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Is an Air Fryer just a Convection Oven? Let’s put it to the test.

Most of these ovens come standard with a baking tray, wire racks and mesh air fry basket. The air fry basket is meant to allow the circulating hot air to hit food at all angles and save you from having to turn it. These are great for fries and certain veggies, but beware that fatty foods, including chicken wings, will drip through as they cook and it ain’t pretty. I always use parchment paper when cooking things of that sort.

All but two of the ovens I tested — the Crux and the Calphalon — have an internal light, which is nice when you need it but not necessary by any means.

Every oven on this list has a digital interface with dials, buttons or both to control it, although some were much better than others. The Breville’s was the most complex, a result of all its many functions and cooking presets, while the Cuisinart interface was the only one I truly did not like. It drove me batty, in fact.

Breville BOV900BSSUSC

What Is The Difference Between An Air Fryer And An Air Fryer Oven

Although an air fryer and an air fryer oven work in the same way to cook your food, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Before you can consider which one to buy for your kitchen, you should ensure you understand their differences. In addition, see our ‘Air Fryer Vs. Dehydrator’ review in case you need your food to last longer.

What Is An Air Fryer

Essentially, an air fryer is a smaller, more portable convection oven. Instead of being shaped like a toaster oven, many air fryers are tall, sort of resembling a coffeemaker. It has a removable bucket with a handle, and inside that bucket fits a removable basket. This basket is where the food goes. The bucket slides into the device, you turn it on, and it starts to cook. The fan is situated overhead, above a heating element.

Now, because it’s smaller and the fan is closer to the food, an air fryer is able to focus a high amount of heat onto a relatively small cooking area. Which means that an item of food in that cooking area will cook more quickly than it would in a convection oven.

However, because it is smaller, it will only accommodate a fraction of the amount of food that a convection oven will fit. An air fryer will really only cook about two servings at a timeif that.

This means that if you are trying to feed more than one or two people, you’ll have to cook in batches, so that ultimately it may take longer to serve a meal than it would using a convection oven.

This creates a sort of catch-22, since the small size of the basket prevents you from spreading out an even layer of food, so you have to stack your food instead. But by stacking your food, you prevent the hot air from flowing evenly around it, thus defeating the purpose of the convection effect.

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Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven With Multiple Racks

One major drawback of toaster oven air fryers, in general, is their lack of space. And while their small size is also one thing to love about them, sometimes we want to cook an entire meal in an air fryer, and that can be kind of difficult when they have limited space.

That’s why we were on the hunt for one with multiple racks, making it so you can fit different foods in at the same time. We love the Farberware 25L 6-Slice Toaster Oven with Air Fry. This air fryer toaster oven has 10 different functions and is equipped with French doors, making it easier to use with the taller design. It has multiple racks for you to cook for your whole family without sacrificing time.

For an easy to use, easy to clean countertop oven that makes preparing an entire meal as easy as pie, look to the Farberware brand.

The Farberware 25L 6-Slice Toaster Oven with Air Fry is available at Walmart for $119.

Which One Is Faster

Daewoo 12L Rotisserie Air Fryer Oven with Rapid Air Circulation ...

Due to the way they work, most air fryers should be set to around 20-30C cooler than regular ovens, with the overall cooking time reduced by about 20 per cent. This rough guide is based on reading things like packet instructions for regular fan ovens. If youre using a dedicated air fryer recipe , then theres no need to convert anything.

Its important to note that while air fryers are faster, youll need to open the drawer and shake up the basket contents at least once during a cook to ensure even, crisp results for every item. This means that you might find yourself babysitting food while it cooks instead of simply walking away and letting it do its thing.

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Are Air Fryers Worth It

If you’re wondering whether air fryers are really worth it, we think the primary perk of owning one is convenience. Like any kitchen gadget, you want something thatâs going to make life simpler, and thereâs no doubt that frying and baking conventionally can be messy, smelly and even dangerous.

Using an air fryer to bake, roast and fry will speed up the process, and can potentially cut calories and save money as you wonât have to use a larger oven for smaller portions and side dishes.

Think of air fryers as mini ovens that can tackle almost anything youâd put in a conventional oven or deep-fat fryer. Theyâre not just for chips: you can bake, roast and even dehydrate ingredients, too.

Does An Air Fryer Cook More Quickly Than An Oven

One key difference between air fryers and ovens is the cooking speed.

Most air fryers run on a lower wattage than ovens and are much smaller in size. This means they can heat up much quicker than an oven and cook food in a shorter time.

So if youre looking for an appliance to help you get dinner on the table more quickly, an air fryer is a good option.


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A Few Thoughts On The Hybrid Ovens That Didn’t Make The Cut

The Cuisinart Digital Air Fryer Toaster Oven: This hybrid convection oven and air fryer wasn’t terrible and it certainly had one of, if not the most powerful, air fry functions. That proved to be a blessing and curse since some of the food I cooked burned on the edges and cooked unevenly — I think due in part to the high-octane super convection fan. This air fryer oven also had my least favorite interface, and I found myself mashing my fingers on the dials and buttons in frustration at times just hoping I’d get to the right setting since it never seemed to do what I wanted with ease. It’s also not cheap and thus not an oven I’d recommend.

Calphalon Precision Air Fry Oven: The Calphalon scored high marks in the toast test with an even browning, but that’s about where the accolades ended. This oven was slow to preheat, had trouble holding a consistent temperature and the air fry function was among the weakest. It also has no internal light, which most of them do. I admittedly do like the look of it and the interface is elegant and simple to use. This oven can also be had for about $150, so it is among the more budget-friendly options.

First What Is An Air Fryer

Should You Get an Air Fryer or an Air Fryer Toaster Oven? | Gear Heads

An air fryer is a compact, countertop appliance that uses convection heating to circulate air around your food. The food is held inside in a basket and a fan rapidly moves air around the food, surrounding it in a similar way to food submerged in hot oil in a deep fryer. In the end, it works well to give food that crispy, fried texture without a lot of additional fat. Air fryers use little to no oil to get the same effect as traditional deep frying.

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How To Choose The Best Air Fryer

Air fryers differ in size and versatility, so it’s worth considering the following while you do your research.

  • What would you like to cook in it?
  • How many people are you cooking for?
  • How much space do you have?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you have a specific requirement for ease-of-use? For example, large, clear function icons and controls, or perhaps an audible indicator for when each function has finished?

If it’s simply a healthier, more efficient method of cooking chips that you’re after, you can narrow your search down to one without bells and whistles, and save some pennies on a machine that does the core function well.

Top tip: Watch out for those that will require you to part-boil the cut potatoes prior to crisping â air fryers worth having should be able to fully cook chips on their own.

Air Fryers Can’t Cook As Many Things As Ovens

Wet-coated foods and air fryers dont really mix. Fried foods such as tempura or battered fish cook very differently in an air fryer than they do in hot oil: when dunked in a deep fat fryer the batter quickly solidifies as it comes in contact with the oil, but in an air fryer, it tends to blow off as does light, leafy foods such as spinach, which gets blown about so much youre likely to end up with a mix of burnt and undercooked leaves.

If your air fryer isnt a multi-function cooker* we wouldnt recommend cooking cheese , roasts or red meat: while its certainly possible to make steaks or burgers in an air fryer, wed rather use a well seasoned skillet.

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Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven With French Doors

Some air fryer toaster oven users are going to prefer French doors, especially if they choose a model that is a little bit taller. And it makes sense. It’s a more convenient design, as it makes for two shorter doors that don’t protrude quite as much as the single oven door.

The Kalorik MAXX Digital Air Fryer Oven is the best toaster oven air fryer with French doors. It’s a versatile machine that comes with lots of accessories and doesn’t make your kitchen smokey. Its activated charcoal filter refines smoke and odors so you can have a grilled meal without the smoke, making for a cleaner home after cooking.

In addition to its great filter feature, its grill grate is nonstick and dishwasher safe, making it easy to clean. Kalorik makes an excellent air fryer that has a great design and keeps your home clean and odorless.

The KalorikMAXX Digital Air Fryer Oven can be found on Amazon for $165.99.

Air Fryers Aren’t Brilliant For Big Dinners

China Steam Air Fryer Oven

That smaller size is great until it’s not. It means air fryers cant make as much food as an oven obviously. Some of the smaller air fryers are only big enough to make fries for two, and because there arent multiple shelves like in a traditional oven you cant multitask. You can of course use your air fryer to cook one part of a meal while you cook something else in another appliance. What you cant do is the Oven Tetris you can do with a conventional or countertop oven, placing different items on different shelves at different times to get everything ready at once.

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Air Fryer Vs Oven: How Do They Compare

Home » Air Fryer Info » Air Fryer vs Oven: How Do They Compare?

Air fryers have become increasingly popular in recent years.

Since the air fryer was invented, they have evolved from small appliances used for not much more than chips or chicken wings to larger models with abilities to cook and perform many functions.

But how does an air fryer stack up against an oven?

Is it really quicker to cook in an air fryer? How about the cost of running an air fryer vs an oven?

Read on to discover how an air fryer compares to an oven.

Ninja Af160uk Air Fryer Max 52l

Best air fryer for quick baking


  • Non-stick tray with silicone corner protection


  • Might not fit under low countertop cupboards

Wattage: 1750W

Star rating: 5/5

Most air fryers are multifunctional but not all extend their practicality to usable baking functions. This model’s round non-stick pull-out tray lends itself well to baking cakes. Ninja is great as a brand at plastering its packaging in clear, easy to read instructions. The box itself explains all options: max crisp, air fry, bake, reheat and dehydrate but, if you’re too excited to bother, a comprehensive quick-start guide and instruction booklet will do the same.

More like this

The controls are labelled and textured. It also emits a loud beep mid-cook if you need to shake the contents. The 5.2 litre capacity tray has nice high sides which allows room for cakes to rise and small whole chickens to roast. Drawers can be put in the dishwasher for easy cleaning. For a smaller option, the Ninja 3.8L AF100UK air fryer was awarded 4/5 stars by our reviews team.

  • Progress bar indicates pre-heat and cooking time
  • Clear notifications to shake food


  • Awkwardly-sized drawers for fitting a separate dish for baking

Wattage: 1700W

Star rating: 5/5

Our first impressions of the Instant Vortex Plus were positive. The control panel is touchscreen, which gives the model a sleek, minimalistic look when turned off and at 40cm across, its footprint on the countertop wasn’t as chunky as others we’ve tested.

Wattage: 1500W

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Air Fryers Usually Use A Basket Not A Pan Or Tray

Theres no point in having brilliant airflow if something gets between it and the food youre trying to cook. Thats why instead of sticking your food on a baking sheet, most air fryers provide some kind of mesh basket. That means the air reaches everywhere, and reduces the likelihood of getting a soggy bottom on what are supposed to be crisp fried foods.

The 16 Best Air Fryer Toaster Ovens Of 2022

Gourmia Digital French Door Air Fryer Oven Review

We may receive a commission on purchases made from links.

Air fryers have been all the rage for years now. The convenient little appliance cooks food to perfect crispiness without using much oil, making for a healthier alternative to traditional frying. But what’s even better than an air fryer is an air fryer toaster oven. The combination allows it to do so much more than either traditional appliance can do on its own.

With this small appliance, you can make a quick snack for yourself, or you can cook a holiday dinner for your entire family. They’re nearly perfect home appliances, and if you’re only going to have one extra item on your countertop, this just might be what you want.

We created this list of the 16 best air fryer toaster ovens of 2022 with care and attention to detail, only including options we’re certain you’ll love. If you’re in the market for a new air fryer toaster oven, any one of these will bring you joy and feed your soul … and your family. Let’s get into it.

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How Is Air Frying Different From Baking In An Oven

Conventional ovens work by producing heat from an element . The heat is slowly dispersed through the oven over time. In the case of convection ovens, that time is sped up by the use of a fansimilar to the one in an air fryer.

On the other hand, air fryers use rapid air technology to create heat instead of an element. That helps them heat up much more quickly than an oven . That small size helps them circulate the heat more evenly, crisping up your food without hot spots.

Want to make sure your air fryer goodies get that golden hue of traditionally fried food? Try this simple trick.

Why Buy A Regular Air Fryer

If you find yourself with the occasional craving for fried chicken nuggets, a regular stand-alone air fryer might be the best option for you. A few other positive attributes of stand-alone air fryers are below.

  • Easily store the appliance when not in use
  • Considerable cheaper than an air fryer range
  • Better for single meals and smaller batches of food

While you may find an air fryer range is pricier than a conventional range , there are many convenient features that will impact dinnertime. Because air fryer ranges dont need time to preheat, dinner will be on the table before you know it. Also, air fryer ranges need little to no oil or grease to get the job done, which means healthier meals. If youre looking for an appliance that bakes cookies to perfect gooiness and provides you with a healthy fried chicken nugget meal, an air fryer range is an excellent option.

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What Is An Oven Air Fryer

Air frying is a baking technique that uses convection fans to circulate warm air at a rapid rate within your oven. When compared to conventional deep frying, this method cooks food quickly and produces a crunchy, fried coating as well as even colouring on all sides while using less than no oil.

Air Fry is now a possible option for you. You may adjust the position to Air Fry, which is particularly designed for cooking all of your favourite meals in a significantly shorter time than a regular deep fryer, just like you would change the option on your oven from conventional heating to convection baking. Instead of dealing with dirty hot oil, ponds of oil, or spray burns, an Air Fry oven range is a more convenient and safer way to try out new fried meals.

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