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How Do You Clean Big Boss Air Fryer Is The Dishwasher Safe

Big Boss Oil-less Fryer

Yes, its a fairly simple machine to clean for the most parts.

Those who have dishwashers will be relieved to learn that the glass bowl and racks are dishwasher safe. Hand-wash them with warm, soapy water and a soft brush or sponge if necessary.

The temperature dial has a wash option that you may use to wipe the glass bowl of any trapped food. Its simple just fill the bowl with roughly 2 inches of water and some detergent, set the temperature to wash, and set the timer for 10 minutes. Allow the water to cool before removing it from the basin.

Product Size And Weight

Products from our Big Boss brand have a capacity of up to 16qt, larger than most other pots. This means that the device possesses the ability to handle a large amount of material at once without causing difficulties for the user.

We did a number of tests with different ingredients to check the pots actual performance. And as expected, the Big Boss Air Fryer holds up to 4 unsliced potatoes or a whole chicken with all its parts.

Surely a pot that can hold such a large amount of food cannot be compact. With dimensions of 16 x 12.5 x 13.5 inches, we will need a relatively large space to place and store the product. In addition, the devices 14.74 pounds weight is also quite heavy and difficult to move around.

The Best Big Boss Air Fryer Review In 2022


  • 1.8 Conclusion
  • We came across the Big Boss air fryer during our search for an alternative and healthier method to the conventional deep fry process that everyone loves so much. To be completely honest, the Big Boss oil less fryer is probably one of the most difficult reviews we have ever done.

    Southern fried chicken is absolutely the favorite meal to many people. The dish is savory and juicy but when it comes to the calories and the grease, it is among the least healthy meals we can have. Having said that, with the Big Boss fryer, the fried chicken becomes much less oily while still retains the flavorful taste of deep fried food.

    Aesthetically, most of us in the office do not think too highly of the Big Boss 16 QT air fryer. The machine is bulky and takes up quite a lot of space. But we totally understand why people may be interested in it. This best Big Boss air fryer comes at a reasonable price tag one of the cheapest air fryer options on the market right now, yet it offers a wide variety of functions and promises to deliver an oil-free alternative to all of your favorite fried food. The 16 QT air fryer is super large and cooks really well, fantastically well in fact. There is clearly a demand for such a machine and the sales figures prove that.

    This Big Boss air fryer reviews the fryer itself and how the model performs at deep frying food. We will also bring up the pros/cons of the machine and what it feels like to have and use one.

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    Big Boss Air Fryer Review And Overview

    Product Farberware Air Fryer Toaster Oven
    Features 1. Rapid Hot Air Technology 2. Viewable Front Lid 3. No Oil, No Splatter, No Mess

    One thing that makes this air fryer a top choice is its design. It looks very different from other air fryers out there, and you will enjoy using it regardless of the number of people you are preparing food for. The air fryer comes with some top features that make it stand out of most air fryers out there. To help you understand why this air fryer is worth going for, here are some highlights/functions of it.

    Big Boss Air Fryer Review

    Big Boss Air Fryer Healthy 1300

    Before investing, you need to read the Big boss air fryer review carefully. When you a house full of guests and you have a lot to do. You might have to think cooking various foods at the same time.

    Then Big Boss 1300-Watt Oil-Less Air Fryer is a suitable companion for you. It is capable of preparing healthy food in a short while and also reinvents the traditional way of cooking.

    Its a versatile tabletop cooker that allows you to cook a range of meat, poultry, vegetables, and desserts and has a very efficient design that heats food quickly without losing the flavor and moisture in your food.

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    You Can Cook Multiple Foods At Once

    Thanks to the multiple racks sent with this fryer, you can prepare a whole meal in one cycle. Ideally, you can place some chicken wings on the lower rack, and add some french fries on the upper one.

    Conventional fryers dont allow for this, not by a long shot. As I said earlier, most of them are too small to accept more than one meal at a time. Even the ones big enough dont come with racks that separate between food. Youll have to put everything together, which wont taste that well.

    What Is The Difference Between Mechanical And Electronic Air Fryers

    According to the operating mechanism, the air fryer is divided into 2 types, which are: mechanical air fryer and electronic air fryer.

    The basic difference between these two types is the way to control the pot, the air fryer uses a knob to control, and the electronic air fryer uses the sensor mode to control.

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    Cooking With The Big Boss Air Fryer: Country Style…
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    Is It Worth It? Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review! – YouTube



    Big Boss Air Fryer Review: Is It Worth Your Money

    Is It Worth It? Big Boss Oil-Less Air Fryer Review!

    Owning an Big Boss air fryer helps you to prepare crispy fried foods that are delicious but still good for health. Whereas conventional cooking methods cannot do this. Thanks to the above advantages, consumers demand for buying and using air fryers is increasing day by day. This has resulted in countless different pot models appearing on the market today. While most products are often quite similar to each other, there are a few that stand out like the Big Boss Air Fryer. So what makes this device make an impression in the eyes of people? Our article below about Big Boss air fryer review will help you find the most suitable answer.

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    How To Use The Big Boss Air Fryer Properly

    If you want your Big Boss air fryer to work effectively while avoiding damage, especially delicious food, you need to know how to use the air fryer properly according to the following steps:

    • Step 1: Place the pot on a firm flat place and out of reach of children. Plug the plug into a grounded electrical outlet.
    • Step 2: Put the food in the fryers tray.
    • Step 3: Preheat the pot by turning the timer knob to adjust for about 3 minutes and wait until the heating indicator light goes off before adding the ingredients.
    • Step 4: Adjust the time using the electronic board or timer knob to suit the volume of food and your cooking needs.
    • Step 5: When the pot has finished frying, dont rush to open the lid right away, but leave it for another 3-5 minutes for the heat to cool down, then open the lid.

    How The Big Boss Air Fryer Works

    You can think of this fryer as a giant glass bowl with a heating unit on top. Its more like a standard convection oven but with more features. To deep fry foods, it has infrared heat technology to cook food from the inside.

    Its like an oven where you prepare everything first and put the food items in it to cook. Set the correct timer and temperature and wait. The best part is you can cook more than just one food at a time.

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    The Unboxing Experience Of The Big Boss Oil Less Fryer

    As you would expect, the Big Boss air fryer comes in a big box. While the box is huge, it is by no means unmanageable. In fact, the box design is nothing to write home about.

    That being said, the machine is securely packed inside the box which is certainly good news considering the Big Boss is basically a heavy glass bowl. Everything is neatly fitted in there and it does not take a whole lot of effort to unpack the unit.

    Inside the box, there are a few things that you would expect:

    • Air fryer
    • Warranty: 2 Years.

    How To Use A Big Boss Air Fryer

    Big Boss Oil


  • 1.5 Conclusion:
  • Do you want to know how to use a Big Boss Air Fryer? Im here to help! This post will give you all the information you need. Youll learn about the different features, what its good for, and how to clean it properly. Some delicious recipes at the end of this post show just how versatile an air fryer can be. Lets get started!

    Do you want to learn how to cook healthier and tastier food? Do you love fried foods but dont want to feel guilty about eating them? If so, the Big Boss Air Fryer is perfect for you. It has a convection-type air frying technology that uses hot air instead of oil or grease like other fryers use. This means your food will be crispier on the outside and moist on the inside without any added calories. Plus, its easy to clean up after cooking with this fryer because there is no spattered oil all over your kitchen! You can read a detailed review of Big Boss air fryer right on our website.

    Youll never have to worry about frying up something unhealthy again with the Big Boss Air Fryer! Its easy to use, convenient, and affordable. Weve got everything from fries to chicken wings covered in this article, so keep reading!

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    The Big Boss Air Fryer Has A Large Capacity:

    The Big Boss Air Fryer has a large capacity. Big Boss air fryers are able to cook food faster than other air fryers on the market today. Besides, Big Boss came out with this product so people can be healthier by cooking their foods in less oil and fat using Rapid Air technology. So, Big Boss has been around for many years now, and they have been making some of the best kitchen appliances available on the market today, and they will continue to do that for many years in the future.

    If you havent gotten a Big Boss airfryer yet, then this might be the push you need to take action! Big Boss Air Fryers are great for cooking crispy food without having to be near a stove or oven. Big Boss Air Fryers also has a large capacity, which means that you can cook more at one time without worrying about having to cook again anytime soon.

    Also, remember that Big Boss Air Fryers can still be used with simple recipes such as frying eggs and making french fries! Although Big Boss Air Fryers are initially meant for fried foods, they can still be used for most simple recipes.

    Are There Other Replacement Parts Or Accessories Where Do I Buy Them

    Yes, the detachable components of the air fryer can be replaced and found easily. But components that are not detachable get damaged by any chance you will no longer be able to use the air fryer any longer. Accessories like the cooking book or the rack are readily available to purchase. But these will be included with the air fryer.

    You will get to purchase the replacement parts and the accessories on the official website of the Big Boss Air Fryers. Also, there are some parts available in amazon. You need to buy parts that are compatible with the model of the air fryer that you own.

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    Oil Free And Easy Clean Up

    Say goodbye to all the burns and messes because the best Big Boss air fryer uses virtually no oil or grease. On the off chance that you do need some oil, only a little spritz is sufficient. Furthermore, unlike a toaster oven, the Big Boss oil less fryer can be cleaned effortlessly even the tiniest bit of crumb can be removed with just a wipe.

    However, keep in mind that the lid of the machine must not be dipped in water. The lid is where the halogen bulb and all the electrical components are, so you just cannot put it in the sink and wash. The best thing you can do is to give the lid a good stroke with a moist towel. This is perhaps the only downside to having the Big Boss. But at this point, we are just nitpicking!

    Big Boss Air Fryer Accessories Are Stainless Steel

    Big boss air fryer with fish

    Here, it wins my heart!! This big boss air fryer comes with a lot of accessories. All of them were found to have stainless steel bodies. So, no doubt the accessories will live for years. The accessories are Air fryer, stand, glass bowl, recipe book, trivets, mesh rack, lifting clamp, and extension ring.

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    How Do You Use It

    Prepare the food, like adding spices, sauces, or brushing it with little oil just like what you would do before putting it in the oven. Then pour in all the ingredients together in the basket. Set the required temperature and time for cooking the food. And switch on the power button after you make sure that your air fryer is connected with the correct power source.

    Big Boss Air Fryer Manual:

    Rinse the bowl, racks, basket, tongs, and spray bottle well in hot water when you first take it out of the package. If you want, you may run the bowl and racks through a dishwashing cycle, but a simple rinse well enough. Choose a spot on your counter that has lots of room, a power outlet, and a heat-resistant surface.

    Depending on the ones you wish to utilize for your dish, place the racks and/or extension ring into the bowl. Fill the basket, racks, or both with your food. Secure the bowl or extension ring with the lid. Check to see that the safety handle is in the correct position.

    Turn the dial to set the temperature and the timer dial to set the timer.

    Press the safety handle down until it clicks into place after youve set the temperature and time. This signals to the device that its time to cook, and the fan and light bulb will turn on. The handle functions as an on/off switch. Next, when pressed down, the machine operates when pulled upright, the machine shuts off.

    When removing the cover after the cooking time has expired, use oven gloves to protect your hands. Next, remove your meal using the tongs provided and check to see whether its cooked to your taste.

    Thats pretty much all there is to it.

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    Verdict: Is It For You

    To sum up, if you are the owner of a family that consists of 6 to 7 members then this air fryer is for you. You can make the most advantage out of the large basket capacity very easily. To add more, the versatility it provides you make every penny spent behind it, absolutely worth it. And anyone who doesnt like technologically advanced equipment with complicated operation procedures will find using this air fryer their holy grail.

    However, if you dont own a large family, the air fryer is unnecessarily large for you. You might face issues of the air frying basket taking a lot of time to heat up for the small quantity of the food that you wish to make. The rest of the things that you need to know is all in this Big Boss oil-less air fryer review. If youre looking for a small air fryer with great exposure and cooking efficiency, Im strongly voting for the Dash Compact air fryer. I reviewed this air fryer, you check or go here to directly buy it. We also reviewed some big air fryers that you can buy. Read our review before buying a big giant air fryer.

    Why Do You Soak Potatoes Before Air Frying

    Big Boss 16 Qt. Red Oil

    When you make traditional deep-fried French fries, its advisable to soak the potatoes ahead of time in cold water. Soaking the potatoes does something magical with the starchesit helps achieve the coveted French fry crispiness and prevents the fries from sticking together. This is what I did for the air fryer, too.

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    Big Boss Oil Less Air Fryer Recipe

    The manufacturer suggests that you can cook a 6-pound turkey in it. I know there are just exaggerating. I mean, have you ever seen a turkey that small? This is a big fryer, but that doesnt mean you can cook a whole turkey in it.

    One thing you can do is cook turkey breasts. Now, I wont go over with that recipe, but I will show you the next best thing, which is chicken.

    I will show you two recipes, both involving chicken. Lets start with a roast chicken.

    • Choose a large piece and put it on the rack.
    • To get better results, spray a little bit of oil on the rack first.
    • Put the glass lid on and set the temperature indicated in the instruction manual.
    • Wait for it.
    • When you are done, take the lid to see the result.
    • If its undercooked, keep it cooking for a few more minutes.

    A properly cooked chicken will have a lovely crisp to the skin. The meat will be succulent and moist, and the best part is, its healthier. You can go without the oil, but a little bit wont hurt.

    Now, for the next recipe, it will be chicken legs.

    • Start by brushing some egg wash on the chicken legs.
    • Dip the legs into some breadcrumbs.
    • Put them on the rack.
    • You can apply a little bit of oil in the rack if you want to.
    • The result will be a nice, moist, and crispy chicken legs.

    The outer surface of the chicken legs will have a nice and lovely crunch to them. The inside will be cooked evenly, if you give it enough time to cook.

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