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Best Air Fryer 2022 The Only 3 You Should Consider Today

As a senior staff writer at Wirecutter, Ive researched, tested, and reviewed toasters, toaster ovens, and deep fryers, among other kitchen gear and gadgets, since 2016. Ive spent more than 250 hours over the past four years researching and testing air fryers for this guide. In that time, Im pretty sure Ive eaten more fish sticks and french fries than the Gortons Fisherman and Ronald McDonald combined.

What Exactly Is An Air Fryer

If you’re sorta, kinda not sure what an air fryer even is or why they’ve become so popular, let’s start there. The trendy air fryer is a fairly simple cooking machine that employs extremely hot, fast circulating air to flash-roast food inside of a contained frying basket. While there’s generally no or very little oil used, the results can be similar to that of traditional frying in that food comes out crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.

Air fryers heat up fast, cook quickly and make healthier versions of traditionally fatty fried foods, so what’s not to love? But it’s not just healthy versions of bar snacks. I use my air fryer for cooking skin-on chicken thighs to crispy perfection, veggies including mushrooms, pork chops, peppers, onions, and even seafood — namely shrimp, scallops and filets of fish. And because most air fryer baskets are nonstick, cleanup is often as simple as a quick spritz and wipe with a soapy sponge. Many are dishwasher safe too.

Starting to see the appeal?

We retested some of our favorites and put a few new models through their paces.

What Are The Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo In 2022

Having two separate appliances when you really need one waste a lot of space, money and it can make your kitchen look cluttered.

If youre trying to eat healthier and are limited to your microwave ovens size and budget, then a Microwave Air Fryer Combo is the way to go.

In this article, I have compiled a list of some of the Best Microwave Air Fryer Combo that you can find in the market today.

In addition, I have included the unique characteristics of each microwave to enable you to choose the best fit.

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What Can I Cook In An Air Fryer

A good air fryer can also be used as an oven to bake, broil and help cook meats, casseroles, or even desserts. They are, of course, limited by their size and dont offer any advantage here over a traditional oven. But if you use your oven for storage, it tends to heat up the kitchen, or you often wish you had an extra oven, these countertop appliances can come in handy.

One thing to know: These kitchen tools are big and oddly shaped, so they take up a lot of countertop space and arent easy to store.

Bottom line: If you find crispy foods irresistible but want to avoid the fat, this might be just what you’re looking for.

Some popular cooking options include:

  • Vegetables you like to roast, such as potatoes, brussels sprouts, carrots, and squash
  • Meat dishes, such as battered chicken, bacon, burgers, and hot dogs
  • Frozen foods like chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks, tater tots, onion rings, and french fries
  • Baked goods such as donuts, fritters, and funnel cake

Is An Air Fryer Bad For Your Health

5 Best Air Fryers for the Money in 2021 [Reviewed ...

Are air fryers healthy to use? Indeed they are! In fact, they offer the same quality oil-free cooking as a traditional convection oven but with reduced cost & hassle.

Because they cook air including crisping the surface of food using hot air, air fryers are a very healthy way to cook food.

You might not be aware of it but many fast food restaurants reuse dirty cooking oil for several days! Thats correct when foods are fried you could be eating food contaminated with several days worth of food fat residue and other matter.

Thats one reason fried foods often have a dull, somewhat odd flavor. Fried foods with fresher shortening or oil are better in flavor but still arent as healthy.

Fried foods may be crispy and crunchy, but theyre saturated with oil inside and out! Unfortunately because of that, youll be eating a lot of fats or grease that just arent good for you can also cause you to put on the pounds.

Air fryers completely avoid all of this.

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Best Air Fryer 2021 For All The Flavour With Way Less Fat

The best air fryers mean that suddenly, chips and fried chicken are good for you

YV970840 Actifry Genius XL 2in1
Foodi Dual Zone Air Fryer AF300UK
the Combi Wave 3 in 1
Hobbs Express Air Fry Mini Oven

ByRob Clymolast updated 30 November 21

The best air fryer is a revolutionary gadget that literally allow you to have your fried ‘cake’ by which we mean chips and other food you’d usually deep fry and eat it too. An air fryer uses hot air combined with just a teaspoon of oil in order to produce the delicious crispy food we all know and love.

For those of you who are sceptical yes we know it doesnt taste quite the same as food cooked in a deep fat fryer, and essentially air fryers are heavily scaled down versions of the fan ovens you’ll find in our guide to the best ovens. However, one of the best air fryer models is still worth a purchase, especially if space is at a premium or you are not a confident cook.

Giving reduced health risks on some of your favourite foods, the best air fryers are increasingly popular with families, communal households and anyone who enjoys eating chips on a regular basis. This guide to the best air fryer has links out to our air fryer reviews, so you can delve deeper into the exciting world of lower-fat frying. Bon appetit!

Cuisinart Air Fryer Toaster Oven $230

This Cuisinart appliance isnt just a toaster over, but it also features a built-in air fryer. Say hello to baking, broiling, toasting and, of course, frying. And if you dont believe us, the 20,300+ positive reviews may convince you otherwise.

It does everything, wrote one reviewer, and that couldnt be more true.

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Best Air Fryers In 2021 Tested And Rated

USA 3.7 Quart 8-in-1 Air Fryer
Smart Oven Air Fryer Pro
Foodi 2 Basket Air Fryer
Foodi 10-in-1 XL Pro Air Fry Oven DT201
6 Quart Digital Air Fryer
Pot 6 Quart Vortex 4 in 1 Air Fryer Oven
Digital Countertop Oven With Air Fryer
Brio 6 Quart Digital Air Fryer
TurboFry 3.5L Analog Air Fryer

The best air fryers will produce crisp and tender results quickly and conveniently. It should be easy to program ideally with presets so you dont have to guess the time, and you shouldnt be left wondering how to clean an air fryer, as it should offer dishwasher-safe components. While the results arent the healthiest, its still healthier than using a deep fryer and tastes just as good.

These appliances are much more versatile than youd think as well, particularly if you opt to buy one of the best toaster ovens. In that case, as well as air fry, you can bake, roast and toast, opening up endless recipe possibilities. But which air fryer should you buy? Weve put nine air fryers and five toaster ovens to the test to help you decide. And here are the results.

How Does An Air Fryer Work

Want the BEST AIR FRYER?! 2021 Air Fryer Buying Guide

Air fryers don’t fry food in the traditional sense. Instead of oil, air fryers use hot air to crisp and brown foods. All air fryers contain a heating mechanism and fan that keeps the heated air circulating around the food. The process is similar to a convection oven.

Air fryers contain a perforated or mesh basket that allows air to move around the food for even cooking. The only downside to this design is you can only air fry breaded foods since battered foods would drip through the perforated air fryer basket.

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How Air Fryers Work

An air fryer is a small benchtop oven that circulates hot, dry air to produce crispy food, much like a wall oven in fan-forced mode. Just like with an oven, food being cooked in an air fryer needs to be regularly rotated or shaken to ensure even browning. There are three different ways this is achieved, depending on the design of your air fryer:

Pull-out drawer

Models with a pull-out drawer and basket require manual shaking every five minutes or so to ensure even cooking. Most models don’t have a timer or alert to remind you to shake your food, so you’ll need to make an effort to remember this yourself. These models are best for foods you would normally shallow fry or grill such as grilled fish, chicken, meat balls, baked vegetables and crumbed foods.


Self-stirring air fryers have a paddle that gradually stirs the food around the bowl throughout the cooking process. This eliminates the need to manually shake the food, but some models stir better than others and it’s still possible to end up with unevenly browned food or items that have been bent or distorted by the stirrer. These models are best for foods that are usually deep fried, shallow fried or baked such as small portions of meat, baked vegetables or chips. Some models may come with an extra bowl without a paddle suitable for roasting meats or even baking a cake.

Rotating basket multi cooker

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The Best Air Fryer In 2022

Shopping for an air fryer the small kitchen appliances that claim to re-create the crispy, crunchy taste of fried foods, without the oil and fats used in traditional deep fat frying can be a confusing endeavor when you consider all the options out there. Not to mention the sheer number of opinions on whether or not theyre actually as convenient as they say they are.

So to see which air fryers perform the best, and which might be best for certain users, we put nine models to the test, running them through a comprehensive evaluation process. We selected three top choices that did a great job with our test recipes and impressed us with their features and construction, so regardless of your cooking needs, budget requirements or storage space, you should find an option that works for you.

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When To Replace Your Air Fryer

An air fryer will last for as long as you take care of it. There are reports of some breaking within a few months, while others last up to eight years. Most brands will offer around three years of warranty. The best way to extend the life of your air fryer is to keep it clean and wash it thoroughly between each use. If you hand wash the basket and avoid using metal tools, the non-stick finish wont take damage this is one of the most common problems with air fryers.

Another common complaint is the handle breaking away from the basket. The answer to this, once again, is washing by hand, as being exposed to the high temperatures within a dishwasher wont help the plastic. Try not to pull on the handle with too much force during everyday use as well. If your air fryer malfunctions, and its not under warranty, its best to replace it. If you request a repair quote, and find its more than half the price of a new air fryer, we recommend replacing the model.

Check out more of our appliance coverage:

Best Overall: Philips Avance Xxl Twin Turbostar Air Fryer

The best air fryer for the money  Hair Care Master ...

When it comes to dedicated air fryers, it seems the original name still reigns supreme. Philips created the air fryer in 2010 and has been updating it ever since. Today, the brand’s patented TurboStar technology is now the Twin TurboStar featured in the Avance XXL, and its one of the best if not the best air flow mechanisms to ensure crispness and uniform cooking.

Another prominent feature on the XXL is the size. It may sound disappointing that the capacity is only 4 quarts, but the XXL maximizes that space with a square basket that makes it easy to brown multiple items evenly at the same time. Its also deep enough to stack a second rack and cook two dishes at once. Since cooking that much food requires more power, the Avance uses a bit more energy than regular fryers, helping it maintain heat better as well.

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W Score is a 0 to 10 ranking system developed by our expert team and assessed by AI Consumer Report based on available data. As a result, this rating is unsponsored and neutral.

This approach applies several mathematical calculations and algorithms based on W Boot, which gets data from the internet automatically.

In case you are questioning, W Boot examines and evaluates:

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Tefal Actifry Genius Xl 2

Best air fryer for versatility

Pros: Versatile multi-dish cooking

Cons: Takes a lot of space up on the countertop

Star rating: 4.5/5

The distinctive dome of the Tefal ActiFry has evolved into this multi-level cooker, which can be programmed to remind you when to add different menu components.

Other fryers have baskets that allow the fat to drain away not this one. Any oil will collect on the doughnut-shaped tray at the bottom, with a central paddle that turns, to ensure food is slowly coated in the oil.

You can get amazingly good results with very little oil, so its still far healthier than deep frying or even baking on a sheet in the oven, where more fat is needed to cover the surface.

Another container for the likes of meat or fragile fish fillets can then be added over the central stalk, to double up cooking space. And you can see it all through a giant window so dont have to lose heat by opening the lid to check on progress.

Although it took a bit of exploration with the manual, the pre-sets and settings are easy to use when you get the hang of the touch controls. Read our full Tefal Genius ActiFry 2-in-1 air fryer review.

Available from:

Best air fryer for making chips


  • No automatic pause when checking cooking
  • Recipe card cooking times can take too long

Star rating: 4/5

This model can also dehydrate herbs and fruit, and even make beef jerky if you’re feeling adventurous.

Available from:

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Budget Pick: Cosori Pro Air Fryer

May be out of stock

The Cosori Pro Air Fryer was the best pod-shaped model we tested for under $100. Although the Cosoris 3.7-quart capacity is slightly larger than that of the Philips Premium Airfryer HD9741/96, it doesnt cook as evenly, but considering its relatively low price, we think its results were good enough. The Cosoris many preprogrammed settings werent as accurate as those of the Philips, eitherwe preferred using the manual controls for selecting the time and temperature instead. Like the Philips, the Cosori has a square-shaped basket that fits more food than the round baskets in other models. The Cosori also comes with a recipe booklet, which is helpful if youre new to cooking with convection technology.

Like the Philips, the Cosori has a removable basket to hold your food while it cooks. We prefer this design to the removable trays of a lot of newer models, because trays tend to fall out when you flip the bucket upside down to transfer food to a platethis was the case with the Ninja AF101 Air Fryer we testedand when the tray comes flying out, it could potentially cause burns. We also like that the Cosori has a plastic guard that covers the baskets release button , which prevents you from inadvertently pressing it while shaking your food. Without the guard, its easier to accidentally press the button, which would release the bucket and send it crashing onto the floor.

Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Which is the Best Air Fryer? Non-toxic, affordable, & family-friendly models

Donna Currie is a cookbook author who reviews products and writes roundups for The Spruce Eats. Currently, she has no less than five air fryers in her house. She’s partial to air fryers that have multiple functions and her go-to right now is the Ninja Foodi because she likes the pressure cooker option.

This roundup was updated by Sharon Lehman, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist who happily makes space for any gadget that make cooking faster and easier. She has tested and reviewed several air fryers for The Spruce Eats, including the Chefman TurboFry Air Fryer and Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer 360 on this list.

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Is The Best Value

It depends on your priority. If you want a multi-functioning air fryer at the best price, then there are so many options out there. But is multi-functioning feature sufficient to say it is a good quality air fryer? Of course, no. Therefore, after you make a primary shortlist, you have to look for other qualities as well such as basket size, temperature range, control panel, and so on.

Our Final Opinion About The Innsky 55sa1us Air Fryer

The Innsky air fryer has excellent value for its price. Though the display is a bit busy with individual buttons for eery function, it makes this unit very easy to use so even beginners can figure it out quickly. Plus, it has a variety of features that will please novice and seasoned air fryers alike.

The Customizable AlternativeUltrean

The Ultrean air fryer is very easy to use with minimalist controls and several user-friendly features and functions to make air frying your foods with custom settings that much easier. If you want to customize your temperature without pre-sets for cooking and dont want to overcomplicate things, this is a great choice.

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