of heating or reheating practically any dish, so do not be discouraged from making the investment and enjoying the perks of your two favorite appliances rolled up in one.

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Cooking With The Combi Wave 3

Straight out of the box, I was surprised by how big the Combi Wave is. I suppose I shouldnt have been I knew that you could roast an entire chicken in it. At 61 x 56 x 38.4cm, it fits in the gap left by my previous microwave, but only just.

The settings are controlled by two dials and a selection of buttons, and are shown on a large display screen. The menu is intuitive and easy to navigate, and a bit of fiddling around revealed more options than I expected. On the inside of the door is a series of buttons for preset options, from popcorn to melting chocolate.

The oven preheats quickly, and on all settings will tell you when to insert and turn your food. However, annoyingly, it doesnt pause to give you a chance to do this, and moves onto the cooking phase straight away. This isnt a huge problem it just means you have to make sure you have everything ready before you start the programme.

You can choose whether it alerts you with a beep or a jingle, and change the volume or mute it. The fans, however, are quite noisy.

I cooked a variety of foods in the Combi Wave to try out its various functions. Where possible, I also prepared the same thing by a traditional method to compare the two. There are a lot of different options for cooking, so I used the provided recipe book for guidance on what functions to use and for how long.

Pros And Cons Of Air Fryer Microwave Combo

Cuisinart® | 3-in-1 Air Fryer Microwave Oven


  • Compact and easy to use
  • Sleek and professional look
  • High ratings and good feedback from users: Quiet, efficient, beautiful
  • These appliances offer a healthier alternative to traditional cooking with the air circulating technology.


  • Can be more expensive than buying two separate appliances
  • These cooking devices can be confusing to operate, with so many modes, many negative reviews where people simply dont know how to use their new appliance!
  • Takes up more counter space than a regular microwave oven
  • May not be as durable as two separate appliances.
  • Sometimes one of the two in an air fryer doesnt work as well, and if it cant crisp food then whats the point?

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Best Compact Air Fryer Microwave Fotile Chefcubii 4

The large 4-in-1 cooking space accommodates all of your favorite dishes, from frozen food to a delicious meal to start the day. Its easy to program and comes with 40+ preset meals to help make cooking the best part of your day.

The steam-bake mode can do everything from heating a snack for the kids to browning your favorite pizza. With a health-conscious lifestyle in mind, this innovative microwave oven is built with healthy cooking modes and is just how you live better. This versatile oven has four cooking modes that include Steam, Broil, Convection Bake, and Popcorn.

This 20-liter capacity toaster oven will give you all the cooking capabilities needed for your house. With a high heat setting for quick cooking, a heat dome for the main oven, and the convection function for even more versatility, this toaster oven can be used as a traditional oven or as an extra function to help you prepare a meal in no time

Great for medium to large families, this will fit meals for up to six hungry people at once and is perfect for those who like to cook with healthier alternatives.

The air fryer will allow you to prepare foods without oil, which is definitely a healthier option and is great for those who do not want their meals heavy on fat or calories.

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How Does Microwave Air Fryer Work

When using a microwave air fryer combo, you place the food inside the container and then put it in the microwave.

The rotating air fryer will have a dish that is attached to a turning mechanism that slowly turns your food as it cooks.

This ensures that all sides of your food are evenly cooked.

In our experience, we find that microwaves tend to cook food more quickly than traditional ovens do.

But because microwaves tend to circulate hot-air quite quickly, they can lead to very crispy exterior coating on food without needing to be submerged in oil or other cooking liquids first .

Microwave Function Is Up To Snuff

RCA 1.2 Cu Ft Microwave with Air Fryer and Convection

I’m not a stickler for a fancy or powerful microwave. I use mine sparingly and for very straightforward heating and defrosting tasks but I wanted to make sure the Galanz could perform the basic duties. I ran several tests side by side with my existing KitchenAid microwave.

I put 8 ounces of water in two coffee mugs and microwaved on high for 2 minutes, then tested both with a thermocouple thermometer. Each mug of water rose to an identical 142 degrees F.

Next, I cooked an Amy’s frozen dinner for the amount of time instructed on the box. Both microwaves cooked the food to a very similar temperature and doneness. At this point, it was obvious the microwave function was on par with other leading microwaves.

I half expected the plastic around this frozen dinner to be melted when I opened the door but the microwave function works as advertised.

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Sharp Microwave Oven With Convection Cooking

This is a massive air fryer microwave and can definitely replace your entire oven!

It naturally comes with all the features a microwave has and 10 adjustable power settings so you can have the perfect result.

And, a fantastic added feature this model has is a sensor that will determine the exact amount of time your food will need to cook or reheat. It selects the power level according to the weight of the food and automatically sets the time.

This white stainless steel design has been fitted with scratch-resistant glass doors and a very easy-to-clean glossy finish.

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50.5 x 43.5 x 33.5 cm 14.6 Kilograms
4.7 out of 5 stars
Best Sellers Rank
More than an oven

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Different Types Of Microwave Air Fryers

Microwave airfryer combo has the same technology and the different type of technology is used in this product.

There are two types of microwave airfryer combos: Rotating and Non-rotating .

Rotating Microwave Air Fryer Combo: The rotating one is not totally round.This round dish turns around inside a greater, cooking your food evenly. This ones for you if you want to cook multiple things at once or need extra space for big items like whole chickens.

Non-rotating Microwave Air Fryer Combo: The non-rotating one is usually more compact and looks like a traditional microwave . Its ideal for small kitchens or if youre just looking for something to quickly air-fry a side dish.

Microwave And Air Fryer In One

Cuisinart 3-in-1 Microwave Air Fryer Oven Review

Microwave And Air Fryer In One. So the answer here depends on But which is suitable for you?

If you choose an air fryer, you will be able to eat fried foods that have absolutely no oil. Most homes already have microwaves and air fryers aren’t at all expensive, so investing in one won’t. Best air fryers in india).. Microwave And Air Fryer In One. Know every detail before buying one. Both air fryers and microwaves offer a superb deal of functionality, which leads to the conclusion that all homes can benefit from having both devices. The exterior’s crevices and the basket’s nooks the fan is as loud as a countertop microwave, so you’ll hear it running. Amazon’s first smart cooker gives you automation, control and versatility in one package. Enjoy faster checkout, create ideaboards, earn my funds and become a beyond+ breville® the smart oven air fryer in stainless steel. This air fryer makes the best cornish hen rotisserie ever! The combi wave 3 in 1, combines an air fryer, convection oven and microwave in one appliance to create delicious healthier meals for every cooking occasions. It can air fry up to 3 pounds of food, it can roast a.

3 revolutionary cooking technologies in one!

About 0% of these are ovens, 3% are electric deep fryers.

Again, the microwave oven may be able to restrict the amount of oil one uses in cooking in it, but it won’t fry.

Know every detail before buying one.

Best air fryer for one person:

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Microwave Air Fryer Combo Pros And Cons

Through our extensive research, here are the pros and cons:


1. Space-saving Whether you have a small kitchen or not, combining two of the most used kitchen appliances saves precious counter space and is more cost-effective.

Some combos include convection as well, so this device can replace a toaster and serve as a second oven as well.

2. Best for small kitchens a great choice for apartments, college student kitchens, and RVs as well.

3. Almost unlimited cooking options baking, broiling, grilling, oil-free frying, and super-fast microwave heating all in one compact device.

The best ones are powerful enough to make a full-size dinner.

4. An Air fryer helps get that crispy golden exterior to everything including pizza, chicken nuggets, bacon, etc.

5. Healthy and oil-free frying

6. Saving time on baking by not needing to preheat the oven

7. Microwave air fryer combos use less power most devices use up to 1000 watts something that is tough to achieve from a similar-sized air fryer .

8. Any frozen meals, beverages, and leftover food can be quickly heated inside the microwave.

9. Easy to clean both microwaves and air fryers are easier to clean


1. Microwave air fryer combos are smaller in capacity than ovens and regular air fryers, so less food fits inside you cant cook a lot of food at once.

Its important to be familiar with the manual.

5. Finally, air fryer microwaves can get pricy, sometimes even more than the most expensive air fryers.

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