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How To Make Chicken Wings In The Air Fryer

The Crispiest Air Fryer Chicken Wings (Buffalo, BBQ, Lemon Pepper)

Rinse and pat the chicken wings dry. Removing any excess moisture from the wings will help the skin crisp up. Detach the wings at the joint, if necessary. I have to do this about half the time that I buy them, depending on the brand.

In a large bowl, combine the wings with the olive oil, salt and pepper. Toss to coat the pieces evenly. If you want, you can add a dry rub or seasoning salt instead of just salt and pepper, if you want more flavor.

You can also spray the wings once youve put them in the air fryer, if you dont want to toss them in the oil. This will save you the extra bowl too.

Put the wings in the air fryer basket. Its okay if they overlap. They dont need to be in a single layer to cook properly. Cook the wings on 400 degrees F for 20 minutes.

At the halfway point, shake the basket so you move the wings around. This will help them get cooked evenly on all sides. You might do another shake near the end of cooking, too.

If you want to add a glaze to the wings, do it after the first shake, and around the 14 minute mark. Use a basting brush to brush on BBQ sauce, Franks Buffalo sauce, or any other glaze of your choice, if you want to.

After 20 minutes, the wings will be nice and crispy and ready to serve. If your wings were a little on the large side, you may need to cook them longer to make sure theyre cooked through. Insert a meat thermometer and make sure the wings have reached 165 degrees F. If not, put them back in for a few more minutes.

How Long To Cook Frozen Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer

Air fry frozen chicken wings for 25 minutes at 250 degrees F , then flip, increase heat, and proceed with the same cooking time , until crispy and cooked through.

If you prefer to thaw the chicken wings first , you can do so in a few ways:

  • Water: Put the wings in a zip top bag , then place the bag into a bowl. Fill the bowl with cold water and use something heavy to submerge the wings in the water.
  • Microwave: The defrost setting on your microwave is by far the fastest way to thaw chicken wings, but can lead to pre-cooked spots. Select the weight of wings you have, and rotate frequently if your microwave doesnt have a turntable.
  • Fridge: Thaw frozen chicken wings overnight in the refrigerator.

Frozen Chicken Wings In Air Fryer

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For irresistible and easy-to-make wings, you have to try frozen chicken wings in the air fryer.

Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, these wings are ready in minutes without thawing involved!

Similar to making fresh wings in the air fryer, these chicken wings are perfectly dippable and make a great snack or appetizer for the big game!

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What To Serve With Buffalo Chicken Wings

  • Baked French Fries. Because air fryer chicken wings and fries are a match made in comfort food heaven. You can plan these recipes so that both are ready at the same time.
  • Sweet Potato Fries. Another tasty option in the fry department.
  • Air Fryer Broccoli. This quick-cooking air fryer side can be ready shortly after you finish up the wings. Or try oven Roasted Broccoli.

What You Need For Air Fryer Chicken Wings


This recipe calls for 3 basic ingredients .

Chicken wings: In this recipe, were using fresh chicken wings. We recommend a combination of drummettes and wingettes. You can sometimes find them at the butcher in your grocery store and you can almost always find them in the frozen meat section of your grocery store.

Olive oil: a little olive oil is used to crisp up these wings. Its necessary, so dont skip it!

Salt and pepper: since were sharing a basic air fryer chicken wings recipe, you only need salt and pepper.


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Honey Mustard Chicken Wings

This is another sweet option, but this time well make honey mustard sauce, which is a simple process. I love mustard, but if you do too, make these wings.

In this case, only 9 ingredients are required, the main ones being honey and mustard, which are the key ingredients in this recipe. Follow the directions to try this new pair of flavors on wings.

Pineapple & Jalapeo Chicken Wings

There are some very appealing ingredients in this recipe, such as pineapple and jalapeño peppers. This gives these chicken wings a slightly sweet and mild spicy flavor, making them crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside.

If you want to make these wings, gather your 10 ingredients and, of course, your air fryer.

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What To Serve With Air Fryer Chicken Wings

First off, youll want to whip up some homemade sauces. Light ranch is great for buffalo wings. Dont forget to cut up some strips of carrots and celery to dip in the ranch as well. You could also make a homemade BBQ sauce with just a few ingredients you likely already have hanging around in your kitchen.

To make a well-rounded meal, pair your wings with air fryer french fries or a homemade caesar salad.

Easy Air Fryer Chicken Wings For Game Day Or Super Bowl Parties

Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Once you have the chicken wings made in batches, you can add what ever sauce you like. If youre looking for a delicious and quick recipe for Game Day or Super Bowl chicken wings, this is it! Seriously, you can totally be a chicken-wings-making-machine by having all your sauces ready.

  • Prepare the wings the night ahead by cutting the wings to size.
  • Make or prepare all the sauces you want to serve them with at least a day ahead.
  • When youre ready to serve, just season the wings, then air fry them according to the instructions below.
  • Within minutes youll have fresh and hot wings to enjoy. Cook in batches if needed.
  • You might need two air fryers because you probably wont be able to keep up at a Super bowl party. Everyone will be devouring these so fast but clean up will be so easy for you. Its a game changer!

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How Long To Cook Chicken Wings In An Air Fryer

The method for making crispy chicken wings in an air fryer couldnt be easier. We season the wings with the seasoning mix and a little vegetable oil, then air fry at 390° for 20-23 minutes. When the wings are done, we toss them with the drippings from the bottom of the basket for an extra juicy flavor boost. Thats it!

Season The Chicken Wings

Place the chicken wings into a gallon-size Ziplock bag no need to pat off excess moisture with paper towels first then drizzle with roughly a Tablespoon of extra-virgin olive oil, lemon pepper seasoning, and salt, then seal the bag, keeping the air inside. Give the bag a good shake-shake-shake to evenly coat the wings.

Alternatively you could season the chicken wings in a large bowl.

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Tips For Extra Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings

Below, find a couple of tried-and-true tips for making extra crispy air fryer chicken wings.

  • Always spray the basket. Give the air fryer basket a generous coating of cooking spray before popping your wings in. This will prevent them from sticking and burning. You dont need too much oil, just enough so that the entire tray is covered. Remember, the air fryer works a lot of magic with very little oil!
  • Start the temperature low and then go high. Begin cooking chicken wings at a lower temperature and then turn up the heat to achieve maximum crispiness. This is much like the effect a broiler has in your conventional oven.
  • Toss crispy wings in your favorite sauce. From buffalo sauce to bbq sauce, toss your wings in whatever you love. Just make sure to do it right when they come out of the fryer, as the sauce will stick better.
  • Reheat leftovers in the air fryer. If you happen to have any leftovers, reheat them in the air fryer for a couple of minutes. They will taste fresh as new.
  • Pat wings dry before seasoning. To ensure the seasoning sticks, pat raw wings with paper towels to remove excess moisture. This will also help them crisp up nicely.

Give avocado oil cooking spray a go. If you havent tried avocado oil cooking spray, this recipe is an awesome time to try it out. It has a wonderful, nutty flavor and it stands up to high heat well.

How To Make Chicken Wings In Air Fryer

Sweet and Spicy Air Fryer Chicken Wings
  • Cut the wings into pieces so that you have 24 wings.
  • Preheat the air fryer to 380 degrees Fahrenheit. Prepare the air fryer basket after preheating.
  • Place the wings in a large bowl and add olive oil, garlic powder, and baking powder. Mix well.
  • Add the seasoned wings in a single layer to the air fryer basket.
  • Air Fry WIngs at 380 degrees Fahrenheit for 20 minutes, flipping the wings every 5 minutes. Increase the temperature to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and cook an additional 2 minutes for extra crispy skin. Use a digital meat thermometer to ensure the internal temperature is 165 degrees F.
  • Carefully remove the air fryer wings from the air fryer, toss in your favorite sauce, and serve with your favorite sides.
  • NOTE:This recipe was made using the Cosori Air Fryer. If you’re using a different air fryer, you may need to adjust your cooking time accordingly. Smaller wings will cook faster than larger wings.

    These are seriously the best air fryer chicken wings and they’re so easy to make with such simple ingredients.

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    Best Air Fried Chicken Wings Recipe

    The fatty skin on the chicken wings have plenty of oil already and just enough to cook them crispy in the air fryer. The whole air frying method is amazing at how quick and easy air fried chicken wings are. Its even easier to devour it all. The only real effort is seasoning the chicken wings with salt and pepper. Then press a few buttons on the air fryer and within minutes you have the best chicken wings ever.

    Crispy Air Fryer Chicken Wings

    The BEST ever SUPER CRISPY chicken wings cooked in the air-fryer 3 ways in just 30 Minutes!

    Next, place in the air fryer and air fryer until crispy . As you can see, the wings are SUPER crispy and mouth-watering. At this point, you can simply serve the wings as is or toss them in a wing sauce. Now to the fun part, the sauces! The first is buffalo sauce, the 2nd option is a honey bbq sauce and the 3rd is a garlic parmesan coating. if making things from scratch is not your thing, simply toss the wings in a store-bought wings sauce!

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    Tips For The Best Wings

    Theres always a catch. For this recipe to be worth it, you cant crowd the air fryer drawer.

    Cram in too many wings and they steam. Theyll still be edible, but one bite and youll learn why steamed wings are not a thing.

  • A pound and a half of wings at a time works just right in my 4.5-quart capacity air fryer. I do two batches back-to-back. That makes this recipe ill-suited for big parties, but perfect for small gatherings. Or for hot wing date night at home. In any case, by the time youve polished off batch one, batch two will be ready for you.
  • For EXTRA crispy wings: Use baking powder! Yep, baking powder! A while ago, while developing an oven-fried hot wing recipe, Serious Eats J. Kenji López-Alt came up with a method of tossing the wings with a little baking powder a good 8 hours before cooking.
  • It sounds crazy, but the baking powder works on the skin to help it brown and get a bubbly-crackly texture similar to the results youd get from deep-frying. Youll need to plan ahead, but the tiny bit of extra effort is worth it. Give it a shot!

    Take Your Next Tailgate Watch Party Or Weeknight Dinner To The Next Level By Learning How To Make Air

    Crispy Chicken Wings with a AirFryer

    When it comes to game day appetizers, it doesnt get much better than chicken wings. Crunchy, meaty and sometimes sticky, wings are the perfect way to kick off a football game.

    But chicken wings can also be a bit intimidating to make at home. Luckily, we have the perfect solution: Use your air fryer. This mostly hands-off cooking method results in all the crunch and flavor of traditional chicken wings without having to heat up a big pot of oil.

    Follow along as we walk through how to air-fry chicken wings. And since you have your air fryer out, check out some of our other favorite air-fryer recipes.

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    For Tossing And Dipping:

    • Buffalo wing sauce You cant go wrong with a classic. Use store-bought, or make your own with hot sauce, butter, and garlic powder.
    • Thai sweet chili sauce A great choice if you want to give your air fryer wings Asian-inspired flair.
    • Ranch or blue cheese dressing More classic dippers that I cant get enough of!
    • BBQ sauce Another classic pairing, and great for kids.
    • Hot honey This is a relatively new sauce for me personally, but I think itd be terrific drizzled over these wings.

    Tips For The Best Air Fryer Chicken Wings:

    • Single Layer: Make sure your wings are in a single layer in your air fryer and are not stacked on top of each other. This will ensure they are crispy and perfectly cooked!
    • Dry The Chicken: If you have to rinse the chicken wings for any reason, pat them dry with paper towels to remove any extra water. This will help keep the wings crispy when air fried.
    • How To Buy Wings: You can purchase chicken wings as a whole wing or broken down into drums and wings. We like to purchase them already separated, but you can separate them yourself if you accidentally bought the connected ones.

    If you love chicken wings, you really have to try these air fryer chicken wings! They cook in half the time, when compared to an oven, and are way crispier. This recipe is also low carb and keto, so you dont have to break your diet for this game day favorite!

    If you are looking for more game day eats to serve in addition to these air fryer chicken wings, we really recommend these easy ideas:

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    Crispy Corn Starch Crust Method With Oil Spray

    The corn starch coating cooks crispy and the crust is awesome. If you want extra crispy crust, then then method might be for you. But it does need oil spray over the corn starch. Make sure to spray all the corn starch with oil and dont leave any dry spots. Those dry spots will be super hard and dry, so thats why you need the oil spray on it. More recipe details in the recipe box below.

    Hot Honey Butter Chicken Wings

    Air Fryer Crispy Buffalo Chicken Wings

    Make these crispy wings with any type of hot sauce, and to balance their flavor, add honey to the recipe. As the name implies, the three main ingredients are butter, hot sauce, and honey, so add more or less of these two ingredients to make it hotter or sweeter.

    If you like spicy chicken wings, this is the style for you. Serve them with celery sticks or dip in ranch dip, whatever you want. Those who want to cook them only need ten ingredients, most of which you probably already have on hand.

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    How To Get These Chicken Wings Extra Crispy Without The Oil

    Chicken wings are usually deep fried in oil. They are greasy, super unhealthy, and even sometimes soggy from excess oil! Not to mention that you have to use all of that oil AND there is always a big mess from deep frying. Overall, we are not fans of deep frying.

    We have found that using our for chicken wings has been a game changer! It is low mess, and easy to clean. Not to mention the texture of the skin gets so crispy. We cannot get enough of these delicious crispy chicken wings.

    How To Serve Air Fryer Wings

    Like most wing lovers, we both love dipping these in bleu cheese and ranch! Wings are traditionally served best with those two dipping sauces and some crunchy celery on the side.

    If youre looking for the perfect side dish, a salad is a good way to go! It provides a bite of freshness in between bites of these savory wings. Roasted veggies, French fries or mac and cheese would also be great sides!

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    What About That Gochujang Sauce

    You can use this air fryer technique to cook hot wings and sauce them however you like, but given our current crush on gochujang the earthy-spicy Korean fermented chili and soybean paste we couldnt help but share this sauce with you.

    Gochujang is wonderfully balanced: tangy and salty and fiery and barely sweet.

    You can use gochujang in a lot of recipes where youd use chili paste or sriracha. I enjoy it in dressings for Korean-style salads a lot. It keeps for ages in the fridge, so you can work away at a tub of it for months.

    If you cant find gochujang, try another favorite sauce for chicken wings and use the same air fryer method.

    P.S. This sauce recipe is adapted from Molly Stevens recent cookbook, All About Dinner.

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