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Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven

Best Air Fryers Under $100: Consumer Reports

Instant pot is well known for its instant pot 7-1 rice cooker which is a safe, rotisserie air fryer, rice cooker, slow cooker, steamer, and warmer. Like Instant pot air fryer combo, instant vortex offers an all-in-one experience with the ability to air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate. Available in 6 Qt, 10 Qt, and 26 Qt cooking capacity, you have the freedom to choose the one according to your family size.

The air fryer is a beautiful kitchen appliance worthy of a dedicated place on your kitchen shelf. It has a shiny black plastic body with a door made of sleek stainless steel. The front side of the air fryer houses a black touch screen control panel with brightly illuminated menu buttons and other details like cooking time, temperature, reminders, and error messages if any.

Overall Rating: 4.5/5

Instant Vortex air fryer cooks food using a fan that circulates the heated air which eliminates the use of cooking oil. You can choose from the preset cooking settings if not, you can manually set the temperature and save your settings as well. The feature is pretty useful if you have to use the setting time and again. The air fryer can reduce cooking time by 30% as compared to traditional deep fryers.

Here comes the cleaning process!


Ninja Air Fryer Runner

$99.99 | 4 QT |

Ninja Air Fryer AF101 takes 2nd place after the most popular GoWISE air fryer on Amazon. Over 26,000 people already tried the Ninja Air fryer and rated it on average 4.8/5 stars. It is one of the most stylish and sleek air fryers on the market. It is made with a modern design that looks great in any kitchen. The digital timer and push-button cooking allow for easy and convenient cooking. This model also has a ceramic nonstick coating which is dishwasher safe.

The regular price is above $100, but I came to a promo from Amazon, check if it is still available.

Top 5 Best Air Fryers Under $100 For 2021

by Brian HebertAug 19, 2021

Decided to switch to air frying and to avoid all those extra calories from oil? Thats a smart decision that will have many long-term health benefits. The best air fryer under $100 will give you crispy fried food without the trap of oily calories.

An air fryer basically uses convection heating: it cooks food by circulating the hot air around it. The results are cooked and crispy fried foods without the need for oil. Its so much healthier, and you get the same taste and texture.

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Read All Of The Reviews Of A Product

Its always good to get a balance view of the good and bad points of an air fryer that you might be looking at. Thankfully all Air fryers sold in the UK have to conform to Uk regulations. When you couple this with good feedback, you are edging towards the right air fryer for you.

Not every air fryer will be perfect. The one you pick might be perfect in many ways but still have a niggle or two. Sometimes this is to be expected, so just be prepared to possibly live with a few minor indiscretions.

Rozmoz Air Fryer 5 Quart

[TOP 9] Best Air Fryer Under 100 Dollars Reviews in 2021

Why do we love it?

  • With 8 functions in a single appliance and that too in the price range of $100, it is one of the most versatile air fryers.
  • Including a 360 degree heat circulation evenly heats all the food inside the air fryer and improves its texture.
  • For more protection, there is an auto shut-off feature that just cuts down the power after the timer ends.
  • Round shaped and sleek design makes it suitable for smaller kitchens also as it saves a lot of space.
  • LCD displays temperature and also provides simpler functions so that even a beginner learns to use it.


Capacity of 5 Quart is suitable to meet the needs of smaller families with 3 to 4 members. Weight of around 13 pounds is more compared to several other air fryers in this range and capacity but not much enough that it becomes difficult to handle. Looks of this air fryer is much talked about as they kept it round and white. Simple yet attractive, it has an LCD that displays temperature and other touchpads which are easy to use. Another important feature is that it has a 360 degree heating technology that ehats the food from all sides, cooking the food evenly.


  • Only for 3 to 4 people
  • Motor could be efficient

Final Verdict

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Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer

Right off the bat, were in love with the fact that the Dash Deluxe Electric Air Fryer uses dedicated air-crisping to cook your vittles, so no oil required with this bad boy. Say hello to healthier eating. The 6-quart basket is one of the biggest on our list, meaning you can rely on your Dash for any large impromptu gathering. Cook massive portions of your favorite fryer treats, from french fries and chicken tenders to baked goods and many kinds of desserts. The Dash also features a 30-minute shut-off timer and adjustable temperature controls that you can mess with mid-cook if you feel the need. Bored or inexperienced? The Dash comes with a killer recipe book for those more experimental foodie nights, or if you need a helping hand for that batch of fries.

Why Buy An Air Fryer

In a word: convenience. Like any kitchen gadget, you want something thats going to make life simpler, and theres no doubt that frying and baking conventionally can be messy, smelly or even dangerous.

Using an air fryer to bake, roast and fry will speed up the process, could potentially cut calories and save money as you wont have to use a larger oven for smaller portions and side dishes.

Think of air fryers as mini ovens that can tackle almost anything youd put in a conventional oven or deep fat fryer. Theyre not just for chips you can bake, roast, and even dehydrate ingredients, too.

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Ultrean Air Fryer 42 Quart Electric Hot Air Fryers Oven

Why do we love it?

  • Weight is less so that it would not be difficult to shift its place in your kitchen or carry it in your vacations.
  • Being a multifunctional air fryer, one can roast, bake, grill and air fry in a single appliance.
  • LCD displaying time and the recipe book included will help even a beginner in understanding the functions and cooking food.
  • Temperature adjustable between 180 and 400 degree Fahrenheit is enough for preparing most of the recipes.
  • Accessories coming along the air fryer are detachable and therefore easy to wash in a dishwasher.


With a weight of around 9 pounds, it becomes a portable air fryer. Not so big, it has a capacity of 4.2 Quart, and is capable of preparing food for only 2 to 3 people. Motor of 1500 Watts helps you to prepare food in no time but there are chances of it overheating. Temperature between 180 and 400 degree Fahrenheit is adjustable which is sufficient for cooking most of the dishes. Also, it has a timer of 0 to 30 minutes after which it has a feature of auto shut off.


  • Not for large number of people
  • Non-stick coating is harmful for health

Final Verdict

Tower T17023 Compactair Fryer

Best Air Fryers Under $100 – 2021 Top 7 Budget Air Fryer Reviews

Best for: Lowest budget cheapest option

The Tower T17023 Air Fryer isnt just in the sub-£100 bracket, its under £50! . It has good reviews across the board and many people are happy with this cheap and cheerful fryer. Its 1000 watts, so may take a little longer than some fryers to cook food from raw.

A friend of mine who has one says chips take about 20minutes. The temperature control runs from 80 to 200c, which is good for mosttypes of cookery. Having looked at what real users have said:


  • Simple and straightforward to use
  • Good reviews from existing users
  • 3-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Compact for smaller kitchen spaces


  • Quite small only has a 2.2l capacity. Only bigenough for one person, or two people if youre making smaller portions and/orjust a side like chips.
  • No oil compartments you have to spray or coatthe food beforehand
  • The basket says its dishwasher safe but somepeople have had problems with this and have opted to wash it by hand
  • No stirrer or mechanism to move the food aroundfor even cooking
  • Mechanical timers rather than digital ones, soless precision

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The Best Air Fryers Under $100 Reviews

The GO wise air fryer allows us to cook food with less oil and eat snacks without adding calories. Rapid air circulation technology cooks food by regulating hot air in all directions .this fryer has eight built smart programs.

We can cook at a wide temperature range from 180 degrees Fahrenheit to -400 degrees Fahrenheit and has a timer for up to 30 minutes featuring a new built-in alarm function that reminds the user to shake or check their food in increments.

It has got #154 rank in kitchen and dining and is one of the picks for the best small digital air fryer or one of the best air fryers under $100.

With Ultrean air fryer, you can enjoy the same fried and crispy foods with less fat and grease. Get a Multifunction Cooker.

Besides air frying, you can also grill, roast, and bake your favorite food with its innovative heating system ârapid air technology,â designed to cook your food evenly without the hassles of using a hot oil thermometer.

Hassle-Free Operation has accessible buttons and an Easy Cooking Set Up.

It comes with an auto switch-off timer and adjustable temperature setting (180°f-400°f. Easy to clean as it has a non-stick pan, heat-resistant handle, and a detachable dishwasher safe basket, so itâs easy to cook and clean the unit after cooking.

Select your best air fryers under $100.

  • The Fan Is Not Working Properly
  • Forceful to Open the Basket

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Ninja Af101 Air Fryer 4 Qt Black/gray

  • Air fry without the guilt. Fryer is made with NSF-certified aluminum and has a durable ceramic-coated nonstick baking dish for healthier, delicious food results in less time. No sharp edges or hot spots to worry about either. The air fryer under $100 also boasts an easy-to-access power cord that doesnt take up valuable kitchen space as traditional deep fryers do.
  • It can be difficult to find fresh, healthy food for those with a busy schedule. The Ninja AF101 Air Fryers rounded shape and functional design make it easy to fry almost anything you want right in your own kitchen!
  • Get the perfect, crispy french fries every time with this modern 4 qt air fryer that cooks while circulating hot air like a convection oven. And all without having to use dangerous oils or crowded oven space! With its range of 105-400 degrees Fahrenheit, this cooker is not too delicate for cooking steaks and other proteins just as well as curls up sweet potatoes beautifully.

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Do I Need To Purchase Extras And Attachments For My Air Fryer

Racks and Pans typically you will get sets of them at the time of buying the fryer. So, you dont need to buy anything at first. But, in time as they wear, you will need to buy replacements

How do I prevent food from sticking to my air fryer?

Spray the basket lightly with vegetable oil spray. Using a foil sling can also make cleanup and the removal of certain foods easier, especially fish

Do you need an air fryer if you have a conventional oven?

Yes! It makes life easier in your kitchen, therefore you do need one. You wont know how better it is than the oven unless you get one

Can you use Aluminum foil in the power air fryer oven?

Yes! However, there are cautionary tips when using aluminium foil. Be careful not to put the aluminium foil right at the bottom of the pan. This is where dirt and all the grease accumulates therefore the flow of air will be disrupted

Cosori Air Fryer 1500w

Top 21 Best Air Fryer Under 100

COSORI Air Fryer 1500W Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker, 11 Presets Preheat & Shake Reminder, LED Touch Screen, Nonstick Basket, 3.7 QT, Digital-Black COSORI Air Fryer 1500W Electric Hot Oven Oilless Cooker, 11 Presets Preheat & Shake Reminder, LED Touch Screen, Nonstick Basket, 3.7 QT, Digital-Black

If something is affordable, it must have bad overall performance, right? Wrong! Dont believe us? Take a look at what COSORI has to offer then!

This model utilizes a digital overall operational method. It has 11 different presets that you can set with just one touch! And the air circulation process that it implements cooks food exceptionally fast.

The basket is also removable. That means keeping it clean will not be an issue for you. Also, the basket is free from PFOA and other pesky toxins. It also has a compact footprint, which makes it highly portable.

Alongside that, you will find a cooking book that includes 100 recipes! So, now you can indulge in multiple dishes with just one product.

Highlighted Features

  • Uses an efficient air circulation process
  • Comes with a removable basket
  • The basket is free of toxins

What We Like

It is fully digital, and it has a lot of features that you will surely love. For the features that it has to offer, we really could not find any other device that would be worthy of putting on the number 1 spot in our best air fryer under 100 reviews in 2021.

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Best Stainless Steel: Innsky Air Fryer

If youre looking for something sturdy for an air fryer, the Innsky Air Fryer has your back. This gorgeous, stainless steel air fryer has a tough construction and good performance. Moreover, it comes with a 32-recipe book, so you have plenty of things to try out in your new air fryer.

The flat LED touchscreen panel is one of the simplest, at least amongst the products on this list. You would not even need to read instructions to understand how it works. This is also why its a good choice if you like your appliances simple.

You have seven presents with accurate time and temperatures to fry the most common foods. As for the temperature range, it starts at 180 and ends at 400 degrees.

This one also comes with a memory function and automatic shut-off features. You dont even have to tend to the food every time, just set the timer and go on about your chores.

The capacity of the basket is 5.8 quarts, and it has a squarish shape. You can easily fit in a five to six pounds whole chicken in it. The basket can be removed even while the cooking is on, and it does not disturb the set timer.

Made of stainless steel, you dont have to worry about the contaminants found in plastic appliances and utensils. Also, the stainless steel gives it a nice look, and so does the texture on the panel that houses the touch LED screen. This one reduces oil and fat consumption by 75 percent, which is good enough.

Ninja Air Fryer That Cooks Crisps And Dehydrates

  • The Ninja Air fryer is just one of those very few highly acclaimed air fryers which you could buy for under $100. Users love it and so do we. We are going to inform you of each reason why the ninja air fryer appears to be among the best contenders in the class.
  • To start with, the structure of the air fryer uder $100 is entirely BPA free and also the non-invasive basket is PFOA totally free. The two biggest issues right from the way! Moving forward, the ceramic-coated skillet along with the crisper plate is dishwasher safe. Thus, cleaning the basket is reduced into some little undertaking.
  • To our surprise, it will more than simply air-fry! You can roast, reheat and dehydrate edibles apart from air frying. All for under 100 USD is a fairly damn impressive thing. A spacious 4-quart cooking basket is readily utilized to cook for a few adults.
  • Using a wattage count of 1550, the air fryer holds enough energy to get your dishes prepared on the move. On top of it all, your purchase is coated with a 1-year limited guarantee! You seldom see such flexibility together with an improved modern appearance and a reasonable cost. Nothing less than an entire steal deal.

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How To Choose The Best Air Fryer

Air fryers differ in size and versatility so the choosing the best one for you will depend on a few key elements. For example, consider what youll most likely be cooking in it, how many youre cooking for and how much space you have in the kitchen.

If its simply a healthier, more efficient method of cooking chips that youre after, you can narrow your search down to one without bells and whistles and save some pennies on a machine that does the core function well.

Top tip: Watch out for those that will require you to part-boil the cut potatoes prior to crisping air fryers worth having should be able to fully-cook chips on their own.

More sophisticated models will offer multiple functions like the ability to bake, roast, dehydrate, grill and reheat food.

The circulated hot air from inside these fryers gets released from fans often at the back of the air fryer, which means they can require a lot of room around them for safe use. Style and aesthetics on a countertop are also important.

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