Hamilton Beach Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven

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Best Kitchen Appliance Gifts For Christmas

Hamilton Beach Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven, 6 Slice Capacity (31220)

Kitchen appliances make fun and practical Christmas gifts. Whether you’re shopping for a busy chef, a foodie, or a new homeowner, an appliance that turns meal prep into a cinch is a thoughtful gift theyre sure to use. Check out this list of popular kitchen appliances to find the perfect gift for anyone on your Christmas list.

Hamilton Beach 1100w Sure

Powerful air circulation for evenly browned food with little to no oil

The Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp Air Fryer Toaster Oven combines Sure-Crisp air frying functionality with the versatility of a classic toaster oven. It’s easy to use â just add food to the mesh basket without overcrowding it, slide it into the oven and place the bake pan underneath. As a toaster oven, it fits 4 slices of toast, a 9″ pizza, an 8″ x 8″ pan or a 9″ x 5″ loaf pan. Two rack positions let you adjust or remove the racks as needed.

  • Powerful air circulation for evenly browned food with little to no oil
  • 4 versatile cooking options for air frying, baking, broiling and toasting
  • 4 slice capacity provides plenty of cooking space
  • Includes metal basket for air frying, bake pan, broil rack and slide-out crumb tray
  • Powerful, fast cooking with 1500 watts

When To Replace Your Toaster Oven

Toaster ovens have an average lifespan of five years, but there are reports of models lasting as long as 20 years. Most come with a one year warranty, although some brands can offer up to three year policies. To keep your toaster oven in good working condition, you must keep it clean especially on the inside. Dirty elements can catch fire or break easily. Another common problem is a handle or door that breaks off. Try to avoid pulling on your toaster ovens handle with excess force or letting the door bang shut to prevent damaging it.

If your machine stops heating and is no longer under warranty, your best bet is to buy a new one. If you do get a repair estimate, and its more than half the price of a new toaster oven, we recommend buying a replacement.

When you shop for a new toaster oven, youll find the latest models are made of stainless steel and will look good on display in your kitchen. They now come with a host of new features to expand their versatility, including air frying, multi-rack cooking, and even slow cooking. While in general more features are found on bigger ovens, even smaller models can now air fry.

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Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven Review: Ease Of Use And Cleaning

There are no electronic controls on this toaster oven. It has three small dials: one to select the cooking function, one to set the oven temperature, and the third to set the cooking time. While it is certainly uncomplicated to operate, the print on the dials is very small and we found it a struggle to read the settings. Plus, as the dial for setting the time is simply a mechanical timer, its hard to set precisely. An oven rack, air frying basket, aluminum baking pan, and slide out crumb tray are included with the oven. There is no light in the oven to let you see how your food is progressing.

When the oven is operating, the glass door becomes excessively hot, reaching temperatures as high as 339.2°F. The Hamilton Beach is the only toaster oven we tested with a door handle that becomes very hot to the touch at a temperature of 146.8 °F. The oven is extremely quiet as it operates with a dBA reading of 50.4 we virtually couldnt hear it when it was running.

None of the parts are coated with a nonstick finish and hand washing is recommended. The aluminum baking pan became quite stained and we werent able to get it completely clean.

The instructions that come with this product are contained in a leaflet. While it thoroughly explains usage, it doesnt include cooking charts, recipes, or tips.

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven Review: Design

#Win a Hamilton Beach Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Rotisserie ...

While the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven has a contemporary brushed chrome housing, it pretty much has the same design as toaster ovens from decades ago. It has a glass door with a small handle on top that opens downward and three dials that serve as controls. At just 9 x 18 x 14 inches, it easily fits under a cabinet and doesnt take up excess countertop space.

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Set The Correct Cooking Time

Rotate the timer dial past 10, then back or forth to the correct cooking time. If you will cook for more than 30 minutes, rotate this dial to the Stay On setting. While turning the dial to the stay on setting, press the buttons on the dials sides.

You may want to turn the food over halfway through the cooking time. After the timer is complete, turn the timer dial to OFF and unplug the unit. You may serve food to your family or hungry guests!

Cleaning The Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Air Fry also has toast bake and broil cooking functions, as weve seen already. It comes with all the necessary accessories, including a metal bake pan, broil rack, and an oven rack. You will take the basket bake pan broil rack and slide them out before cleaning your kitchen appliance and the accessories.

Follow the guidelines below when cleaning your Hamilton Beach toaster oven:

  • Unplug the toaster oven from the wall outlet and allow it to cool completely.
  • Slide all the accessories from the kitchen appliance.
  • Wide the toaster ovens inside walls and glass door with a damp, soapy cloth. Repeat the same process only that this time, you use a damp cloth with no soap. This will rinse off the soap. Repeat the entire process for stubborn stains.
  • Clean the outsides with a damp cloth.
  • You will also clean the accessories with a soft sponge and dish soap. Then rinse off the soap completely before setting the accessories aside to dry.

While cleaning your unit, you want to take precautions. First, dont use a metal scouring pad to clean your unit since it will only ruin the elegant finish and non-stick coating. Also, you want to avoid this cleaning product as pieces could break off from it and harm the electrical parts. Dont use abrasive cleaners to clean your Hamilton Beach toaster oven. A plastic scouring pad could be ideal, especially for stubborn stains.

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Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Toaster Oven How To Use

Hamilton beach sure crisp is a toaster oven to consider having in your kitchen for many reasons. First, it boasts a 6-slice capacity, meaning you could toast six slices of bread for breakfast. It also features the Air-fry convection technology for powerful air circulation. And the result? Evenly cooked food with an even crispy taste!

The Air-Fry technology makes the Hamilton Beach toaster oven stand out since it guarantees evenly browned food despite using little to no oil the perfect technology for healthy cooking! Of course, the cooking capacity is large since you can cook a 12-inch pizza besides cooking 6 slices of toast. And with 4 to 6 cooking functions, you can bake, broil, toast, and air fry your foods with this air fryer toaster oven.

Using a Hamilton Beach Air Fryer toaster oven is easier to use than you might think. If youre looking to use your new Hamilton Beach toaster oven, you have come to the right place! We will take you through the steps for using this versatile kitchen appliance. So, be sure to read on for more information.

  • Toast
  • Broil

Some Hamilton Beach models have additional cooking functions. But they all work similarly, and you can control them the same way. Each cooking function is unique, and we will look at how to use each of them.

Hamilton Beach Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Toaster Oven Demo

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  • Includes air fryer, mesh basket, bake pan, and broil rack
  • Automatic shutoff
  • Six cooking functions: bake, broil, toast, air fry, dehydrate, and convection
  • Measures 15.4″D x 15.1″W x 12.7″H
  • UL listed

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Hamilton Beach Digital Sure

  • Air fryer convection function circulates air powerfully around food for fast, even cooking
  • LCD Screen
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive controls
  • Cooking timer with auto shutoff and stay-on setting with 4 hour auto shutoff
  • Includes metal mesh basket for air frying, bake pan, broil rack, rotisserie accessories and 3 rack positions
  • Slide-out crumb tray

Dimensions :Weight:Finish:Capacity :Features:Mount Type:Includes:Safety and Security Features:Appliance Capabilities:Industry or Government Certifications:Number of Slices:Material:Care & Cleaning:Warranty:TCINEnergy Guide Label Not Required

Switch The Toaster Oven Off

After the sound of the bell, turn the timer dial to OFF. Unplug it and open the glass door to slide out your bread slices or food you have cooked.

The Broil Mode

If you want to have a perfect brown texture on your beef, chicken, or steak, you will choose this cooking function. Also, this cooking mode comes in handy if you want to fish and pork. But first, you will slide the oven rack into the top or bottom rack position. Place the broiling pan below the broil rack to collect any grease dripping from the food. Once youve done all these things, follow the steps below:

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Hamilton Beach Pro Dig Air Fry Toaster Oven With Probe 31243

  • Sure-Crisp® air fry function* circulates air powerfully around food for crispy results
  • 7 versatile settings plus probe for multi-functional cooking
  • Cook family-size meals with extra-large 1 cu. ft. total capacity
  • Premium digital controls for precise cooking
  • Excellent cooking and toasting performance
  • Includes 5 accessories

Dimensions :Weight:Includes:Appliance Capabilities:Industry or Government Certifications:Wattage Output:Care & Cleaning:Warranty:TCINEnergy Guide Label Not Required

The Best Toaster Ovens You Can Buy Today

Hamilton Beach Sure
Reasons to avoid

The Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is a whole lot more than a humble toaster oven. In addition to making toast and heating frozen pizza, it can just about replace your full-size oven for everything from baking cookies to making a roast dinner. Come the holidays, it can handle the biscuits or the sweet potato casserole. Its larger than a typical model and comes with a steep price tag, but with all its capabilities and handsome appearance, we think its worth the countertop space and the splurge.

In addition to the air frying, toasting, baking, and broiling settings found on most toaster ovens, the Breville has ones for slow cooking, dehydrating, proofing, and reheating. It does just about every task well, excelling at roasting a chicken, baking cake, and air frying breaded chicken cutlets. A large LCD screen displays the settings which are selected by using dials and buttons. With brushed stainless steel surfaces, the Breville has a beautiful upscale look. However, it can get excessively hot during cooking the top of the glass window reached temperatures as high as 252°F during our tests. Thankfully, the towel bar handle and controls stay cool enough to touch. Several racks and pans for pizza and baking come with the oven. While they come in handy, youll have to find room to store them when youre not using them. Breville doesnt recommend placing them in the dishwasher and the air fryer rack in particular can take a bit of work to clean.

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Learn More About The Sure


Sure-Crisp Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Rotisserie
Air fry, rotisserie, pizza, toast bake, and broil

Features REFURBISHED ITEM – Hamilton Beach Sure-Crisp Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Rotisserie, Finished: Brushed, FEATURES: 6 versatile settings, Air fryer convection function circulates air powerfully around food for fast even cooking, Easy-to-use intuitive controls, Cooking timer with auto shutoff and stay-on setting with 4 hour auto shutoff, Includes metal mesh basket for air frying, bake pan, broil rack, and 3 rack positions, Slide-out crumb tray, 1500 watts, 31193, Factory RecertifiedAir powerfully circulates for evenly browned food with little to no oil6 versatile cooking options: air fry, rotisserie, pizza, toast bake, and broilPlenty of cooking space: fits a whole rotisserie chicken, a 12″ pizza or 6 slices of toastCooking timer with auto shutoff and stay-on setting with 4 hour auto shutoffIncludes metal mesh basket for air frying, bake pan, broil rack, and 3 rack positionsSlide-out crumb tray

Quarts Digital Air Fryer Oven With Rotisserie

6 appliances in 1 for more versatility in less space

If you want to cook multiple ways but don’t want a cluttered kitchen countertop, you need an appliance that does it all. The Hamilton Beach 11.6 Quarts Digital Air Fryer Oven with Rotisserie is perfect for families who want maximum cooking versatility and need room for preparing large meals. Once you have the Hamilton Beach 11.6 Quarts Digital Air Fryer Oven in your kitchen, youâll find yourself using it every day from breakfast to dinner.

  • 8 one-touch pre-set functions

6 Appliances in 1 for More Versatility in Less Space

The only cooking appliance you’ll ever need on your countertop â with 1700 watts, it’s a powerful air fryer, toaster oven, roaster, pizza oven, dehydrator and sandwich maker all in one.

Easy One-Touch Cooking

One touch is all it takes to air fry, cook, dehydrate or rotisserie a wide variety of food. The 8 one-touch preset functions include French fries, beef, chicken, fish, shrimp, rotisserie, vegetables and dehydrate.

Easy Customizable Cooking Controls

Customize your cooking by manually adjusting the time and temperature up to 60 minutes and 400° F.

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What Are The Best Toaster Ovens

We think the Breville Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro is the best toaster oven for most people. In our tests, this multifunctional oven gave great results, especially for baking and roasting, and it has lots of extras to make it convenient to use.

However, its large and pricey. If youre looking for the best value in a toaster oven, the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven is your best bet. It toasts, bakes, broils, and air fries, but wont take up a lot of countertop space or break your budget.

How We Tested The Best Toaster Ovens

Hamilton Beach Professional Sure Crisp Digital Air Fryer Countertop Toaster Oven Review, Crispy and

To find the best toaster ovens, we tested a range of popular models to determine how well they toast, air fry, bake, and broil as well as how convenient they are to use. To test air frying performance, we cooked both frozen and homemade French fries, Brussels sprouts, chicken wings, and chicken breasts breaded with Panko crumbs. Using the broil setting, we also cooked hamburgers, assessing the browning and juiciness of each patty. We roasted whole chickens in ovens that were large enough to accommodate them, checking the evenness after cooking and the crispiness of the skin. In addition, we baked yellow cakes from a mix, chocolate chip cookies from refrigerated dough, and heated a 12-inch frozen pizza. We added a tablespoon of oil to the made-from-scratch French fries and Brussels sprouts, but otherwise added no other ingredients to any items. Everything was cooked on the setting recommended by the manufacturer until tender, fully baked, or cooked to a safe internal temperature. Each food was evaluated for browning, crisping, and how evenly it cooked as well as how moist and tender it was on the inside.

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Hamilton Beach Air Fryer Sure Crisp Toaster Oven Review: Cooking Performance

When we tested its air fryer functionality, the Hamilton Beach did a good job of crisping and browning breaded chicken breasts. Although Brussels sprouts and frozen French fries didnt come out perfectly, they were crispy enough. However, when it came to homemade French fries and chicken wings, it didnt give much browning and crisping. Broiled hamburgers didnt come out particularly well-seared either. Using the Bake function, we baked a cake and cookies which each came out very dark and, in the case of the cookies, dried out. A frozen pizza cooked up nicely on top, but the bottom crust was soggy in spots. This toaster oven toasted slices of white bread and bagels evenly. So the performance was a little uneven, but satisfactory on certain recipes.

Theres no preheat function on the Hamilton Beach. For some functions, the manufacturer recommends heating the oven for 5 minutes before cooking. However, preheating is not recommended for air frying and some cooking times were longer than on other models as a consequence.

As in other toaster oven air fryers, a shallow basket is provided for air frying food in a single layer. We were very happy with the browning and crisping on breaded chicken breasts. Brussels sprouts and frozen crinkle fries came out lightly browned and crisped. However, neither chicken wings or French fries came out with the kind of results wed expect from fried food.

Hamilton Beach 1800w 10

Powerful for faster cooking â cook full meals in less than 20 minutes

The versatile Hamilton Beach Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven is designed to be powerful for faster cooking. It bakes food 28% faster and uses 60% less energy.* You can cook an entire meal in less than 20 minutes â it’s perfect for quick one-pan meals. This oven has room for all your cooking essentials, from breakfast toast to family dinners, yet has a small footprint on your countertop. It is roomy enough for a 12″ pizza, up to 3 lbs. of chicken wings, or 6 slices of toast.

  • Powerful for faster cooking â cook full meals in less than 20 minutes
  • Intuitive digital display remembers your last setting â lets you cook 10 ways
  • Quickly and evenly brown and crisp foods with air fry mode and 4 air fry presets
  • Room enough to cook a wide variety of foods right on your countertop
  • Includes all the accessories you need to start cooking
  • Packed with useful features to make your life easier, including a digital timer and auto shutoff
  • Easy to clean with slide-out crumb tray

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