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Philips Air Fryer Terminology

Philips Airfryer XXL Review – I’m Never Using My Oven Again!

Philips offers several lines of air fryers, and there are multiple models within those lines. Even if you know how many people youre cooking for and how much you want to spend, there are some choices to make between the options. It helps to understand the various terms Philips uses to describe its technologies. The following is a short glossary of terms youll see in product descriptions. As you shop for a Philips air fryer, youll find that various options use different combinations of these technologies.

Rapid Air technology: This term refers to the air circulation method used by all air fryers, not just those made by Philips. A radiant heating element at the top of the air fryer chamber releases heat into the chamber, and a fan blows this intense heat throughout the chamber. The strength of the heat quickly forms a light crust on food, creating a crispy crunch on the outside while preserving moisture and nutrients on the inside.

TurboStar technology: This term is exclusively used by Philips to describe the high quality of its Rapid Air technology. Air swirls inside the air fryer chamber at super-high speed in order to expose all food in the chamber to roughly the same amount of heat. As a result, food cooks evenly while maintaining a crisp exterior and soft interior.

Starfish technology: This simply refers to the starfish-like raised pattern on the bottom of a Philips air fryer. The pattern enhances airflow by allowing heat to circulate beneath the basket of food.

Philips Premium Airfryer Xxl Review: Design

The Philips Premium Airfryer XXL is shaped like a big barrel made of glossy black plastic. When you use the handle to pull out the baskets, they glide out on a track. You then lift out the inner basket, leaving the bottom one without a handle. There are a couple of glitches with this design. First of all, as the inner cooking basket has a mesh screen on the bottom, fat and juices can drip onto the countertop or floor. Secondly, as theres no longer a handle on the machine, you then have to pry it open to replace the inner basket.

On top theres a digital panel thats controlled by turning and pressing a dial. The settings on the display are small. Each preset is represented by an icon such as a steak for meat.

In addition to being large, measuring 12 x 16 x 12 inches, the Philips is fairly heavy so its not easy to move around or carry if you want to store it in a cabinet or closet between uses.

Find Out How Philips Airfryer Xxl Smart Digital Hd9861/99 Compares To Other Air Fryers

Know better, choose better.

Perfect addition to the kitchenPurchased from Harvey Norman 8 months ago.Right size for a family of 4Very versatile and super easy to cleanWe use the air fryer more often then our kitchen oven simply due the cooking time are reduced by 50%No more waiting 20 min for oven to preheat.

Purchasedin December 2020at Harvey Normanfor $460.00.

Hi Gio, thank you for your positive feedback! It’s great to hear that your Airfryer is making your daily tasks in the kitchen easier and less time consuming. Should you ever have any questions, please…

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Confusing Controls Complex Parts

From the outside, the Philips Airfryer XXL looks like any number of kitchen air fryers crowding the market. It’s an egg-shaped bucket with a flat top and bottom. Its black body is built from plastic and steel as well. Both the $100 Black and Decker Purifry and $230 DeLonghi Multifry 1363 are constructed from similar materials.

Unlike another Philips model, the $300 Advance Collection, the XXL’s controls are pretty basic. There are just two dials. A knob on top of the cooker controls its internal temperature. A large timer dial sits on the air fryer’s front face. The timer also serves as the fryer’s power switch.

Directly underneath the timer is a large handle. Pulling it towards you opens a drawer that holds the fryer’s food basket. The basket’s bottom is metal, mesh and removable. You can take the basket out too. Below that are two more parts. There’s a big pan with a scalloped bottom and deep sides. A thin plate with a star-shaped cutout rests freely inside the pan.

Instead Youll Have To Manually Set The Time And Temperature With An Old

Philips HD9861/99 Airfryer XXL Digital Smart Black at The ...

Philips twin turbostar digital airfryer xxl – black review. For More Info or to Buy Now. The Philips Twin TurboStar XXL Airfryer has a spacious interior that holds up to 14kg of food cooks quickly and is dishwasher safe. Though its one of the more expensive air fryers on the.

Now you can fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil AND remove fat from food too. The newest model of the Philips Twin TurboStar XXL Airfryer is the digital option but if you want to save a few bucks you can opt for the analog model. Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin TurboStar Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology 3 Lbs Black HD965096 46 out of 5 stars 1339 29995 299.

Cook with up to 90 less fat. Check our ranking and reviews below. After hours researching and comparing all models on the market we find out the Best Philips Xxl Airfryer of 2021.

Philips HD9240 Black at Amazon for 14995. What you need to know. The Philips Air Fryer XXL owes its great performance to its Twin TurboStar technology.

Rapid air technology cooks food 15 times faster than in an oven. Smart sensors automatically adjust time and temperature for perfect results. Up to 5 cash back The Philips Premium Airfryers are the only airfryers with fat removal technology that extracts and captures excess fat more fat than other air fryer competitors.

Philips XXL HD963098 Air Fryer. Power 1425 W Warranty 1 year. Smart Chef programs for popular dishes.

Philips Xxl Hd9630 98 Air Fryer Review Top Ten Reviews

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Philips Airfryer Xxl Smart Digital Hd9861/99


  • Cooks variety of foods perfectly

  • Easy to clean

Bought 2. Second Repaired five times. Door not closing. Timer stops working. Emits white thick smoke even after prof cleans each time. Philips couldnt care less!!!! Sold lemon Beyond annoyed!

Purchasedin April 2020for $499.00.

Hello Lisa,

We are very sorry to hear that our Airfryer did not live up to your expectations. …

Will call AGAIN, BUT Philips have already told me on numerous occasions that they will not replace it, only repair EVERY TIME.

Hi Lisa, thank you for your response. We’re sorry to hear that you haven’t been offered the solution you had hoped for for your Airfryer and we regret that we can’t inform you differently than the col…

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Processing Safety And Cleaning

The cooking basket is driven out of the device on a rail. The solution is extremely practical, because the state of the food can be checked at any time without much effort.

Excess fat runs down through the sieve and can be disposed of after the cooking process, as well as the lower receptacle is removable.

The sieve insert can be separated from the Garkorb by means of a click mechanism and cleaned in the dishwasher. The cleaning is accordingly easy. With a brush, the set can also be washed off by hand.

The workmanship is high quality The device looks classy and futuristic.


How Does The Airfryer Perform

Philips Air Fryer XXL Digital Avance 10 Day Review | HD9650/96

This is an air fryer that really is built for daily use. Compared to other air fryers, the Philips build quality really stands out with this model.

In fact many people report hardly using the oven once they purchase the XL as the speed of cooking and crucially the taste is far superior to other convenient cooking methods.

In our tests, the quality of the food we cooked, from chicken wings to fries and donuts, really was exceptional. And with a top air fryer like the Philips XL, this really is one of the key benefits.

The frying is basket is large so you can cook a very sizeable amount of food at once and enough for the whole family .

Cleaning up is a breeze as everything is non-stick and dishwasher safe. Long gone are the days where every pot on the cooker needed to be cleaned.

The Philips Airfryer XL is endorsed by Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsey, who consulted on the design of the product and is an advocate of airfrying.

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Dead Again After Being Fixed Under Warranty

for a xxl its very small.we use it to feed autistic child who is a very fussy eater. last night it died again after having been fixed under warranty once before..not happy ..once u jump through all the hoops you get to wait forever to get your unit fixed..i want my money back..

Purchasedin February 2020.

Hi Anthony, thank you for reviewing the Airfryer XXL Smart Digital. We regret to hear that you’re again facing issues with your device and can imagine that this makes you far from happy. Ou…

Philips Airfryer Xxl: Verdict

One big benefit is the larger basket that can accommodate a whole bird

There are smaller, simpler Philips Airfryers available and some excellent air fryers made by other brands, of course that are better if youre short on space, but if its volume and flexibility you need then the Philips Airfryer XXL is a best buy.

Philips Airfryer XXL air fryer leaves a lasting and very positive impression. Now that weve lived with it for a while its appeal has definitely grown. Of course, it fries fabulous chips, and it turns out lots of hot, crispy chicken wings too.

However, weve found that the Philips Airfryer XXL is capable of doing an awful lot more. We did a whole roast in it, using some deft pit-stop style switching out of ingredients, including three Yorkshire puds.

Weve also tried muffin mix in it and, just as long as you keep a watchful eye on baking times, the Philips Airfryer XXL excels. Having got to grips with the controls we actually now prefer manual intervention to many of the automatic programmes. It’s a device that is worth mastering, and it really doesn’t take long.

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Philips Airfryer Xxl Review: Big Portions Can’t Redeem This Air Fryer

Air fryers generally aren’t compact. While not as large as full-blown toaster ovens, they tend to occupy lots of counter space. The Philips Airfryer XXL is big even for these monstrous machines. At $300, the XXL costs a bundle too . What the XXL supplies for its sizeable investment though is plenty of room for food.

The Good

The Bad

The Bottom Line

This hefty cooker can fry up 3-pound batches of potatoes, french fries or frozen snacks. It’s even spacious enough to tackle whole chickens — though small ones. Decked out with a robust 1,725-watt heating system, the Airfryer XXL is powerful as well. And as any air fryer worth its salt, the XXL cooks with little or no oil.

Still there are drawbacks to the Philips Airfryer XXL. First is its steep price tag. Secondly, the XXL lacks an automatic stirring arm. DeLonghi’s $230 Multifry 1363 has one yet costs less. I also find the Airfryer XXL’s temperature controls confusing. And while the fryer’s removable parts are dishwasher safe, it has more pieces to care for. All that adds up to a expensive novelty few will appreciate. Instead, I’d suggest buying this $70 Simple Chef air fryer instead if the cooking method interests you. It does practically the same job for a more sensible price.

Why To Buy Philips Avance Collection Digital Airfryer Xxl

Philips HD9861/99 Airfryer XXL Digital Smart Black at The ...

Philips Airfryer XXL

The Philips Airfryer XXL uses hot air to fry your favorite foods with little or no added oil. New Twin TurboStar technology is designed to remove fat from the food, making this the healthiest way to fry for you and your family.

Our most powerful Airfryer for faster cooking results

This is our most powerful air fryer for the fastest cooking times, with instant heat-up so you’re always ready to get started.

Twin TurboStar Technology

Twin TurboStar technology removes fat from foodsTwin TurboStar technology removes fat from foods By combining a powerful heater and motor with our new Twin TurboStar technology, the hot air in the Airfryer swirls like a powerful tornado throughout the entire cooking basket. Designed to extract more fat from your food and capture it all in the fat reducer for easy disposal. Philips Airfryer with Twin TurboStar technology also saves you and your home from the smell of fried oil compared to a regular fryer.

QuickClean Basket

QuickClean basket with non-stick mesh cleans up in 90 secsQuickClean basket with non-stick mesh cleans up in 90 secs Airfryers QuickClean basket has a removable non-stick mesh for easy cleanup. Both the basket and removable drawer with non-stick coating are dishwasher safe and frying with air saves you and your home from the odor of traditional deep-frying.

Fry, bake, Grill and Roast your Favorite foods at Home

Keep Warm mode for flexible Serving Time

The Latest & Greatest

Outstanding Deals

Easy Returns

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Deep Fry With The Philips Hd9650 / 99

We prepared a variety of dishes in the HD9650 / 99, including frozen French fries, vegetables and a whole chicken. The frying basket provides enough space to prepare about one and a half packs of French fries at the same time. If you want to do that, bring two packs in the cooking basket. However, the french fries are hardly to turn.

The result: Once you have found the right cooking time, the fries are delicious and crispy. The cooking time depends on the temperature at which you are cooking and how thick the fries are. Incidentally, with frozen chips you do not have to add any more oil because the fries already contain oil.

A small disadvantage of the HD9652 / 90: The fries should be shaken in the Garkorb after 10 15 minutes, so that they are evenly fried. Unfortunately, you have to do this manually because the hot air fryer has no mixing arm.

We liked that there was hardly any odor development. This is one of the biggest disadvantages of conventional fryers.

The volume of the device is comparable to that of an extractor hood on a medium to high level. The device is not quiet. However, we did not find the noise development disturbing.

A big advantage of the HD9652 / 90 over an oven is the short preheat time. The motto is in principle: switch on and start. This saves time and the food lands faster on the table.

The power consumption is 2225 watts. Once the device is heated, the power consumption drops below 100 watts. Again and again, the fryer is heating up.

Philips Airfryer Essential Collection Xl

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Philips Twin Turbostar Xxl Airfryer Review


The Philips Twin Turbostar XXL Airfryer HD9650/96 is, without a doubt, one of the best air fryers out in the market. For the price that comes along with it, this is a must for any kitchen as it has a plethora of features that make it such a success.

You are sure to enjoy making meals even more with the Philips Twin Turbostar XXL Airfryer thanks to its 3lb capacity so that you can cook healthy dishes for all your friends and family. Theres also no need for preheating, as it gets to work within seconds, making every moms work in the kitchen as light as air.

The Good

Our review of the Philips Twin Turbostar XXL Airfryer HD9650/96 put this air fryer through its paces. Lets take a look at some of the best features of the Philips Twin Turbostar XXL Airfryer HD9650/96

Frying Made Healthy: Using the Philips XXL Airfryer, cooking food has never been healthier. With up to 90% less fat, you can achieve that crispy flavor without the added oils and fats. It uses powerful hot air with minimal oil to produce perfectly fried food that you love.

Unique Innovation: The Philips XXL Airfryer is designed to create a tornado-like airflow to wrap your food in constant heat. It also removes and captures excess oils with its unique Twin TurboStar technology, so youll have crispy fried food all the time. This ingenuity allows food lovers to enjoy their favorite foods with less than a tablespoon of oil.

The Bad
The Bottom Line
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