How To Make Sweet Potato Fries In Air Fryer

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How to make Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries [Crispy and Delicious]

Though we think of sweet potatoes as being part of the potato family, theyre actual the sweet roots of the morning glory family. Isnt that weird and wonderful? A yam, on the other hand, is just like an everyday potato . Today, were setting our sights on the simple sweet potato.

A single sweet potatoes offers:

  • High in Vitamin A
  • Rich in vitamins B and C
  • Loaded with minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, and zinc
  • Great amount of fiber
  • Full of healthy complex carbohydrates
  • A small amount of protein
  • Low in calories

Why Youll Love This Recipe

  • Quick and easy.Flip, wait, flip, and thats it! In less than twenty minutes, the potatoes are cooked to golden perfection.
  • Healthier. Compared to oil and butter roasted potatoes, these have a fraction of the calories!
  • Versatile. Serve with your favorite side meals, or use these as a vehicle for tacos or burritos they taste great either way.

What we love about air fryer sweet potatoes is how easy these are to customize. Just like regular baked potatoes, you can use regular spices in your kitchen or keep it simple with a schmear of butter.

How To Make Sweet Potato Fries In Air Fryer

  • Remove the frozen sweet potato fries from their outer packaging.
  • Place the sweet potato fries in the air fryer basket. Be sure not to overcrowd them. You can cook in multiple batches if need be.
  • Air Fry as directed in the recipe card below. Shake the basket every 5 minutes to ensure even cooking and get them extra crispy.
  • Serve your sweet potato fries immediately with your favorite dipping sauce.
  • These numbered steps match the numbered photos above and are for illustration purposes. For the complete list of ingredients and instructions for frozen sweet potato fries in the air fryer, please see the recipe below.

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    Adjust Cooking Time Accordingly

    Depending on the type of air fryer you use, you might find that the cooking time varies slightly. I use a Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven currently. It is quite powerful and sometimes it needs less time. When youre using an air fryer recipe, always check on your food a few times during cooking, and slightly adjust the cooking time according to the best results in your situation.

    What Are The Best Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

    Best Ever Crispy Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

    This will come down to personal preference, but here are some of my favorite brands of frozen sweet potato fries to make in the air fryer:

    Alexia Sweet Potato Fries – these are the classic favorite when it comes to sweet potato fries. They are sweet and all-natural.

    Ore-Ida Sweet Poato Fries – You’ll love these if you like your fries to have an extra crispy coating. The outer starchy layer is crispy and flaky after air frying.

    Trader Joe’s Sweet Potato Fries – A quick sweep of the internet shows that these are an overall favorite frozen sweet potato fries to make in the air fryer. They have a flavor and texture that will remind you of fries you’ve had in a restaurant.

    This recipe was made in a Cosori Air Fryer with a Basket. The recipe should work in other air fryers.

    Keep in mind that each air fryer runs differently, it is important to check your food often.

    If you have a Cuisinart Air Fryer Oven or a Ninja Basket Air Fryer, both of these units seem to run “hotter” than most air fryers. That means you will need to LESSEN the cook time.

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    Air Fryer Vs Convection Oven

    • Air fryers cook food faster than an oven does. Because of the small size of air fryers, the heat inside is more concentrated and powerful. This results in quick and crispy results.
    • Air fryers dont get as hot as an oven. Usually air fryers have temperature controls from 100°F to 390°F. This can be limiting if youre looking to broil something or use a higher temperature.
    • Air fryers have limited space for cooking food. For example, the NuWave air fryer is 3.5 quarts which is pretty decent for a family of 4. There are some large ones, but theyll never be as large as your oven.
    • Air fryers take up space on a kitchen counter. As convenient as they are, air fryers are still another appliance to place on prime kitchen counter space. So you have to decide if you will use them enough. Im now seeing toaster ovens that have air fryer capabilities as a new trend. Thats great to save on space and get double the functions in one appliance.

    Tips For Making Air Fryer Potatoes

  • Cut the potatoes evenly. To ensure even cooking time for all the potatoes, try using sweet potatoes that are similar in size. It helps to use a very sharp knife and lay the potato halves flat on a cutting surface to cut them evenly. This way nothing over-cooks or under-cooks.
  • Dont forget to preheat. While its actually not necessary to preheat all air fryers, most do recommend it. Even if your air fryer doesnt recommend preheating, I think its a crucial step to ensure accurate cooking at the temperature you select.
  • Dont overcrowd the basket. Its tempting to throw all the potatoes in there at once. But if you overcrowd the basket and these air fryer sweet potato fries overlap, you may end up creating a steaming effect instead of crisping effect.
  • Turn the sweet potatoes half way through cooking. You can shake the basket or use tongs to turn the sweet potatoes. While the air does circulate all around the potatoes, the heat on the bottom is stronger than the top, which is why this tip is important.
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    Do You Need To Peel The Sweet Potatoes For Sweet Potato Fries

    Peeling the sweet potatoes will be up to you and your personal preference. I prefer to leave the skin on but if you prefer to peel them, it works just as well.

    When slicing them, you can slice them about 1/4-1/2 inch thick, remember they do shrink down just a bit in the air fryer too. Keep that in mind when slicing.

    Tips For Making The Best Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries

    AIR FRYER Sweet Potato Fries

    Make sure you read through these tips before you head to your kitchen. Set yourself up for success with my favorite tips for making the best air fryer sweet potato fries:

    • Sweet potatoes arent to be confused with yams, which are white, not orange inside.
    • Cut your potatoes evenly.
    • Flip your fries or shake the basket halfway through the cooking time for best results! Honestly, you can even shake them every 5 minutes if you would like.

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    Should I Soak The Fries In Water

    Some recipes call for soaking the cut fries in water before cooking. The thought is that this will remove some of the potato starch and thus give you crispier fries. I tried soaking before cooking and did not notice a difference in the crispiness of the sweet potato fries. So for convenience and times sake, Ive skipped the soaking step in this recipe.

    How To Make Air Fryer Sweet Potato Fries Extra Crispy

    To make your sweet potato fries extra crispy, simply coat your sticks with oil. Or use a cooking spray on them. The oil will give them that extra crispiness when cooking. However, remember the oil will add calories and fat. If you are going to use some oil, use an oil like avocado oil or olive oil with a high smoke point.

    Another way to make them crispier is to soak your sweet potato before air frying. By removing the starch, it will help crisp your sweet potato.

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    Important Cooking Note: How To Know If Air Fryer Fries Are Done Cooking

    Because every air fryer make and model is different, your cooking time and temperature may vary from mine. Just keep an eye on your fries, and test them with a fork. When they are tender and cooked through, they are done. If not, keep adding time until they are cooked and tender to your liking.

    Next, add a little oil, bump up the temp, and cook for an additional couple of minutes and until the fries are crispy to your liking. Follow these steps and your sweet potato fries will be perfect!

    Air Fried Frozen French Fries

    Air Fryer Sweet Potato Chips

    How to make frozen sweet potato fries in ninja air fryer. Toss the sweet potato with the arrowroot starch. Air fryer baked sweet potato is an easy method to make light and fluffy, perfectly baked sweet potatoes in an air fryer or ninja foodi. Here are the final fries:

    & mdash amber massey, argyle, texas preheat air fryer to 400°. How to air fry frozen sweet potato fries in ninja foodi. Coat your air fryer basket with nonstick spray and preheat the air fryer to 400 degrees f.

    Place the sweet potato fries in the basket of your air fryer, then air fry at 350 f for 18 minutes, stopping to toss. Place the crisping tray in the air fryer and preheat to 390. Once fully coated, add the olive oil, salt, and pepper to the bowl and toss to coat.

    Whip these up in your power air fryer, nuwave, or any brand. While the foodi preheats, wash and cut the potato into shoestring fries no bigger than ¼. Place each of the sweet potato fries evenly into the air fryer basket, they will need to be cooked most likely in batches to cook them all.

    Poke a few holes in each potato. Turn on your ninja foodi and select the air crisp function. Typically we just buy them in already prepacked and frozen bags in the frozen food isle in the can find frozen fries in a large family size bag or smaller ones for just two people.

    Open the bag of frozen sweet potatoes and add to a big bowl. Shake fryer basket half way through. The cook time for frozen sweet potato fries is also included.

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    Do I Need To Spray Oil On Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

    No, the frozen sweet potato fries are already prepared with oil, usually canola oil, and coated with starch.

    So you do not need to add additional oil just toss them regularly to get them crispy and golden.

    As every Air Fryer is different in temperature and cooking times experiment when you air fry these sweet potato fries.

    While tossing the fries you can see if they turn golden or if you need to increase or decrease the temperature as needed.

    How To Cut Sweet Potatoes Into Fries

    I like to use a fry cutter because its quick and painless. This also helps get the fries at an even size, which is great for ensuring all of the fries cook evenly in the air fryer.

    If using a fry cutter, you will need to soften the sweet potatoes in the microwave for a few minutes first.

    If you dont use a fry cutter, rinse and peel the potatoes. Place the sweet potatoes on a cutting board, and slice off 1/4 of an inch from each side. Roll the potato onto the flattest side. Slice the potatoes lengthwise into 1/2 inch planks. Cut each plank into fries 1/2 of an inch thick.

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    Which Sweet Potato To Use For Roasting

    There are so many different varieties of sweet potatoes and they are not all the same in taste and texture.

    My favorite for roasted have been orange skinned sweet potatoes. They are moist, sweet and creamy. Today I am using Garnet sweet potatoes.

    Look for firm potatoes without much bruises or discolorations. Avoid the ones that are becoming softer. Store them in a cool, dry, dark, but well ventilated place.

    How To Make Air Fryer Potato Wedges


    To start, cut the potatoes in wedges and season with anything youd like. Spray them with some olive oil or just use ½ teaspoon to 1 teaspoon. A little goes a long way as youll see!

    Next place the potatoes in the air fryer. I like to spray the air fryer basket with cooking spray first, but this may not be necessary for your air fryer. Then place the potatoes in the air fryer without overlapping, select the temperature and time and start.

    A little over the halfway mark , you can pull open the basket tray and check up on them, shake them around a little or use tongs to flip them over. The first image below is what they look like when they go in and the second image is after about 8 minutes.

    The crisp factor will really come down to preference. But if youre looking for a more crispy texture I find that 15 minutes is best. So at the end of the cooking time, the air fryer potatoes have a golden color and the perfect crisp on the outside.

    If youre limited on space, season the next batch while the first batch is cooking. And youll be on your way to the perfect potato side dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

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    Air Fryer Roasted Sweet Potatoes

    August 22, 2022 . By Meeta Arora . | This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    These Air Fryer Roasted Sweet Potatoes are so easy and delish. With their crispy exterior and tender interior, they are the perfect side to any dish. Add them to salads, tacos or just enjoy as a healthy snack!

    These roasted sweet potatoes have become a staple in our house. My 1 year old loves these. She would leave all the options on her plate aside and ask for second and third serving of these sweet potatoes

    And this mama does not mind that. Sweet potatoes are so nutritious, with lots of fiber and potassium. Sweet potatoes with orange flesh are richest in beta-carotene, and Vitamin A. They are also lower in calories than regular potatoes.

    One of the best way to cook these glorious sweet potatoes is by roasting them. Roasting brings out the natural sweetness in them. I love to use my air fryer for these quick side dishes. It is so much more convenient than heating up the oven.

    I also like to steam them in the instant pot. Frankly, we have been enjoying sweet potatoes in every way possible. They are a part of every grocery order now.

    All About Sweet Potatoes

    I honestly think that sweet potatoes go with almost anything. They’re a nutritious vegetable, a delicious comfort food, and I use them in both sweet and savory recipes! As a Master Certified Health Education Specialist through the NCHEC, I am passionate about knowing just what nutritious ingredients are doing to our bodies. Sweet potatoes are high in immune-boosting vitamin A , which aids in vision and bone health. Sweet potatoes have a similar calorie content to russet potatoes, but they contain more fiber for digestive health and nearly 700% of your recommended daily vitamin A . They also offer almost double the amount of vitamin C compared to russets.

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    Do You Need To Soak Sweet Potato Fries

    No, the natural sugar in the sweet potatoes will help them crisp.

    Additionally, the reason for soaking regular white potato fries is to remove as much starch as possible in order to help with crisping. Sweet potatoes naturally have less starch than white potatoes, and therefor do not require the soaking to remove starch.

    Why You Need To Make These Frozen Sweet Potato Fries

    How To Make Potato Fries In Air Fryer

    Theres no need to disguise your love of fabulously crispy fries. These succulent veggie strips with a golden crust and pillowy soft insides are just divine. Once you try our frozen sweet potato fries recipe, there will be cries of delight, as well as deliciousness.

    There are so many reasons why we think youd love this frozen fries recipe. Here is a short list, but we think you get the picture. Time flies when youre enjoying sweet potato fries!

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    Cutting Sweet Potato Fries

    There are so many different ways you can cut a sweet potato fry. Some prefer wedges while others like shoestring fries. We cut these fries into a traditional french fry cut 1/4 inch thick rectangle fries.

    Why this size? We found that the 1/4 inch thickness allows them to cook perfectly in the air fryer while also crisping up on the outside.

    What about the skin? You can either leave the skin-on or you can peel it before slicing your fries.

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    How To Get The Fries To Crisp

    The first step is to soak the sweet potatoes in water to remove the excess starch from the potatoes. You should also coat them in cornstarch which will help get them crispy. Get more tips on How to Make Crispy Sweet Potato Frieshere.

    You will also need to spray oil on the fries. If you make the fries with no oil, it will be difficult to produce crispy fries.

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