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Pros And Cons Of An Air Fryer

No device is perfect. It will still have its advantages and disadvantages. Consider those factors of an air fryer to decide if this is the appliance you want to buy.


  • Compact Design: An air fryer is designed with compact size, can be easily used when needed and stored away when finished. It doesnt take up much space in your kitchen.
  • Fast Speed Cooking: With the continuous heat flow mechanism thanks to the small fans inside the device, it is possible to ensure that the food is cooked evenly and quickly.
  • Healthier Dishes: When using an air fryer, you absolutely do not need oil, which helps you to have delicious and safe food for your health.

And if you are on a keto diet, you do not want to miss many keto-friendly air fryer ideas and make your meal even healthier. Sounds so promising, doesnt it?

  • Variety Of Dishes: The air fryer is a very versatile kitchen appliance that can cook a variety of dishes. Not only fried foods, but you can also completely use this device to prepare other types of foods.
  • Easy To Use: As a modern electronic device with specific instructions, almost anyone can use the air fryer with a few very simple steps.

You can see this video to know more:


Faqs About Air Fryer Vs Toaster Oven

How long does it take for an air fryer to cook food?

An Air Fryer cooks food faster than conventional ovens because it has a rapid air technology that circulates heat up to 200 degrees Fahrenheit higher than cooking temperatures of other ovens.

It also saves cooking time by having 30 minutes shut-off timer which is ideal for cooking tender meat from frozen. This will save you time and money by not overcooking or burning your food.

Can I roast vegetables in my air fryer? Will they taste good?

Of course! You can roast almost all kinds of veggies like broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, etc using an air fryer without any problem or hassle. Although roasting veggies are very healthy but do not expect them to taste very good.

Can an air fryer replace a toaster oven?

Absolutely! And this is coming from someone who used to own both a standard oven and a toaster oven. However, an air fryer wont replace your entire range or your oven.

Its just not big enough for that type of cooking. An air fryer vs toaster oven does, however, work wonders on smaller baking projects like fries and the above-mentioned meatballs.

Do I really need an air fryer?

People who love fried food and probably eat them most days of the week, they might be looking for healthier alternatives with fewer calories and less fat. An air fryer will help solve those problems by skirting around the fryer and producing crispy meals minus all the grease and oil used in deep frying.

Will it be okay to use my oven for frying?

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Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer Rotisserie And Convection Oven Air Fry Roast Bake Dehydrate And Warm

Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer, Rotisserie and Convection Oven, Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Dehydrate and Warm is the best air fryer toaster oven, newest, biggest, and best Instant Pot yet.

It has all the features you love about the Instant Pot, plus it can air fry, roast, bake, dehydrate, and do so much more.

The 10 quart size is perfect for families or entertaining, and with its EvenCrisp Technology, you can get all the crunch and tenderness of deep frying with little to no oil. With its quick and even heating, you can cook multiple meals at once with ease.

And with its Adjustable Temperature feature, you can easily select temperatures from 95 to 400° F. The included accessories make it easy to get started right away just add your favorite recipes! So discover new favorites and prepare delicious meals with the Instant Vortex Plus 10 Quart Air Fryer, Rotisserie and Convection Oven.

Key Features

  • The trays are so much easy to clean.


  • The buttons are sometimes finicky to press to get to work.

Temperature Accuracy And Consistency Test

Amazon: Ninja Foodi 10

This is low-key one of the most important functions for any oven, especially if you plan to do some light baking in it. If an oven can’t hold an accurate and consistent temperature, it makes following recipes far more difficult, and you’ll be forever adjusting and hawking your food to make sure it doesn’t burn. I used thermocouples to read the internal temperature of the oven while it baked for 10 minutes at 350 degrees F. I was able to get an average temp reading for the duration of the bake, but I also watched the thermometer in real time to see how much fluctuation happened during the cook.

The KitchenAid won this test with an average reading of 350 F on the nose and with very little fluctuation. The Ninja , Cuisinart and Breville also did well, although the Breville started off very hot and then came back down. The two last-place finishers were the Crux, which ran hot and the Calpahlon, which ran cold . Both were also the most inconsistent throughout the bakes.

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What Is An Air Fryer Oven

An air fryer oven refers to a full-sized oven with an integrated air fryer within the oven cavity.

The air fryer oven makes it possible to enjoy air-fried delicious meals irrespective of the range, including electric, induction, or gas. In addition, you can get many air fryer oven accessories to increase the versatility.

The device uses a high-powered fan to circulate hot air around the oven at high speed, resulting in crunchy and crispy foods.

One of the best benefits of an air fryer is that it encourages healthy eating. The device uses little to no oil while cooking your food, resulting in crispy and delicious foods with a crunchy texture.

An air fryer oven offers the same benefits as a stand-alone air fryer but with added advantages, including:

  • The device helps to save on valuable space in your kitchen. The air fryer is integrated inside the oven, which eliminates the need to purchase extra appliances for your kitchen.
  • An air fryer oven is one kitchen appliance that works harder for you. It comes with other features apart from an air fryer, including Fast Steam Cleaning, Smudge-Proof Stainless Steel, and Even Baking with True Convection.
  • An air fryer oven offers a large capacity for cooking. As such, it helps you to save time by helping cook more food at once and ensuring there is enough for the whole family.

How Does It Work

An air fryer is essentially a small convection oven. By rapidly circulating hot air around the food, it crisps up the outside while keeping inside tender and juicy. When cooking French fries in an air fryer, for example, you get all the taste of deep-fried potatoes, but with only a fraction of the fat.

Air fryers circulate hot air using a mechanical fan. The fan is located near or above the heating element. As the hot air circulates through the frying basket, it cooks food from all sides at once.

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Even Our Reporters Who Test Air Fryers Don’t Really Like Them

Our job is to tell you what to buy, and in some instances, we’re assigned to review products we ourselves would never buy. We still consider, test, and review these products with every bit of the respect we give all products and services. At the end of the day, you’re going to buy what you’re going to buy and that’s that. We respect your choice.

But the kindest thing our reporters, Jen Gushue and James Brains, who have tested dozens of the things, have to say about air fryers is this: “The results are more like oven roasting at a high heat still a delicious end result, but you won’t fool anyone into thinking you just pulled those chicken wings out of a deep fryer.”

Essentially, an air fryer is a convection toaster that doesn’t toast, which is absurd in my book.

Cosori Wifi Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo

Air Fryer vs Toaster Oven – Which One Should you Buy? | A Detailed Comparison

The Cosori Wifi Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo is incredibly fun to use. The wings, fish, fries, and sweet potato fries come out perfectly cooked every time. Plus, the Alexa integration makes it super easy to control I just need to say, Alexa, tell the air fryer to preheat, and its ready to go!

The ShakeAlert is a cool feature that I really appreciate its a reminder to shake the fryer after each use. It helps ensure even cooking for your fries and fish. Plus, its easy to clean just make sure to use cooking spray or some other form of lubricant and wipe it down after every use.

The design of the basket is a bit impractical. I dont like that you need gloves to remove it, and I wish it had a handle. Its also loud when the fan is blowing out the back, so be sure to give it some space on my countertop.

Dimensions: 13.5 long x 12.7 deep x 14.9 high

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What To Look For In A Hybrid Toaster And Air Fryer Oven

Since you’re potentially going all-in on one machine, there are a few functions you want it to perform and perform well. For the purposes of this list, I took four main cooking functions into account: Air fry, broil, bake and toast. These, along with roast, are the oven duties the average home cook will rely on most. While some of these cookers sport dehydrate, proof, pizza and other niche cooking functions, most didn’t, so I stuck to testing functions that were possible across all the hybrid ovens.

Air frying: This trendy term has nothing to do with frying but rather mimics the results of deep-frying using super hot, fast-moving convection air for food that’s crispy outside and moist inside. Having an air fry function was the baseline criteria for consideration on this list. You can air fry lots of things, but chicken wings and french fries are two popular options, so I employed them for testing.

Broiling: I’m a big broiler person, especially for fish but also for things like mac and cheese, certain chicken recipes and anything else I want a crispy crust on top of. I find that ovens differ wildly in broiling ability so I wanted to see which of these ovens did it best.

Baking: Baking can mean a lot of things but when it comes to, let’s say cookies and cupcakes, consistency is key. The sign of an oven that bakes well is simple: Will it hit the temperature you set it to and then stay there consistently throughout the bake?

Crux Digital Air Fry Oven

This is the oven I’ve used most since I owned it even before my wider testing began. Personal history aside, I actually really dig this model, especially for $120. It occasionally drops even lower to around $100 at Macy’s , and at that price, it is definitely worth nabbing. The Crux has a formidable air fry function, fairly consistent temperature control, a compact size and it looks nice, too.

Its main drawbacks are a finicky interface that some reviewers say has failed them completely and a bit of a loud air fry function. The trays also stain easily, so you may have to replace them or be diligent about cleaning. That said, the Crux has served me faithfully, and I suspect it would do the job for you, too. It comes with a one-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.

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What Is The Best Toaster Oven Air Fryer On The Market

Whats best for you depends on your serving size and preferences. But here are some top-rated toaster oven air fryers that are trending on the market in 2021!

  • Cosori CO130 AO 12 in 1 Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo.
  • Ninja Foodi 10 in 1 Smart XL Air Fry Oven.
  • Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie.
  • Crux Digital 6 Slice Air Fryer Toaster Oven 14 805.
  • Black + Decker Crisp Bake Air Fry 4 Slice Toaster Oven.
  • Hamilton Beach Air Fry Sure-Crisp Toaster Oven.

Size And Cooking Capacity

Advantages Of Air Fryer Toaster Oven And How You Can Make Full Use Of It

Toaster Ovens are bigger than Air Fryers. If you are hosting friends or cooking for a large family, then a Toaster Oven would be the ideal gadget.

But if you want one or two servings at a time, the Air Fryer would be a good fit.

An air fryer is also an appliance to consider if you lack sufficient counter space. It is small and more compact. Air fryers can fit into kitchen cabinets easily, creating counter space when not in use.

Toaster ovens use relatively big counter space but can also be put into storage once they exhaust their heated use.

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Discover About The Toaster Oven

Individuals might also be familiar with an operating toaster oven and the difference between air fryer and toaster oven. You can also count some contrast between toaster and toaster oven however, a toaster oven can still be considered a midget version of a standard oven. The size is the exception, but the toaster oven comprises multiple benefits than the oven. It can be utilized as an oven but with quicker time settings and can even cook multiple dishes simultaneously.

Do not fool yourself by name because it is more than that. Besides the baking bread feature, you can also use this appliance to defrost certain foods and reheat as required.

The toaster oven also comprises some adjustment features, following the button outside. It is fabricated with the other heat-generating components and metal walls inside. When you turn on the toaster oven, the heat is freed from the heating element that evenly circulates the food and helps while cooking.

How Easy Are They To Clean

Modern appliances are becoming increasingly more straightforward to clean, thanks to non-stick products, coatings, and removable parts.

Both of these appliance styles are relatively straightforward to clean, though we have to give the edge to the air fryer as all the parts that come into contact with food are removable and dishwasher safe.

This can be the case with some convection toaster ovens too, but the racks can be a lot larger and more fiddly to clean over the standard air fryer basket. Youll often find food particles getting stuck in the grid of the racks and baskets.

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How Does A Toaster Oven Work

A toaster oven has two heating elements that emanate dry heat. One heating element is fixed on the top of the oven and the second one at the bottom.

Depending on the oven setting these heating elements adjust the inside temperature. When broiling, the upper heating element works to give a perfect melted top to dishes like a casserole or a pizza.

The lower heating element works when you set the toaster oven for baking or toasting.

To get the full out of a toaster oven, check the user manual thoroughly and only then start your baking or broiling journey.

Like any other kitchen appliance, toaster ovens have pros and cons. So, heres some more about these little machines:

Air Fryer Vs Microwave

Cuisinart® | Large Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Some microwaves are beginning to offer air fry settings or other features that help achieve crispy, fried-like results. One of the main differences between these two appliances is that an air fryer or countertop oven circulates dry heat that helps remove moisture from the exterior of foods, while microwaves use electromagnetism to accelerate particles within the food.

If you are looking for optimal results on your air fried creations, choosing an appliance specially designed for the task usually cant be beat. However, just as with countertop ovens or full-sized ovens, most types of microwaves generally offer more functions than a standalone air fryer. Depending on how often you plan to make air fryer recipes, you could opt for just a microwave with cripsing features. Select KitchenAid® microwaves feature Crispwave Microwave Technology and a Crisper Pan that can be used to brown, crisp, and pan-fry foods.

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