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The Bottom Line: Skip The Air Fryer Buy The Toaster Oven

Air Fryer Toaster Oven 26.3 QT/25 L – 10 in 1 Unboxing and Review – VAL CUCINE

But for goodness sake, I implore you one more time to save your wallet, your precious counter space and its aesthetic and stay away from the bulbous, plastic, hard-to-clean, single-serve pod air fryers that everyone seems to be buying and hawking. Do yourself one better and just stick with the classic toaster oven you probably already have, and if you want to use it to air fry, a roasting pan and wire rack is all you need.

Below are convection toasters recommended by our expert home appliance tester and reviewer, James Brains, who is in full agreement that they will serve you far, far better. If you’re still air fryer curious even after all this, I also recommend checking out a multicooker like this one by Instant Pot, which has an air frying feature but can also pressure cook and slow cook.

How To Use An Air Fryer To Prepare Food

An Air Fryer comes with a removable bucket that houses the basket that will sit on top of the drip tray.

To initiate the cooking process, simply pull out the bucket, place your items inside the basket, and push it back inside the Air Fryer. Consequently, adjust the temperature control and timer as required to achieve your desired results.

Whats more? Since the appliances heating elements are only placed on the top side, you may need to shake the basket a couple of times to make sure that your meal will be cooked evenly. This is particularly essential if the ingredients are stacked together.

Ninja Af101 Air Fryer 4 Qt Black/gray

Another recommended air fryer is the Ninja AF101 air fryer. With a great size of 4 quarts and a weight of 4,9 pounds, this is the perfect air fryer for a larger family. Temperature ranges from 105F to 400F. It also comes with a ceramic-coated nonstick basket and crisper plate for better cooking. Y can also use it as a convection oven.

The unit needs some time to preheat before you can start using it ad is perfect for dehydration. All the parts on the air fryer are dishwasher safe and easy to use. It has four programmable cooking options and you can manually control the time of cooking and temperature.


  • Can cook and roast different foods in half the time


  • It needs time to reheat before you can use it

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Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens Of 2021

These top-tested combo ovens can pretty much do it all.

This article was updated in October 2021 to update winners and replace any sold out or discontinued picks, including our previous Best Value pick. We also added new-comers including the Ninja Foodie Smart XL Air Fry Oven, Power XL Air Fryer Grill, June Premium Oven and the Instant Pot Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven. Our picks are still based on most recent tests led by Nicole Papantoniou, deputy director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab.

Air fryer toaster ovens are truly multifunctional, combining the best of air fryers and toaster ovens most can typically bake, roast and broil in addition to air frying to make food super crispy with less oil than traditional frying methods. These do-it-all appliances offer a large cooking space on one or more racks for air frying in a single layer , and some even come with rotisserie attachment for whole chickens and other roasts. That means fresh-made chicken wings in about 20 minutes and crispy, air-fried doughnuts in less than ten.

Here are the best air fryer toaster ovens you can buy in 2021, including picks from testing and brands we trust:

  • Pricey

Dials: Toaster ovens can have digital or mechanical controls. We recommend digital for more precise cooking control when it comes to setting the temperature and timer. If you don’t mind guessing, or keeping an additional timer close by, mechanical dials will save you money.

The Term Air Fryer Is Just A Marketing Ploy For Technology That Has Existed For Decades

Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer White + 1 Year ...

This is a plea, not in condescension, not out of derision or scorn, but for the sake of all things honest and decent in the worldwide web of consumerism. Don’t fall for marketing ploys that clutter your kitchen.

Convection cooking has been around since the early 1900s, and in home kitchens since at least 1945 in the form of your trusty ol’ toaster oven.

With the addition of a wire tray and a metal sheet pan, any decent convection toaster oven will achieve what an air “fryer” can and more. It can bake, roast, and broil, and it can even toast! Oh, the novelty! Further, thanks to the internal fan that prevents hot and cold spots, a convection toaster oven arguably works better than the regular oven.

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Other Air Fryer Toaster Ovens We Reviewed

You pay top dollar for the handsome brushed stainless steel Breville Smart Oven Air but you get a state-of-the-art toaster oven in addition to an excellent air fryer, which consistently cooks up French fries and chicken nuggets that taste fried. Although its large even by toaster oven standards, it can truly replace your oven. Breville claims it can even roast a 14-pound turkey. Plus, it can proof bread, dehydrate and slow cook.

The digital controls are intuitive to program and theres a bright oven light. I do have one major quibble with this product.

The manual doesnt contain any recommendations for what, how much, or how long to cook various foods. This may not be a problem for baking or roasting, but if youre new to air frying, youre on your own as youre getting started. Also, keep in mind all of the parts require hand washing.


  • It’s an air fryer, toaster, and countertop oven

  • Has digital controls

Which Is Better: Air Fryer Or Air Fryer Toaster Oven

You might be wondering if an air fryer toaster oven is the best fit for you, or if a standard air fryer will suffice. First, it might be helpful to talk about the differences between these appliances:

  • Air Fryers: An air fryer is a device that produces a crispy, golden brown exterior using little to no oil, and can help you recreate lighter versions of your favorite fried foods with less grease. They dont technically fry your food, rather, they quickly and evenly circulate hot air around your food, which results in a crunchy outside, while keeping the interior tender and juicy. According to an article by the , air fryers not only reduce the amount of oil used, they also speed up cooking time, dont use a lot of hot oils which can splatter, and are energy-efficient.
  • Air Fryer Toaster Ovens: An air fryer toaster oven combo has the same frying functionality as a standard air fryer, but can also do most anything a full-sized convection oven can do. Theyre often a good deal larger than a regular air fryer, and can include many capabilities, like baking, roasting, broiling even dehydrating! I think of them as ovens that sit on your counter, and in fact, many users say that their air fryer toaster ovens have replaced their standard ovens altogether!

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So What Is A Toaster Oven

A toaster oven works like a traditional oven. In a toaster oven, use the electrical fan inside the oven that cooks food fast. A toaster oven is used to prepare a wide variety of food efficiently. Toaster oven reheats, bakes, broils, toasts, browns, and defrosts a small amount of food. Itâs easy to clean. Itâs the largest kitchen equipment. It is easy kitchen equipment.

Explore Some Of The Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens To Help You Prepare Crisp And Healthy Dishes

Cuisinart Airfryer Toaster Oven Review TOA-65C

If you’re thinking about buying an air fryer, you might be wondering what the difference is betw. Air frying can give your foods the delicious crunch that you typically get with regular frying without the messy oil. Air fryer accessory sets air fryer toaster oven combos air fryers air fryers under $100 compact air fryers electric deep fryers gowise air fryers philips air fryers these are the top products in ai. There are differences between air fryers and convection ovens, and whether you need to buy an air fryer even though you have a already have a convection oven. Explore some of the best air fryer toaster ovens to help you prepare crisp and healthy dishes. So how are the two different? Ready to make your own perfectly crispy, crunchy fried favorites at home without using a whole bottle of oil? Which is also exactly what a convection oven does. Instant pot deals and pressure cooker deals have skyrocketed in popularity among f. Pop up toasters are great for saving space and toasting bread. This versatile appliance creates toast and so much more. By brittany varano bobvila.com and its partners may earn a commission if you purchase a product throug. But if your kitchen counter can’t handle another device, you might want to consider replacing your toaster with an air f.

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How Does Work An Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Simply an air fryer toaster oven does not fry food. Instead, it works more like a convection oven in which hot air circulates. The traditional oven toaster and an air fryer toaster oven look preciously the same. A coil provides you a primary heating source.

In the air fryer toaster oven, the top heating source is a powerful fan that circulates the hot air to keep the temperature constant. Its heating source and the fan cook food fast than a regular oven. Air fryer toaster oven cooks our food with the automatic and preprogrammed cooking setting.

The excellent combination of heat makes food crispy and tasty without oil. If you want to buttered food, you can brush or spray the coil to coat food. Here is the best thing about an air fryer oven is use minimum oil for food. In case you save money monthly. Now let us read the air fryer toaster oven combo reviews.


COSORI Air fryer toaster oven designed in California. It has 12 preset, toaster, bagel, pizza, bake, roast, air fryer, broil, cookies, dehydrate, Rotisries, ferment. The air fryer oven cooks food with a high-speed fan. You can cook food with no or less oil. 30L large capacity enough for 5, 7 people or big family. Fit for a slice of a toaster, a 13-inch pizza, and five pounds of chicken.














Sparkles Inside The Oven

When turning the oven on, you may notice some sparkling inside the cooking chamber. Any damage or breakdown to the insulation may be responsible for this. Note that the insulation can break down after prolonged usage. Wiring complexities inside the stove can also cause sparkling.

How to fix

Since sparkling is a fire hazard, you need to stop using the oven immediately and contact a professional to help you fix it. One of the most probable causes of the issue is wiring complexities, and the technician is likely to suggest changing them.

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Most Air Fryers Are Awkwardly Shaped And Sized

Consider how many batches it would take to cook for even just two, let alone four, in an air fryer. And while the footprint might be a little smaller, it won’t fit as neatly into a corner or beneath a cabinet in the way that a boxier, prettier, and usually stainless-steel convection toaster oven would.

What To Know About Buying Air Fryer Toaster Ovens

Cuisinart White Air Fryer Toaster Oven

A good air fryer toaster oven fits more food than a single-function air fryer, but your food may not turn out as crispy.

These appliances expand the versatility of a toaster oven. Pop-up toasters are great for making, well, toastand that’s about it. Toaster ovens, on the other hand, can handle a whole range of tasks, from toasting four or more slices of toast at once to baking, reheating, and broiling.

Now more and more can also air fry so that with just one appliance on your countertop you can get the functionality of three or more. Some models can also roast on a rotisserie, slow cook, or dehydrate, making them even more useful.

All air fryer toaster ovens are basically convection ovens with fans that operate at a high speed to promote browning and crisping.

They also have some big advantages over dedicated air fryers. In these multitaskers, you can usually cook more food at a time, because its designed to spread the food out in a shallow air fry basket thats the length and width of the ovens interior. Its also easy to monitor cooking through the window and to pull out the basket and stir and flip over items.

However, few air fryer toaster ovens are among the tops at air frying. That means these appliances are for people who prioritize toasting and versatility over air frying. To get good results, you may find you have to extend the cooking time and be vigilant about tossing, flipping over, and rearranging.

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And How About A Convection Toaster Oven

Well, the only difference between a convection toaster oven and a regular toaster oven is that convection models have been supercharged by fans. I know that could be confusing since I pointed out earlier that Air Fryers also essentially use the convection technique to cook their meals.

That said, Air Fryers fans are more powerful, which means the appliance will circulate the heat way more rapidly compared to convection toaster ovens.

In addition to that, an Air Fryer retails with a basket that will allow you to put in a small amount of food. And as you may know, a smaller space equals a more confined space, which means that an Air Fryers fan will only focus its heating in a small space.

Now that you clearly understand what the two products are, let us skip to the main section of the post and look at their main differences.

Best Rated: Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven

With an incredible 4.7-star rating from 3,000 reviews, the Ninja Foodi Digital Air Fry Oven is Amazon’s best-rated device in the category. The powerful 1800-watt appliance has eight different functions, including air roasting, air broiling, baking, and dehydrating, as well as a sizable 13-by-13-inch capacity. Its precision-controlled temperature, heat source, and airflow warms up the machine in just 60 seconds, meaning you can have a family-sized dinner on the table in under 30 minutes.

Additionally, the Ninja Foodi is particularly great for cooks tight on counter space. When not in use, it easily flips on its side to store flush against the kitchen backsplash. A reviewer said, “The option to ‘fold’ the oven up on my counter was the biggest selling feature. I didn’t want a large pot/air fryer taking up valuable counter space. This takes up such a small footprint and gives me back space in my small kitchen when I’m not using it.”

Buy it: $199.99

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Our Picks For Toaster Ovens: Cuisinart Airfryer Convectional Toaster Oven

The Cuisinart Airfryer is more than just an air fryer. This is also a conventional toaster oven. Making it so much better to use and more versatile than just the air fryers. Its a 16-liter air fryer, so its perfect for larger families. It has a total of 1800 watts and has 7 different functions. You can choose between air fry, convectional bake, convectional broil, broil, bake, warm, and toast.

When you are buying this air fryer you can choose between 5 different colors. You can choose between silver, white, navy, copper, and black stainless steel. In total it has a weight of 21 pounds and a size of 15. 50 x 16. 00 x 14. 00 inches. You can toast 6 slices of bread, or air fry 3 pounds of chicken wings in the fryer.

The air fryer comes with an adjustable thermostat with a 60-minute auto-shutoff. Included with the fryer are the oven rack, baking pan, and Airfryer rack and basket.


  • Toaster, oven, and air fryer, all in one
  • Comes in 5 different colors


  • Cleanup might be harder

Cosori Air Fryer Max Xl

Black and Decker Crisp ‘n Bake Air Fryer Toaster Oven Unboxing TO3215SS

When you are purchasing the Cosori air fryer, you are actually buying an XL fryer that can be used by a larger family. The capacity of the air fryer is 5,8 quarts and weighs 11,9 pounds. What is making this fryer so great, is the 13 one-touch features that it has.

It can hold a 5pound chicken, and fries for a large family. You can choose between three different colors, black, red and white. This is only an air fryer and has a shake reminder and a preheat setting. However, it still has 13 cooking settings like cooking meat, veggies desserts, and other foods to perfection.The basket is made from non-stick and is dishwasher and BPA free. Making cleaning the basket a lot easier and faster.


  • Includes a recipe book with 100 recipes
  • 13 cooking functions
  • Large enough for a 5-pound chicken


  • This is only an air-fryer and not an oven as well

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Also Great: A Pair Of Silicone Oven Gloves

Having a great pair of oven mitts that can withstand high temperatures is always a smart idea. These oven mittens protect your hands from temperatures of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit and are available in a variety of colors and two lengths so you can find the perfect pair for your needs. These washable silicone oven gloves couldnt be easier to clean. They also come with a textured handle design so you can easily grab any hot pan or dish without worrying about it slipping out of your hands. These gloves have received more than 16,000 Amazon reviews and a brilliant overall rating of 4.8 stars.

According to one reviewer: I can lift a hot casserole straight out of the oven, straight from a 450-degree toaster without a program onto a tray of tater tots. My big hands fit comfortably in these gloves. They are surprisingly flexible and grip very well. Highly recommended, just like the many 5 star reviews suggest!

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