Cuisinart Toaster Oven Air Fryer Toa 60

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Cuisinart Airfryer Toaster Oven

Air Fryer Toaster Oven Demo (TOA-60)
  • 7 Functions: AirFry Bake/Convection Bake Broil/Convection Broil Warm Toast
  • Extra-large capacity makes it easy to cook family-style meals
  • Adjustable temperature and time with auto shutoff
  • Quiet operation
  • Toast shade selector and easy-to-use timer
  • Large window with interior light
  • Easy-to-clean nonstick interior
  • Includes: Oven rack, baking pan and air fryer basket
  • Dimensions: 14″ L x 15.75″ W x 14″ H
  • Weight: 28.4 lb.
  • Allow oven to cool completely before cleaning
  • Wipe exterior with clean, damp cloth
  • To clean interior walls, use damp cloth and mild liquid soap solution or spray solution on a sponge
  • Hand-wash oven rack, baking pan, air-fryer basket and crumb tray
  • AirFryer Toaster Oven, rack, baking pan, air-fryer basket

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Airfryer Compact Silver

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  • 12.5 x 15.5 x 11.5 inches
    • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
    • Compact design takes less room on the countertop
    • Large capacity: airfries up to 2. 5 lb. , toasts 4 slices of bread, bakes a 3 lb. Chicken
    • Six functions: convection bake, convection broil, air fry, toast, bagel, Warm
    • Adjustable temperature control: Warm to 450°f and 60 minute timer
    • Includes: air fry basket, baking pan, wire rack, crumb tray

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    This item Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer with Light, Silver w/ 1 Year Extended Warranty
    4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.6 out of 5 stars 4.4 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5 stars
    15.5 x 16 x 14 inches 20.1 x 16.5 x 12.5 inches 20.87 x 16.93 x 11.42 inches 11 x 0.1 x 9 inches â

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    Hot Pockets Cooking Test

    I cooked 2 Hot Pockets containing cheese and pepperoni. They took longer to cook as theyre frozen foods that have to be thawed and cooked internally. This takes more time than thin foods. The results were excellent.

    Similarly, I cooked a small pack of pizza Hot Pockets which are bread-wrapped cheese and meat foods that make a great snack or easy meal.

    As theyre frozen and contain food on the inside, I knew theyd take longer to cook. Again, using the convection bake feature set to about 425ð and pre-heated I carefully cooked them while checking the crust.

    They did take longer to cook than the pizza but were still pretty quick. After about only 6 minutes they were ready.

    Checking the internal temperature and crust, I found the outer crust to be very well toasted and deliciously crunchy! A microwave simply cant do justice to this kind of food.


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    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Vs Nuwave Bravo Xl

    Cuisinart TOA

    The last machine I wanted to compare the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven to is the NuWave Bravo XL. The NuWave Bravo XL offers the same form and function as the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven but with the added benefit of some of the best features that I saw in the Breville Smart Oven.

    With a similar size and capacity as the Cuisinart model, the NuWave Bravo XL comes equipped with a digital display, the ability to fine-tune your time and temperature settings, and a hefty set of accessories. With features like dehydrating available and the ability to set the timer for longer increments than 60 minutes, this is definitely a more versatile option.

    While the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster oven comes equipped with an oven rack, air fryer basket, and baking tray, the NuWave Bravo XL comes with all these things and more. With add-ons like a pizza peel, pizza cutter, and internal probe, this machine is a very attractive option indeed. The internal probe is unique to this machine , in that it allows the digital sensor to record the internal temperature of whatever product you are cooking to avoid overcooking where possible. This is a great feature when cooking temperature-specific items like pork chops or whole chicken. With 3 fan speed settings, you can really fine-tune your cooking process.

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    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven

    This unique kitchen workhorse is actually a premium full size toaster oven with a built-in air fryer. That means it not only bakes, broils, and toasts, it also lets you air fry right inside the oven. Air frying, which uses powerful ultra-hot air, is a healthier way to prepare delicious fried favorites, from wings to fritters to fries to shrimp. And since toaster ovens stay on the countertop, this fryer doesnât have to move back and forth, from cupboard to counter. Enjoy the crunch without the calories and messy cleanup, with the Air Fryer Toaster Oven!

    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review: Ease Of Use And Cleaning

    The dials on the Cuisinart are easy to turn and completely intuitive to set. However, as they arent digital and dont click into place at the various settings, theyre hard to set precisely. With the Cuisinart you get an oven rack, an air fryer basket, a baking pan, and a drip tray. Each time you use it, you have to determine which accessories to use and where to position them in the oven.

    During use, the dials and the handle stay cool to the touch and the stainless steel top and sides dont get hot enough to cause burns, however the glass door reaches 259°F, which is dangerously hot. The Cuisinart is exceptionally quiet as it air fries, with a dBA reading of 54.7. This was one of the quietest air fryers we tested. A bright interior light makes it easy to check on food as its cooking.

    This model didnt score well for ease of cleaning none of the accessories are coated with a nonstick finish and Cuisinart doesnt recommend popping them in the dishwasher. So, It can take a bit of elbow grease to scrub off bits and pieces from the air fryer basket and burnt-on grease from the baking pan. When you cook something like chicken wings in the air fryer, juices and fat drip down onto the heating elements, which are not removable and not easy to clean. The walls of the oven are coated with a finish that makes them easy to wipe clean, but it is a bit tricky to reach into the oven to get to all the surfaces.

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    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Cooking Features:

    Air Frying:

    Fact: Air frying is really just a fancy way of saying Convection. I do not have a convection setting on my regular oven and I didnt have one on my toaster oven, thus, why I made the upgrade. If you have a convection setting on one of your existing ovens, you probably dont need an air fryer!


    This also has a toasting function, but to be honest I just use the air fryer setting for toast now because its so quick!

    Baking, Broiling:

    The baking and broiling function I used to use a lot on my old toaster for baking chicken breasts, for example, broiling for melting cheese, making crostini, etc, but to be honest, I pretty much just use the air fryer function now in lieu of those two settings, again, because its so much faster than traditional baking/broiling methods. However, this model does have those if you want to use them!


    I use the air fryer to reheat anything that was once crispyits absolutely AMAZING for warming up takeout. Youll never cry over soggy fries or wings again! However, I would not use it for reheating anything else that was not once crispy, such as soup, pasta, etc.


    I LOVE the warming feature even when Im not air frying. This comes in really handy if youre cooking things in batches on the stove, or if, say, I make two grilled cheeses and Neal is finishing up something and isnt ready to eat his yet.

    Air fryer crispy tacos are maybe my #1 favorite thing to make in the air fryer. Recipe coming soon!

    Pepperoni Pizza Cooking Results

    Cuisinart Air Fryer Unboxing & Testing French Fries – TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven

    I had to be sure to watch the pizza to keep it from burning! This little oven is quite powerful for its size and the pizza was hot and ready in less than 5 minutes. To check how well it was cooked, I measured the internal temperature to make sure it reached 165° as recommended on the package.

    Before I knew it the pizza was ready! Honestly, Im not accustomed to cooking a frozen pizza. Im impressed.

    To verify the cooking, I measured the internal temperature with a digital thermometer to make sure it reached at least 165° as directed.

    I measured the time it took to cook a perfect frozen pizza, with excellent inside temperature and a crispy crust. In less than 5 minutes I got great results.

    I wont lie to you I bought inexpensive test pizzas and expected results. However, honestly the taste was better than I expected.

    The pizza crust was crunchy and evenly toasted. The cheese and pepperoni were well-cooked and tasted great. If youre a pizza lover and want that delicious, crunchy restaurant-style taste, its an excellent choice.

    Its like a home version of buying a pizza at a dine-in restaurant. Making your own fresh, crisp pizza is also a wonderful feeling. The Cuisinart made it easy and fun for me to do.

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    Other Top Picks Of Air Fryer/toaster Oven Models That You All Loved:

    **Note I did not ask for non combo/air fryer only options so I cannot speak to thosebut there are tons of articles you can google!**


    I LOVE the Breville brand but this one just had more functions than we needed and I didnt want to spend that much. What is pretty cool is that it has a slow cook setting but also I havent used a slow cooker in like three years so again, just not what I needed for my cooking style.

    Ninja Foodi:

    Many of you recommended this version for small spaces, as it flips and can be stored vertically, but knowing me, if I had to haul it out of a cabinet and put it away every time, it was never getting used. Ever. Sothis was not an enticing factor for me personally.

    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review: Cooking Performance

    On test, the Cuisinart scored relatively well across the board, with the exception of frozen French fries. It stood out for its performance on breaded chicken, for which it scored full marks. However, when it came to baking, the Cuisinart performed poorly, overcooking in all our tests. In fact, our initial results were so bad that we tried a second sample to be sure. However, we got only marginally better results in the second oven.

    Theres no preheat setting on the Cuisinart and no suggestions that you preheat the oven before air frying. For some air fried foods, cooking times were on the long side, which suggests preheating is incorporated. To set the oven, you turn one dial to the cooking function and another to your desired temperature. You then either set the timer or, if you want to make toast, turn a dial to a toast setting.

    Cuisinart gives a very practical assessment of the ovens capacity, stating that it can accommodate 3 pounds, toast 4 slices of bread, roast a 4-pound chicken, or bake a 12-inch pizza.

    Using the manufacturers recommendations, we roasted a 3-pound chicken in the baking pan and were rewarded with a moist and tender bird with crackling skin everywhere, but on the bottom. Weve cooked dozens of chickens in pans and ovens of all kinds and its rare to wind up with a browned and crispy bottom skin. Unlike in an air fryer, there was spattering to wipe off the wall of the oven.

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    How To Adjust Air

    You dont need to seek out air-fryer recipes to get great results in a convection toaster ovenany recipe written for a standard oven works. However, if you have your eye on a recipe written specifically for an air fryer but want to prepare it in a convection toaster oven, you have to make some minor adjustments for the best results.

    Generally, if youre following an air-fryer recipe but plan to cook it in a convection toaster oven, you need to increase the cooking time and temperature to compensate for the toaster ovens larger cavity. You dont need to buy an air-frying basketa regular quarter-sheet pan will give you similar air-frying results in a convection oven . Here are some tips for cooking some common dishes in a convection toaster oven.


    • Roasted vegetables: Roast at 425 °F with speed convection for 12 to 20 minutes, tossing halfway through cooking time.
    • Air-fryer pickles: Bake at 425 °F with speed convection for 15 minutes, flipping halfway through cooking time.
    • Hand-cut fries: Bake at 425 °F with speed convection for 40 to 45 minutes, tossing occasionally.
    • Frozen fries: Bake with speed convection at the temperature indicated on the package. You may need to cook them longer than the instructions recommend .

    Meat, poultry, and fish:


    Should You Buy It Final Thoughts & Review Score

    Cuisinart TOA

    Heres my honest opinion: Ive tested a lot of products in my time, but few have improved my quality of life the way the Cuisinart TOA-60 has.

    While I do have a few complaints , and I prefer a nice digital display, in testing the TOA-60 I found it to be a great performer, very easy to use, and I got excellent results.

    The meals I prepared were just as good as take-out food and were much less expensive, too! I loved it so much Ive awarded it my Editors Choice award for being a solid value.

    Based on my test results and the great-tasting food it made the Cuisinart TOA-60 is a fantastic choice for affordable, healthy, and delicious food.

    If you love good food, youll love the Cuisinart TOA-60. Be sure to

    • Features â 8.5/108.5/10

    A great toaster oven and excellent air fryer too, the TOA-60 cooks delicious and crispy food youâll love. Donât pass this one up.

    The Cuisinart TOA-60 is a popular toaster oven that cooks healthy and FANTASTIC-tasting air fried, baked, toasted, and broiled food. Despite cooking food twice as fast and with 1/2 the power of traditional ovens, the results of my tests were nothing short of wonderful.


    • Outside gets very hot during cooking
    • Oven light cant be used with door open
    • No additional colors available
    • More expensive than smaller models
    • No second oven rack included for dual cooking
    • Crumbs can still fall to bottom when tray is used
    • Temp. control not precise like some competitors
    • Timer bell volume is a bit low

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    Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Review: Verdict

    If youre space challenged in the kitchen and want one multitasking product rather than several, the Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven can fill the bill as long as you dont want to use it for baking. Unlike other toaster ovens we tested it cant substitute for a full size oven when it comes to turning out cookies, cake, and even frozen pizza. Although it doesnt air fry quite as well as a dedicated air fryer, it can also be used to make your morning toast and roasts of all kinds.

    The Cuisinart is a good-looking appliance that you wont mind having permanently sitting on your countertop. Its easy to use, but a little challenging to clean. Be wary of how hot the glass door gets through, and make sure its out of reach of children.

    Sharon Franke is a journalist who specializes in testing and writing about kitchen equipment. A thirty-year veteran of the Good Housekeeping Institute, Sharon also worked as a professional chef in New York City restaurants for seven years. In her free time, she is an avid home cook who is in the process of mastering the art of baking sour dough bread.

    The Secret That Makes This Oven Work

    Air frying is accomplished by circulating hot air inside the oven. The Cuisinart air fryer toaster oven has a heavy-duty fan on the top of the unit and inside the oven. So, the hot air reaches every surface of the food you are cooking to create a crispy, golden brown outside.

    As long as you dont overcook your food, it will be tender and juicy inside. Another feature the Cuisinart has is a fan on the inside that circulates and filters the hot air. This means you wont have any nasty cooking odors, like the smell of onions or fish in your home.

    When the oven is set to broil, bake, or toast, it works like any oven, with an overhead heating element that distributes heat over the top of foods. This helps to cook casseroles, bread, and cake perfectly on the inside while giving foods a crusty, golden brown top.

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    How To Determine If An Air Fryer Is Right For You:

    If you already have a full-size oven or toaster oven with a convection setting, OR a convection toaster oven, you likely dont need an air fryer! Neither my big oven nor my toaster oven had a convection setting though, thus, I deemed this was a worthy purchase for me. Another big pro to this vs. using the convection setting on your oven is that it doesnt need to preheat and cooks food much faster.

    A con though, is that obviously, your oven can cook way more food at once. I think this is great for two people but wouldnt cook enough food in one sitting for say, a family of four to all eat the same meal.

    Again, like Ive said above, it really comes down to what kind of cook you are, and what kind of food you like to cook!

    WHEW! You made it to the bottom! Agatha and I are impressed. You deserve a cookie. I hope this was helpful and if you do decide an air fryer is right for you, that it brings you as much joy as it does to me!

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