Does Breville Make An Air Fryer

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How To Air Fry In The Breville Smart Oven

FRESH FRIES in Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer

Its really easy to air fry in the smart oven! First, find a good recipe for what youd like to cook.

IMPORTANT: If your recipe features foods that may drip , use the grilling rack nested inside of the roasting pan instead of the air fryer basket.

  • Turn the Function dial to Air Fry.
  • Use the Temperature dial to select the temperature called for in the recipe.
  • Use the Time dial to adjust the time to the time given in the recipe.
  • Press the Frozen button to ensure its not showing.
  • Press the Start button and wait for the oven to preheat before you add the food.
  • If you are using the air fryer basket that comes with the oven, Breville recommends placing it on the top rack position once food has been added.
  • How Easy Is It To Set Up

    Unpacking the oven took longer than I was used to. Because of the wealth of accessories included with the oven, there was a lot to remove before could get the actual oven unit out of the box. Once I got it unwrapped and placed on my counter it was pretty much ready to go.

    The oven racks were self-explanatory and I loved that the air fry basket acts as its own oven rack, allowing it to hold even more food. It took me a moment to realize what the crumb collector was, but once I noticed the opening at the bottom of the oven, it clicked and I slid it in with ease. All the pieces felt well constructed, I didn’t struggle to insert any of the racks and they all felt secure when seated. Overall this oven is a really well-constructed appliance.

    I took a look a the manual which included a “Before First Use” portion and I followed those instructions to the letter. I first washed the grates and crumb collector with warm soapy water. Then I rinsed the inside of the oven with a damp cloth. Finally, I set the oven to the “Pizza” setting and let it run for its preset 20-minute cycle. At that point, the oven was ready to use.

    All told, it took me around 30 minutes to get the oven unpacked and ready to cook.

    Testing The Joule Oven Pro

    The Breville Joule Oven app has streamlined the recipe-following process so much, I think every cooking app should follow in its footsteps. Each recipe shows a full breakdown of ingredients, equipment needed, cooking plan, and instructions broken down into steps.

    I made a few recipes in the Joule Oven during testing, but we’ll use this New York Times Cooking recipe for chicken thighs with garlicky cucumber yogurt as our main example. When I started the recipe, I was able to preheat the oven from my app before getting a look at all the steps.

    Each step can be clicked on and expanded to show an instructional video that gives you a better picture of what you’re supposed to be doing . The app gives you a good idea of exactly what’s happening to your food through the cooking process, in the form of pop-ups and phone notifications.

    In all, the prep took me even less time than the recipe said it would. Not only was each step easy to follow, the app also gave me efficient instructions, so I was able to multitask. While the chicken was cooking, I made the yogurt sauce, and when that was done, I just relaxed until everything was cooked.

    I was genuinely surprised at how accurate the cooking times were for each recipe in the Joule Oven app. Even when cooking meat, the temperature and cooking times were always exactly correct, and I never once had over or undercooked food.

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    Our Analysis And Test Results

    The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is a top-notch performer that combines the functionality of an oven, slow cooker, and dehydrator all in one. Thanks to field-leading performance in almost all of our tests andseveral extra cooking modes you wont find on most toaster ovens, the Smart Oven Air earned the top overall score in our testing.

    Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro Review: Design


    The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is a large rectangular countertop oven, measuring 21.5 x 16 x 12.7 inches. Its finished with brushed stainless steel and features a drop down door with a towel bar handle.

    It has a sophisticated LCD display thats controlled by buttons and dials. Weighing 38.9 pounds, it’s the heaviest toaster oven weve had on test, however its finished so nicely that you would want to keep this on display.

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    Can The Joule Oven Be Used Manually

    The Joule Oven acts exactly the same as the Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro when used manually. You can pick from one of these 13 settings to do your cooking: toast, bagel, bake, air fry, broil, roast, pizza, cookies, proof, reheat, slow cook, keep warm, and dehydrate.

    The manual settings take some playing around with to get the perfect cook, since you’ll have to decide between so many different cooking types and temperature settings every time you want to cook. Of course, if you don’t want to figure out how long and at what temperature to cook, you can always find a recipe in the Joule Oven app and use the settings it suggests.

    Do You Know How To Dry Fry Bacon In An Oven Like A Breville Intelligent Oven

    Set the ovens temperature to 390 °. The bacon slices should be spread evenly across a baking sheet, and be sure to avoid overlapping. It is possible to spray oil on the bacon pieces. However, its not necessary.

    Place the baking tray into the air fryer, and prepare the bacon to cook for eight minutes. Flip them and cook them for another 8 to 10 minutes.

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    The Best Toaster Ovens You Can Buy Today

    Reasons to avoid

    The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is a whole lot more than a humble toaster oven. In addition to making toast and heating frozen pizza, it can just about replace your full-size oven for everything from baking cookies to making a roast dinner. Come the holidays, it can handle the biscuits or the sweet potato casserole. Its larger than a typical model and comes with a steep price tag, but with all its capabilities and handsome appearance, we think its worth the countertop space and the splurge.

    In addition to the air frying, toasting, baking, and broiling settings found on most toaster ovens, the Breville has ones for slow cooking, dehydrating, proofing, and reheating. It does just about every task well, excelling at roasting a chicken, baking cake, and air frying breaded chicken cutlets. A large LCD screen displays the settings which are selected by using dials and buttons. With brushed stainless steel surfaces, the Breville has a beautiful upscale look. However, it can get excessively hot during cooking the top of the glass window reached temperatures as high as 252°F during our tests. Thankfully, the towel bar handle and controls stay cool enough to touch. Several racks and pans for pizza and baking come with the oven. While they come in handy, youll have to find room to store them when youre not using them. Breville doesnt recommend placing them in the dishwasher and the air fryer rack in particular can take a bit of work to clean.

    How Does The Joule Oven Pro Work

    The Smart Oven® Air Fryer | The perfect roast made easy | Breville USA

    Cooking can come with a lot of uncertainty you constantly run the risk of over or undercooking your meal. There’s also always a chance that a new experimental recipe will turn into a disaster and you’ll end up having to order pizza for dinner instead.

    Breville’s Joule Oven Pro takes control of that uncertainty with recipes designed specifically for use in the oven. In the app simply select a recipe, hit the start button on your phone, and your Joule convection oven will turn on by itself . You’ll then be guided through step-by-step instructions with both text and video to make the perfect meal. The autopilot function will automatically run your oven through multiple cooking functions and temperature settings, and you’ll get notifications to your phone when the food is done.

    Aside from the smart features, the Joule oven has identical hardware and cooking functions to its less-smart sister oven, the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro. It’s super similar to one of our other favorite air fryer ovens too the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer which has similar hardware and functions but lacks dedicated settings for proofing and dehydrating.

    Either of these options would be good cheaper alternatives if you’re looking for an all-in-one toaster oven/air fryer but don’t feel called to use the recipes and auto temperature control functions of the Joule Oven. Using these ovens manually does have more of a learning curve than using the Joule though, for comparison.

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    What To Look For When Buying An Air Fryer

    If youre in the market for an air fryer, it helps to know what to look for when you shop.

    There are some factors worth considering when buying an air fryer. Like anything else, a lot comes down to personal preference and your cooking needs.

    Take some time to think about your eating habits. How are you planning to use the air fryer? Are you likely to use it for single meals every day, or are you planning to store it away and pull it out for special occasions? Depending upon the frequency of use, you need different features on your fryer.

    • Size: Size depends upon personal preference. Are you using the fryer because of its convenience for single meals? Or do you need to fit an entire family dinner inside?
    • Temperature: Make sure that your air fryer has a temperature range that is sufficient to cook the foods youre planning to make. Some air fryers intended for light use cap out at lower temperatures.
    • Functions: Some people use their air fryers as a substitute for toaster ovens. Others use them to replace deep fryers. Take a look at what functions are available on each model before you buy. Can it cook everything youd like? Does it have pre-set cooking options? What insert options are included?
    • Controls: Look at the panel. Some fryers are entirely digital, and others use mechanical knobs. How is the air fryer controlled? Is it easy to use?

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    Air Fried Spring Rolls:

    Saute some ground meat of your choice in a frying pan. Add onions, carrots, cabbages, and any other vegetables of your choice in the pan. Season the fillings with salt and pepper. Add different sauces and spices to increase the flavor.

    Then, place some fillings on a spring-roll wrapper horizontally. Gently roll and fold the wrapper to cover the fillings. Brush the outer layer of the wrappers with some oil.

    Cook the rolls in the 4th rack slot of the oven until golden and crispy. Enjoy the rolls while still warm.

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    How To Clean The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer

    Both the interior and exterior of the oven can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Unfortunately, none of the included accessories are dishwasher-safe, so they’ll all need to be hand-washed. While the wire rack, broiling rack, and pizza pan are easy to wipe down, the air fry basket and roasting pan required more effort to get clean post-use.

    It’s best to follow the recommendation of using the broiling rack nestled into the roasting pan when cooking any foods that might release oil or grease, as that will result in an easier clean up process. During testing, reheating fried chicken in the dedicated air fry basket resulted in oil dripping down to the heating elements and the crumb tray, which was difficult to clean.

    Has Big Counter Space Requirements

    Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer + Reviews

    To work properly, there needs to be at least 4-inches of space on both sides and 6-inches above the Smart Oven. They also do not recommend having it come right to the edge of the countertop.

    Plus, you CANNOT set anything on top of the oven unless you use the bamboo tray. I am a HUGE fan of the bamboo tray, but it would be tricky to fit pans on top with low cabinets.

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    Breville Smart Oven Air Vs Breville Smart Oven Pro: Which Is The Best Oven

    Reviewed By Andrea Amiot Latest Updated November 8, 2021

    In this article, we bring you the two most popular ovens. We will be comparing the Breville Smart Oven Air and the Breville Smart Oven Air Pro. Lets have a look at the various features of the two so that you can choose which can be a better option for you.

    All The Common Breville Air Fryer Problems

    Quite a few users have been seen complaining about facing all kinds of problems while using a Breville air fryer. Unfortunately, it seems that they are facing different problems, which require different troubleshooting procedures in order to fix them.

    This is why today we will be listing a list of what we think are the most common problems that one may face while using these models of the air fryer. All of the problems will also have a solution attached to them. So, without any further ado, lets get started!

  • Cooked Food Not Crispy Enough
  • Most of the users seem to complain about the cooked food having a soft texture. In simpler words, they cant seem to get the crispy texture on their food. The bigger problem is that these users think that it is a problem with the air fryer when in reality, the problem is because of how you are cooking the food.

    What you need to do is to put a thin layer of oil in your food before putting it into the air fryer. Using little to no oil will make your food get baked instead. In the same way, ensure that you do not put too much oil in the food which can cause other problems.

  • Smoke Coming from Air Fryer
  • This is without a doubt one of the most common problems that we have seen users complain about while using any model of the air fryer. First things first, whenever you see any sign of smoke coming out of the air fryer, you should always make sure that you completely turn off the air fryer .

  • Burned Food
  • Air Fryer Turns Off During Use
    • Save

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    Cooking Rib Eye Steaks

    One of the more recent trends I’ve seen sweep the internet has been cooking steaks in an air fryer. Some cuts of steak are well suited to specific cooking methods and techniques. Steaks, like a ribeye, are well suited to quick, hot, dry cooking methods that preserve flavor and integrity while allowing the cook to specify the finished cooking temperature of the product. Other cuts like short rib or brisket are suited to long, slow cooking methods that allow the muscle fibers to relax and grow incredibly tender.

    Steaks, by definition, need accuracy in cooking or at least the stopping of that cooking. Because steak will be palatable at several different finished cooking temperatures the ability to stop your cooking quickly is ideal. This is where an air fryer comes in handy. Its high-powered air currents and strong heat source create a dry cooking environment that allows you to roast ingredients at a high, even temperature. To stop the cooking all you need to do is remove the steak from the oven at the desired temperature, rest it for a few minutes, and slice.

    From my research what people seem to be doing is treating their air fryers like a hot frying pan or grill. You preheat the air fryer to a very hot temperature, allow it to preheat for 10-15 minutes, and then place the seasoned steaks into the oven. Allow them to cook for the desired time and remove them to rest.

    Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro Review: Design And Accessories

    Meet Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer – More than just an air fryer!

    Like the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, the Breville Joule Oven Air Fryer Pro is a fairly large, rectangular countertop appliance featuring a drop-down door and towel handle. The unit we tested is a familiar, brushed stainless steel, but it comes in a black stainless steel finish as well.

    The LCD display, buttons and dials are also identical to the interface of the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro, but theyre no less sophisticated on the Joule Oven. The controls are highly intuitive for anyone whos used a standard toaster oven.

    Measuring 21.5 x 17.3 x 12.8 inches and weighing 23 pounds, the Joule Oven is more substantial than most standalone toaster ovens and air fryers, but still light enough to manage out of the box and onto the counter without help. Accessories in the box include a 13-inch non-stick pizza pan, 2 wire racks, 9 x 13-inch broiling rack, 9 x 13-inch enamel roasting pan and an air fry/dehydrate basket.

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    Buyers Love This Roomy And Versatile Breville Countertop Oven Air Fryer

    Slickdealers who have purchased and used their Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro all agree that at this price, its the perfect time to snag this appliance that will have you ditching your regular oven. One Slickeals community member shared, This is an extremely good price for a very good oven. I have one, and it does it all. Another commented, I have this and use this way more frequently than my real oven. Awesome for reverse searing steaks, was able to fit a decent-sized pizza in this, and its so much faster to preheat and hold temps at any spectrum. Definitely, a game-changing kitchen appliance and worth the cost.

    User cooking tips: When you are using the Breville to air fry, spray a small amount of oil on low-fat items to get that authentic fried food texture and flavor.

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