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What Foods Can Be Cooked With An Air Fryer

PFOA Free Nonstick Fry Pans and Cookware

The air fryer is a highly versatile kitchen appliance that can be used to cook more foods than people expect.

Essentially, if the meal you have in mind can be cooked in the oven or on the stove, it can usually be made in the air fryer as well.

Here are some of the foods you can prepare with an air fryer:

  • All foods that you can bake, roast, grill or fry.
  • All foods that require light flour or bread crumb coating, usually for frying purposes. This includes many vegetables and meats.
  • Frozen foods such as chicken nuggets and frozen french fries, and home-prepared meals. Even if they do have different cooking instructions, they are still safe to cook with an air fryer.

Xtrema Cookware Best 100% Ceramic

Xtrema is a US-based company founded by three kitchen-passionate friends.

They focus mainly on manufacturing products entirely made from ceramic, which helps distributes heat optimally in all pots and pans.

You can cook worry-free with Xtrema cookware, as it passes all stringent California Prop 65 testing, as well as third party leach testing, and they publish their results here.

Their eco-friendly cookware includes different types of ceramic skillets, saucepans, stockpots, teapots, bowls, bakeware, and a lot more.

Best Skillet Xtrema 7-inch Covered Ceramic Skillet

Xtrema 100% ceramic skillet with cover check price at Xtrema

One of the brands best-sellers is the 7-inch Traditions Covered Skillet. It is a revolutionary, textured frying pan made of 100% ceramic.

The skillet evenly distributes heat and is great for frying, searing, and browning your food without burning off harmful chemicals in the process.

wont produce any kind of fumes

It can also be used on the grill or in the microwave as well, and it is scratch-proof.

Xtrema Ceramic SkilletBest warranty and price on the official site

Philips Turbo Star Teflon Free Air Fryer 18 Lb Digital Interface Technology

So, this Philips airfryer without Teflon uniquely employs turbo star technology that isunbeatable in yielding evenly fried food. Thats why even if there are piles offood and you dont shake them during the cooking cycle. The hot air flowskillfully turns your raw food into an even golden-brown color. To clarify, thereal legend is turbo star technology that exposes whole food to the circulatingair.

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How Can You Find Out If Your Air Fryer Contains Teflon

Most modern air fryers will have information about PTFE or PFOAs in their marketing material. They wont refer to Teflon as this is a trademark and they dont want Dupont chasing them for various legal reasons

If your manufacturer doesnt mention anything, you can simply contact them. The easiest way to do this is to message them through social media. If this fails, you can fall back on the more traditional method of emailing the question to them.

The Actual Parameters That You Should Take Into Account When Picking An Air Fryer

Best Teflon Free Air Fryers ( 3 Healthy coating alternatives)

For safety, make sure the air fryer doesnt have any non BPA free components that contact with food. Almost always the only things that you should care are the baskets and the trays. And both of them are made from stainless steel. Which is fine. Youre safe.

For sizing, you need to think about how many servings you can cook in an air fryer in one batch.

Typically, smaller air fryers with under 3 qt capacity are meant to prepare food for 1-2 people. Larger ones, that have 4-7 qt capacity are typically used in families of 3-5 people. The biggest air fryers are oven-style ones and supposed to be used for cooking large batches of food for big families or other groups of people

The large ones usually have more accessories and are multifunctional. You can make a rotisserie chicken, or dehydrate fruits and vegetables in it, etc.

Other things to consider if youre too picky and dont want to blindly trust a random article on the internet:

  • Take a look at their functionality and features. See if you like them.
  • Is there enough counter space? How big is the air fryers footprint?
  • Ease of cleaning. Some are easier than others.
  • Noise level. Typically, theyre not noisy, but you might want to read through a couple of reviews on Amazon before buying. Its too subjective for us to decide.
  • Accessories. Theres usually a list in the product description.

There are also different prices and designes, but thats a too subjective topic to discuss here.

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Do Air Fryers Use Oil

Oil is rarely needed when you use the air fryer to cook. However, this does not mean that you cannot use it.

In fact, many popular recipes require a tiny amount of oil because oil prevents the foods youre cooking from sticking to the basket of the fryer.

If you use oil, you have to mix it with the rest of the ingredients before they are added to the fryer.

If you want to use oil to air fry, remember the following:

  • You cannot pour oil directly in the air fryer pan. Rub the oil directly on the vegetable or meats you plan to cook or mix it with the rest of the ingredients.
  • If you add cooking oil before you air fry, you will make your foods crispier and crunchier. Adding a little bit of oil works great for recipes that otherwise require frying, such as French fries, chicken wings, chicken nuggets, fish fingers, and so many others.
  • You can use almost any type of oil inside the air fryer.

If you are worried about the amount of oil you use in your cooking, even if you use the air fryer, a great thing to do is to look for recipes that use no oil or require a very limited amount of oil.

You will quickly see there are countless air fryer recipes available that require no oil whatsoever.

Chefman 68 Qt Best Bpa Free Air Fryer For 3

Chefman is well known brand in the world of air fryers. And rightfuly so. They offer a wide range of compact, convenient, and completely safe and nontoxic air fryers in a range of sizes.

If youre looking for a budget-friendly air fryer, the TurboFry Air Fryer by Chefman is a great choice. The Chefman TurboFry is a compact air fryer thats perfect for small kitchens counter spaces and dorm rooms.

Its easy to use, it heats up quickly, and its quiet.

Its also affordable, so you wont have to spend a lot of money to get an air fryer that works. The TurboFry has a digital display that allows you to adjust the temperature and cooking time with ease.

It comes with a non-stick frying basket and flat frying tray, which are both dishwasher safe. The TurboFry is easy to clean, but you have to be careful when removing the cooking basket. It can be tricky to insert and remove.

Chefman air fryer is easy to use with a digital display that shows the cooking temperature and timer. You can easily adjust the temperature by pressing the plus or minus buttons.

Its also one of the quieter air fryers on the market.

Overall, this air fryer is a good option if youre looking for something simple to use without any bells and whistles. It just works, its affordable, and most importantly, its completely safe.

As the manufacturer claims,

All product surfaces that come into contact with food are BPA Free.

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Best Choice Products 55

If you are looking for an affordable air fryer that can cook all your fried foods to be crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, you cannot go further than the Best Choice Products 5.5-Quart Air Fryer. With no set-up required, and a speedy preheat and cooking time, it is so easy to fry, bake, grill or roast.

You can sit back, relax, and let the machine work its magic via the powerful 1800-watt heating element and a superheated rapid air technology system.

The air fryer has an adjustable temperature from 140-392°F, an auto shut-off timer, and a fast 30 minute cooking time.

One of the best features of this fryer is that you can choose to use a small amount of oil or none at all, which means you can enjoy fried food without a guilty conscience. The fryer also comes with a removable basket, a stainless steel cooking grate, and it comes in a stylish black and silver design.


Ninja Foodi Air Fryer: 9


Best Multi-Function Air Fryer

If you feel overwhelmed by how many kitchen countertop appliances you got, look no further than Ninja Foodi 9-in-1. This gadget is a pressure cooker, air fryer, yogurt, dehydrator, steamer, roaster, saute, broiler, and slow cooker, all in one appliance.


  • A ceramic coated pot that is nonstick and PTFE/ PFOA free .
  • Easy to clean, and the basket is dishwasher safe.
  • Large capacity and can cook for the whole family.
  • Can cook up to 8 chicken breasts and hold up to 7 lbs chicken.


  • Large in size. It takes up a lot of square footage on your counter and storage space.
  • The machine can be on the heavy side.

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Oster Air Fryer With Copper

The first notable aspect of this fryer is its unique copper-infused DuraCeramicTM nonstick ceramic coating that actually doesnt flake or peel. The copper makes the heat conduction much better than average air fryers.

Osters durable coating, along with the cool-touch handle and removable basket, makes the cleanup easier than it ever was.

Of course, this fryer is PFOA and PTFE free.

If you have a family of 3 or 5 members, the 3.3-quart capacity is spacious enough to suit your lovely family.

Its 1400 watts, 30-minute timer, and wide temperature range of up to 400°F enable the fryer to air fry, grill, bake, sauté, and roast easily. Not impressed yet? It has an audible ready-to-eat alert were already ready to eat thinking about it.

Air fryers storage can be a bit of a nuisance sometimes, but this fryer makes it better by giving you cord storage.


  • Temperature up to 400°F
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Fries, grills, bakes, sautés, and roasts


  • Noisy

Final Verdict

For an air fryer to have a safe nonstick coating, large capacity, wide temperature range, ease of use and cleanup, and virtually no cons is what has earned it the runner-up place.

Dash Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer


Lets also review the air fryers that are on the smaller side of the scales. If youre looking for a smaller air fryers to cook for 1 or 2 people, we recommend Dash air fryers.

The Dash Tasti Crisp Electric Air Fryer is a great buy for tiny kitchens, small households or dorm rooms. It also comes in four different colors black, white, red, aqua so you neednt worry about it being an eyesore. This air fryer has a capacity of 2.6 qt making it both compact and lightweight. Its easy to use simply select a temperature, set the timer and wait.

The machine features an auto-shutoff function for added safety. The best part? This air fryer works fast in less time than it takes to pre-heat an oven making it super energy efficient.

The 2.6 qt basket is dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Its made from a non stick metal and is also BPA and PFOA free.

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Philips Kitchen Appliances Digital Twin Turbostar Airfryer Xxl

The Philips Air fryer XXL is the healthiest way to fry, with little or no oil needed. It is the only air fryer with a fat reduction technology that reduces and captures excess fat in the food. With the 3 pounds capacity, you can now make delicious meals for up to 6 people every day. It fits a whole chicken or 2 bags of frozen French fries.

The air fryer is instantly hot and ready to go in seconds, cooking 4 times faster than a conventional oven. With no preheat needed, you can save time and start cooking right away. The multi-cooking technology allows you to Air fry, bake, grill, roast, reheat, dehydrate, and toast, all in the same device.

Cleaning the Philips Air fryer XXL is a breeze and includes dishwasher-safe removable parts and a quick-clean basket to save you time.

Consider Ceramic Air Fryer Baskets

Best Teflon Free Air Fryers ( 3 Healthy coating alternatives)

If you havent thought about it yet, then consider taking a look at ceramically coated air fryer baskets. Ceramic is considered the most environmentally friendly option.

Ceramic is also free from PFOA and PTFE, and is, therefore, a better option than non-stick coated air fryer baskets. The argument against ceramic coats has been that they may have a shorter lifespan than non-stick coatings.

Over the last years, things have changed and the technology used to coat cookware with ceramic has developed. By adding more layers of ceramic when coating, the manufacturers have been able to further increase the lifespan of ceramic coats.

The price difference between non-stick coated and a ceramically coated air fryers is almost nonexistent. Of course, there are fewer options with stainless steel baskets or ceramic coat baskets.

The ceramically coated air fryer baskets can be seasoned too, to increase their lifespan and non-stick properties.

When cleaning ceramic, use water and soap and remember to use a soft sponge. Harsh brushes or scrubs will tear the coating from the air fryer at a faster rate.

I recommend that you use perforated parchment paper in your air fryer basking when cooking, no matter what type of material your basket is made of. The papers will collect oil and prevent food from sticking to the basket.

These models have ceramic air fryer baskets

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Why Bpa Is Using In Air Fryer

Most of the air fryer basket is made of metal but these are not corrosion-resistant. So a thin layer of BPA epoxy resin coats saves your air fryer basket gets contact with water and oil. It can prolong your air fryer basket life span 2 times of an air fryer that doesnt use BPA. It may be an advantage of BPA but there are some disadvantages of it. Thats why health concern people are avoiding BPA presents cookware and appliances.

Best Air Fryer For Large Families

  • The Breville Air Fryer is by far the largest air fryer I own, and the most multi-purpose. I use it all the time for my family, especially for big holiday gatherings, and would highly recommend it if it fits in your budget.
  • Runner Up: The Big Boss air fryer has a 16-quart capacity! It just doesnt have as much flexibility when it comes to functions, so I dont use it quite as often for my family.

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If you are a fried food lover, you must check out this small oven that creates a golden crispy texture food using a circulating heat source. As a crispy fried food lover, fried food is one of my guilty pleasures that I don’t get to indulge in often enough. It is high in calories and fat and can increase the risk of many health issues such as obesity, high cholesterol, heart disease, acne, and all things we want to avoid staying healthy.

There are many healthier ways to mimic that golden crispy texture on the outside and moist and tender inside without deep frying. Some of these healthier alternatives include baking, roasting, grilling, and air frying. The air frying method is the closest to deep-frying texture as you can get. Thanks to these methods, you can enjoy your favorite fried food while cutting back on calories and fat.

If you have never heard of an air fryer before or seen one, you may have many questions about it. Is it better for you? Is the food still satisfying? What can you put in an air fryer? I put together everything you need to know about an air fryer in this guide below to address all the questions going through your head. And I will share some of the best air fryers to purchase.

What Can You Cook In An Air Fryer

Elite Platinum EAF-1506D Electric Digital Hot Air Fryer Oil-less Cooker, 6 in 1 Cooking Functions-

You can put pretty much anything in an air fryer, from vegetables to your protein. All, without oil. You can also use an air fryer to heat your frozen pre-made food like dumplings, chicken wings, falafel, egg rolls, pizza bites, quiche, and much more. The possibilities are endless.

Some of my favorite things that I enjoy making with my air fryer include kale chips, french fries, chicken fingers, toothpick lamb with cumin, steak, and salmon.

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Clean The Air Fryer Regularly

Sometimes a unit can break down or overheat and the result is black smoke and flames, or it can be hard to clean. Most units are designed not to overheat as they have a cooling fan, and they come with non-stick racks or bowls. However, if the air fryer is not cleaned regularly, operating issues can still arise.

Whats The Deal With Bpa

BPA stands for Bisphenol A. Its a chemical thats used in the production of polycarbonate plastics .

Although some people believe BPA can cause cancer, it is not enirely true. Theres no evidence that this is the case and the FDA maintains that its safe for the approved uses in food containers and packaging.

So, according to FDA, BPA is safe for an average adult and its effect is negligible.

But you can never be too safe, right? Here are a couple of rules that can keep you and your family safe from BPA and elements alike:

  • Do not microwave polycarbonate plastic food and/or water containers. Plastics can break down under the constant influence of high temperatures.
  • Use BPA-free bottles and containers for babies. Full-grown adults cant be affected by BPA, but theres evidence that high levels of BPA in babies organisms can affect their health.
  • When possible, use glass or stainless steel containers for your food. Especially if its hot.
  • All air fryers in our list do not have any plastic elements that would contact with food in any way. The baskets are stainless steel with ceramic and some other safe types of coatings.

    Now that we know FDA approved products are safe and do not contain BPA in elements that contact with food, you might want to ask yourself:

    Whats up with all these BPA FREE claims from manufacturers about their products?

    We only can answer with this picture:

    Its all marketing fluff.

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