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An Air Fryer Doesnt Actually Fry Food

Cooking with Cosori Air Fryer Toaster Oven

Lets get one thing straight right off the bat: Air frying isnt the same thing as deep frying. Air fryers are really mini convection ovens that use a fan to rapidly circulate hot air, cooking food faster and more evenly than a conventional oven would. Convection has been around for more than a century. The first commercially sold convection ovens were developed by the W.L. Maxson Corp. in the 1940s as a way to reheat frozen food for airplanes. And they worked much the same as todays air fryers and convection toaster ovens do: A small fan inside the oven circulates hot air around the food to cook it, crisping the outside in a way that mimics deep frying. But your tastebuds will tell you that the flavor and texture of air-fried food arent anything like those produced by traditionally deep-fried food. .

Best 6 Air Fryer Rotisserie Toaster Oven Combos To Use 2021

Looking to add an air fryer toaster oven with rotisserie to your kitchen space?

In that case, be sure to check out the 6 reviewed models in this article!

We have chosen and reviewed dehydrator, convection, combo, pizza, and big models available on the market so that you can find the toaster oven with multiple settings that work the best for you. Alongside that, in this article, you can also learn about technical specifications and features to keep in mind when buying such a product to get the one tailored to your needs.

Soing Air Fryer Oven Xl


The Soing Air Fryer Oven XL might look like some sort of Star Wars trash-can droid, but it is so much moreit can grill, toast, fry, bake, roast, reheat and dehydrate. The oven has the 8-in-1 designation as well, which means fewer kitchen appliances to clog up the counter. Theres not much you cant fit in this device, unless you are planning roasting a whole pig. In which case, you are doing it wrong.

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Instant Pot Vortex Pro 9

The Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven gives you all the great flavors of deep-fried cooking, without the oil, mess, and extra calories. You can save kitchen space by using this single device that can air fry, roast, and more!

Its 1-step even-crisp technology allows you to achieve a crispy outside and tender inside food. The device never disappoints whether you tumble-fry in the rotating basket or roast chicken rotisserie-style.

It does this so excellently by circulating super-hot air around your food so it cooks evenly and locks in moisture giving you the crispy and golden texture you are always looking for.

With little to no preheating time, you can whip up your meal in half the time it takes a conventional oven to do so. Both cooking trays fit in the cooking chamber so you can maximize your cooking.

The stainless-steel exterior allows it to be easily cleaned by wiping. Lastly, parts such as the drip pan, rotisserie basket, and rotisserie spit are all dishwasher-safe.

Best Choice Products 169qt 1800w 10

Bella Pro Series 4
14.5 x 13 x 15.25 inches
  • Make sure this fitsby entering your model number.
  • 16.9QT EXTRA-LARGE CAPACITY: Enough space to fit whole chickens, turkeys, and other family-sized meals! Pull-down door with a large window makes it easy to monitor food without interrupting the cooking process by letting heat out
  • ALL-IN-ONE, 10 PRESETS: Pre-set cooking options vary from meat to baked goods and much more, viewable on the LCD touchscreen display. 12 accessories include wire racks, a skewer rack set, even a rotating basket!
  • SAFE, VERSATILE COOKING: ETL-listed for safety, with FDA-grade material that averts unwanted aftertastes. Also has a dehydration timer up to 24 hours and temperature control between 90-400 degrees F, with an auto shutoff function to prevent overcooking and overheating.
  • POWERFUL, FAST, HEALTHY: 1800W motor helps to efficiently cook food in the healthiest way possible by cutting over 85% of fats, while an included baking tray also acts as a drip tray to catch any excess oil
  • 9 RECIPES INCLUDED: Delicious sample recipes include classic spicy fries, corn on the cob, spicy shrimp, fried squid, chicken wings, pork chops, lamb chops, lamb kebabs, and chicken nuggets! OVERALL DIMENSIONS: 14.5″ x 13″ x 15.25″ Max Capacity: 16L

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Instant Vortex Pro Air Fryer Oven 9 In 1 With Rotisserie 10 Qt

While were on the topic of all-in-one air fryers, it would be a crime to leave out this absolute wonder from Instant. You may have come here looking for a rotisserie function, but youre not leaving without a host of others: broil, roast, toast, bake, proof, reheat, and dehydrate!

This little machine is primed and ready to allow you to produce any sort of dish you can think of. Preparing a quick breakfast for the kids? Planning a romantic date involving some delicious rotisserie chicken? Baking a cake for your nephew or niece? All youll need is this one machine.

But the main reason why this little guy ended up on our list is because of its highly impressive rotisserie function. The Instant Vortex Pro is equipped with the brands innovative Even-Crisp technology, which takes rotisserie cooking to another level. Although that oil-fried crisp will be hard to replicate for any air fryer, this one comes pretty close.

We love the control panel on this machine as well, with its clearly marked buttons and sleek, bright display. Activating pre-sets on this thing is as easy as pressing a button! Plus, with its 10-quart capacity, this air fryer is the perfect companion for any medium- to large-sized family.

Gowise Usa Gw77723 116

From GoWise comes our next pick in multi-functioning air fryers, and this one is a true delight. With an impressive 11.6 quart capacity in a compact yet feature-packed body, this machine is certainly going to appeal to those of you who came to this article searching for the best air fryer toaster oven.

Equipped with 8 pre-set cooking programs, this air fryer is super easy to use no matter what your level of cooking experience. Plus, its sleek and accessible touch-screen control panel allows you to adjust the cooking time and temperature with ultimate ease, so you can cook according to your specific needs and preferences.

And yes, that does mean you can cook anything you want! With a toaster, baking oven, rotisserie, and dehydrator function, this little guy will allow you to realize all of your culinary dreams. And dont worry if you like hosting dinners, because you can feed up to 6 people with the help of this air fryer.

Furthermore, thanks to the thoughtfulness of GoWise, you wont have to worry at all about painstakingly finding the right cooking accessories. Should you choose this air fryer, your purchase will include a rotisserie tong, drip, pan, skewer, and three mesh trays. Although we do wish that the components were dishwasher safe, we cant find anything else to possibly complain about with regards to this nifty little machine.

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Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer

Price: $$$

Despite being more compact than others on this list, the Cuisinart Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer can still cook up to two racks of food at once.

You can also choose between conventional bake and broil or convection-powered bake and broil.

Additionally, it comes with a spray bottle for oil so that you can easily add the small amount you need for air frying.

Just keep in mind that several reviewers note that the oven runs hot, so youll want to keep a close eye on your food to keep it from burning.

How To Choose The Best Air Fryer Oven

Black & Decker Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Rotisserie on QVC

Choosing the best air fryer oven comes down to three main factors capacity, price, and additional features.

Those cooking for larger households or who want to cook multiple foods at once should consider one of the larger options, such as the Kalorik oven listed above.

Keep in mind that most air fryer ovens on this list range in price from $100$300. If you have a low budget, your options may be limited.

Finally, youll want to consider additional features. Many products are large enough to cook whole chickens rotisserie-style and come with the accessories to do so. Likewise, many have a temperature setting low enough to use them as a dehydrator.

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Innsky Air Fryer Oven 10

This Multifunctional Air fryer oven is from Innsky, and it is specially designed in a smooth and tidy way for a better user experience. The outer part of the machine is made with sturdy stainless steel to offer long-lasting performance. Also, the plastic component of the air fryer is BPA-free and never creates any health-hazard.

Most interestingly, it comes with double-layer capabilities combining multiple tasks at the same time. Besides, it is ideal for big families because of its updated features.

However, compared with other fryers, this one is the best air fryer with dehydrator & Rotisserie to choose from for many reasons. Multiple tasks like frying, grill, pizza, dehydrating, toasting, and almost everything can be done in quick time with this powerful oven.

Moreover, having an extra-large capacity and offering a wide range of temperatures varying from 150 to 400 makes it super convenient for professional cooks.

Additionally, it is extremely easy to clean and can be operated safely. Ten preset menus allow you to choose your desired dish and make it perfect and yummy. Cooking becomes fun as this wizard takes overheating and overcooking issues out of the equation for all.

It also ships with six extra accessories for crafting newer recipes on the go. Furthermore, Innsky 360 hot air circulation allows preparing more delicious and crunchy foods which are safe for health.

How To Choose The Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

One of the most significant advantages of buying an air fryer toaster oven is that it allows people to enjoy their regular fried food like nuggets or fries guilt-free.

The hot air circulation replaces excessive oil usage and converts your daily meals into healthy ones by retaining the taste and flavors.

However, the numerous variants available in the market make it hard for you to decide on a suitable air fryer toaster oven.

Dont worry because we have compiled a list of features to guide you in buying one of the best air fryer toaster ovens. These are:


Its the main deciding factor, which is based on your family size. You can opt for a smaller air fryer toaster oven if you are a family of two or three people. However, if you love to host weekend parties for your friends and family, its a good idea to go for a higher-capacity air fryer toaster oven.


Many air fryer toaster ovens come with preset cooking options in addition to the standard temperature regulator. These provide convenience, especially to beginners who dont know what time and temperature to set for a particular meal.

Moreover, these preset cooking settings range from the basic five options to 12 in specific models.


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Buying Guide To Buy Best Rotisserie Toaster Ovens

There are a variety of other considerations to remember when you browse your choices, in addition to deciding the right kind for your particular needs and lifestyle. These variables are listed below to help you find the right rotisserie for your needs.


In general, the price discrepancies between different models arent significant, but we suggest that you prioritise a rotisserie that is better fit for the types of uses and features you like, rather than a rotisserie that is cheapest.


Nobody wants to waste a few hundred bucks on a commodity that can only last a year or two. Choosing a company with a strong reputation in the industry and a style with positive feedback would help you choose a rotisserie that will last. Some rotisseries often provide a warranty. If you want a rotisserie that will last for a long time, look for a company that is able to make that commitment and stand behind its product for years to come.


When it comes to scaling, you have two options to consider: the size of the things you want to prepare in your rotisserie and the room you have available in your kitchen.


The appearance of your rotisserie is obviously not at the top of your priority list, but with something that will be sitting on your kitchen counter full time , its a nice bonus if it looks amazing. You should aim for a style that complements your kitchens decor or other appliances.



Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens Of 2021

Costway 12

These top-tested combo ovens can pretty much do it all.

This article was updated in October 2021 to update winners and replace any sold out or discontinued picks, including our previous Best Value pick. We also added new-comers including the Ninja Foodie Smart XL Air Fry Oven, Power XL Air Fryer Grill, June Premium Oven and the Instant Pot Omni Plus Air Fryer Toaster Oven. Our picks are still based on most recent tests led by Nicole Papantoniou, deputy director of the Good Housekeeping Institute Kitchen Appliances Lab.

Air fryer toaster ovens are truly multifunctional, combining the best of air fryers and toaster ovens most can typically bake, roast and broil in addition to air frying to make food super crispy with less oil than traditional frying methods. These do-it-all appliances offer a large cooking space on one or more racks for air frying in a single layer , and some even come with rotisserie attachment for whole chickens and other roasts. That means fresh-made chicken wings in about 20 minutes and crispy, air-fried doughnuts in less than ten.

Here are the best air fryer toaster ovens you can buy in 2021, including picks from testing and brands we trust:

  • Pricey

Dials: Toaster ovens can have digital or mechanical controls. We recommend digital for more precise cooking control when it comes to setting the temperature and timer. If you don’t mind guessing, or keeping an additional timer close by, mechanical dials will save you money.

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Buying Guide For Air Fryers


Buying an air fryer with a rotisserie is going to be an investment and does not come cheap. You can get a fairly inexpensive air fryer but when you want to have special functions such as a rotisserie, you should be prepared to pay a little more. The product comes in a wide price range so be sure to find the best bang for your buck one!


If you want to fry french fries for the family or roast a whole chicken, make sure the fryer you choose can handle the amount of food you want to cook. If you have limited counter space, also look for one that doesnt eat a lot of space.


The ability to cook a variety of dishes goes hand in hand with a wide cooking range. If the fryers can achieve higher temperatures, they can generally cook faster and brown foods more easily. This is perfect for food such as wings and fries.

Best Overall: Cuisinart Toa

The Cuisinart TOA-60 Convection Toaster Oven Air Fryer is a perfect choice for large families with its seven cooking functions.

Cooking Functions

You can easily choose from seven cooking functions, including air fry, convection bake, bake, convection broil, broil, warm, and toast.


The air fryer measures around 15.5 x 16 x 14 inches with 21 pounds of weight.

Unfortunately, it comes with old-fashioned knobs at the top instead of a touchscreen display.

The best thing is that the oven rack and fryer basket are dishwasher safe.

Automatic Shut-off

This smart oven allows you to set the temperature along with the 0-60 timer option. The timer saves you from continuously monitoring the food progress.

It comes with an automatic shut off function to save your food from overcooking.

It also comes with an interior light so that you can easily monitor the cooking progress without opening the door.


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The 10 Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens For 2021 From Consumer Reviews

by Brian HebertAug 19, 2021

Do you want to buy an air fryer toaster oven to cook healthy and delicious meals for your family? If your answer is yes , read along to find out detailed reviews about the 10 best air fryer toaster ovens Consumer Reviews for 2021.

The latest hot air circulation technology has replaced our traditional deep oil frying technique to reduce calories and fat. Not only that, you save a lot of your monthly budget present on buying cooking oil.

Best Convection Air Fryer Toaster Oven With Rotisserie

Rotisserie Turkey Breast, Cosori Smart Air Fryer Toaster Oven Recipe

Hamilton Beach Sure Crisp Toaster Oven

6 Cooking Presets This Hamilton Beach Sure Crisp air fryer toaster oven with rotisserie features a large glass door that allows you to take a peek inside during baking without interrupting the cycle and letting any warm air out. It offers 6 versatile settings on the large digital display. To set up a cooking program, you will have to use the turn-style function control knob.

Adjustable Time & Temp Besides choosing among the available presets, you can also choose the oven temperature and set the cooking timer by using the control knobs dedicated to these settings. Inside the oven, there are three rack positions perfect for accommodating different-sized foods.

Included Content To be able to air fry, you will get a mesh air frying basket. A broil rack and a baking pan are also included and fit the inside of the oven perfectly. To cook fast and evenly, heated air is circulating the oven cavity, delivering air fried foods while using little to no oil. If you set the cooking timer, it will automatically turn the oven off once the time is up.

6-Slice Oven The 6 available programs include toast, air fry, rotisserie, bake, broil, and pizza. If you want to prepare breakfast for your family, you will be able to toast 6 bread slices simultaneously. Besides that, the 6-slice convection toaster oven can also fit in a whole chicken for rotisserie, or bake a 12-inch pizza.

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