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Made by popular manufacturer, Black and Decker, the Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer is a 2-person sized air fryer with a dividable basket. Like all air fryers, the Black and Decker uses hot air powered by a dual fan to circulate around food and fry food without using oil to make it unhealthy.


If you love fried foods but want to cut down on fat, the BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer is perfect. You can whip up two to four servings of snacks or main dishes in a matter of minutes and have them come out crispy and lower in fat.

Clean up is simple the removable components are dishwasher safe and the exterior wipes off easily. There is no splatter and very little mess to clean up. It is a real time saver!

What have users made with the Black+Decker Air Fryer? Pork chops, fresh and frozen French fries, chicken drumsticks, donuts, frozen hash brown patties, onion rings, chimichangas, spring rolls, chicken nuggets, salmon filets, mozzarella sticks, fish sticks, chicken wings, lamb chops, fries, dumplings It is a versatile piece and worth the purchase.


Item Weight 11.1 x 9.8 x 11.5 in

Product Dimensions 12.22 pounds

Included Components Deep Fryer, Dishwasher-Safe Basket with divider

Our Review

Most people find it takes half the time as a conventional oven, the preheat cycle is far faster and it cools down much more quickly. All-in-all, using the Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer saves on energy costs, cooling bills, and calories.

Frozen Pizza In Air Fryer

Using an Air Fryer to cook frozen pizza has been a recent discovery of mine. Before beginning this dish, make sure your air fryer is preheated. Start cooking and discover that your air fryer is not ready!

7 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for frozen pizza Crispy on the outside, cheesy on the inside!


Why I Liked Black & Decker 2 Liter Air Fryer

The timer of BLACK and DECKER 2-liter air fryer can be set up to 60 minutes. It is not a common feature for a 2-liter air fryer as many of the competitors have a timer that sets the time up to 30 minutes. It is integrated with an automatic shut off option. With this function, the air fryer stops cooking automatically when the food is completely cooked. It saves food from overcooking. The double air circulation fan is also an advantage of this unit that ensures crispiness. The heating element of this air fryer is powerful with a wattage of 1200W. The indicator light is also helpful which shows when the air fryer reaches the preheating temperature. The body of this unit has stainless steel exterior that has made it easy to clean.

Read our article to explore the top stainless steel air fryers.

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Delicious Fried Food Is Finally Guilt

The Black+Decker PuriFry Air Fryer cuts out the oil to give you crispy food without the added fat. A pair of powerful convection fans surrounds food with heated air to cook all of your favorite fried delights quickly and evenly. The variable temperature control ranges from 0-400 degrees and the 60-minute timer automatically shuts off the machine once cooking is complete. The frying basket can hold 2 liters of food, making it easy to fry up snacks or a main dish for the whole family. The Black+Decker PuriFry is the revolutionary way to enjoy deliciously crispy fried food with all the flavor and none of the guilt.

Basic Information About How To Use Black And Decker Air Fryer


Figuring out how to use Black and Decker air fryer should be the second because you should always understand completely about your appliance before using it. In this part, I will introduce you to some safeguards and the setup of this product if you are new to this.

Important Safeguards

The Black and Decker air fryer has been very successful around the world, but users should be aware of some issues that could arise with this appliance. The user manual comes with a list of safety measures which must be taken into consideration, whether you just bought your air fryer or have had it for a while. These include:

And there you have it! Be sure to keep these things in mind, whether you are new to Black and Decker air fryers or if this applies to your older machine. Always stay safe when using appliances like these read user manuals carefully for more information on how to use Black and Decker air fryer correctly.

Setting Up Black and Decker Air Fryer for the First Time

Today, technology has advanced so much that I can now eat healthy even when deep frying. The Black and Decker Air Fryer is kitchen equipment that uses hot air to fry your food just like a deep fryer but without using any oil. No more worrying about the unhealthy effects of cooking with oil!

But before hitting how to use Black and Decker air fryer, lets set up it first. Here are the steps to follow when setting up a black and decker air fryer for the first time:

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Should You Invest In A Black+decker Purify Air Fryer

Yes, the unit can have a plasticy smell fresh out of the box.. And the dial has tiny font.. But otherwise its a reliable air fryer at a good price.

Thats why It made our list of top 3 air fryers !

What makes theBLACK+DECKER Purify air fryer unit an even better fit is if you want an air fryer that wont dominate your kitchen. It doesnt run hot, so you can put this modestly sized air fryer on your counter without extra buffer space.

What are your thoughts on the BLACK+DECKER Purify air fryer unit? What are you planning on cooking first in your air fryer? Let me know below!

Better For Small Kitchen

The dimension of BLACK and DECKER HF110SBD air fryer is 13 x 13 x 15 inches. If I compare it with other similar air fryers, then I find that it is a little bulkier. Although the shape and overall volume are suitable for a small kitchen. Below is the comparison table.

2.1 qt 15.6 x 12.4 x 11.4

The weight of BLACK and DECKER 2-liter air fryer is 11 pounds. The comparative weight of this unit is also higher than the average. For example, the weight of the Dash compact air fryer is only around 6 pounds.

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What It Is Good For

BLACK and DECKER 2-liter air fryer is a perfect choice for you if you are a lone person or living in a family of two members. It can cook in small batches. Therefore, if you want to cook for 3 or more persons at a time, then you must need a larger air fryer. Secondly, as it has a very basic temperature range, it is not suitable for multi-functional cooking such as dehydration or toasting. Although it can perform grilling, roasting, and basic baking.

Read more on the top air fryers under 100 dollars.

Top 10 Best Black+decker Air Fryers In 2022

BLACK DECKER Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer, Black Stainless Steel

This article contains a collection of the Best Black+Decker Air Fryers available on the market. We use advanced technology to find the best-selling products from Amazon.

All the Black+Decker Air Fryers featured on this page are independently chosen. When you make any purchase through links on this site, we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

Best-Selling Black+Decker Air Fryers on Amazon:

To make your choice easier, weve compiled the features and specifications of each of the top-rated Black+Decker Air Fryers below:

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Best Black+decker Air Fryers

View ProductHighlighted Features:

  • Air Fry Technology: Deep fried taste without the fat! This innovative cooking method surrounds food with high intensity hot air to bake, brown, and crisp your favorite foods using little to no oil.
  • 5 Cooking Functions: Choose from five available cooking methods: bake, broil, toast, keep warm, and air fry.
  • Extra Large Capacity: Cook for the whole family! This large capacity toaster oven fits a 9 x 13 pan with handles, 8 slices of bread, or a 12 pizza.
  • Countertop Baking: The Bake function and extra wide capacity let you make pizzas, brownies, casseroles, and so much more! Plus, its great for reheating leftovers without turning on the big oven.
  • 60-minute Timer: The 60-minute precision timer is convenient for short and long cooking tasks.
  • 226 Pages – 02/13/2017 – Rascal Face Press

Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:Highlighted Features:

We hope you already have found your desired Black+Decker Air Fryer from our above collection. If you have any questions or recommendations regarding this listing, feel free to let us know by dropping a comment blow.

Black And Decker Purify 2

The Black and Decker 2-Liter Air Fryer is the perfect appliance for your healthy, guilt-free adventures in the kitchen. Air frying allows you to enjoy deep-fried foods without having to use oil, leaving you with crispy delicacies like french fries, onion rings, and more!

No matter if youre looking to whip up a dinner snack or an entire meal for yourself or 4 others, this air fryer takes care of it all thanks to its 2.5 lb capacity that can produce 24 servings at once.

The Black and Decker Purify 2-Liter Air Fryer is perfect for any food enthusiast with a yearning to have healthier options with just as much taste. It is also equipped with two powerful convection fans that surround your food in heated air. The appliances temperature ranges from 175-400°F, so feel free to explore how to use Black and Decker air fryer to make any of your favorite recipe opportunities!

The air fryer includes safety lock controls and automatically shut off when cooking has been completed so no worry about burnt fingers when trying to sneak one last peek into the pot before emptying!


  • Cook frozen food quickly and nicely


  • This is a quite small air fryer so if you have a large family, you may consider the top Best Large Air Fryer

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What Can It Cook

What can you cook with this BLACK and DECKER 2-liter air fryer? This unit is capable of cooking your favorite snacks and the main dishes as well. It has a dual fan convection system that allows the air fryer to circulate the hot air uniformly around the food. Therefore, without drenching the foods in oil, you can cook your favorite items in air frying mode. Because of the limitation in the temperature range, it can not perform low temperatures and high-temperature cooking such as food dehydration, toasting, and so on.

Black And Decker Vs Dash Air Fryer:

TOP 10 Air fryer from Walmart Reviews of 2021

Confused between these two brands? Dont be any longer since we have written down details regarding the features that these two air fryers have.

1. Color range:

Dash air fryers have more color ranges such as red and aqua other than black and white compared to Black and decker air fryers.

2. Recipe book:

You wont get any recipe book with black n decker air fryers but you will be getting one with dash air fryers.

3. Serving capacity:

The basket capacity of dash air fryers begins from 2 quarts. And that is sufficient to serve only 2 people at once. On the other hand, you get to serve up to four people with the capacity that dash air fryer has.

4. Indicator lights:

Black and decker air fryers have indicator lights to let you know a lot of information such as whether the air fryer has been switched on or if the temperature that has been set has been reached or not. But dash air fryers dont have indicator lights to help in that case.

To sum it up, I really like black and decker but Id surely check other brands like Crux, Bella, and especially Cosori Smart Wifi air fryer.

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Small For An Air Fryer

The egg-shaped Purifry is constructed from steel and plastic. Its black-and-silver color scheme easily blends in with contemporary kitchen decors. The entire apparatus is the size of a small coffee maker or standard electric juicer, and it’s taller than it is wide. As a result, it shouldn’t eat up that much counter space.

Turn the timer dial to set your cook time.

In terms of controls, the Purifry only has two dials on its front face. A timer dial sets how long the Purifry will run . The other dial controls the Purifry’s internal temperature. The knob starts at 175 degrees Fahrenheit . The next dial position is 200 degrees F . From there, temperature settings jump in 50-degree increments, topping out at its maximum heat level of 400 F . I have one big problem with this knob: Its text labels are ludicrously tiny and difficult to read.

Choose the air fryer’s cooking temperature with this dial. Its labels are extremely tiny though.

Underneath the controls is the Purifry’s cooking chamber, also known as its pan. A big handle juts out of this section and occupies most of the fryer’s bottom half. To remove the Purifry’s pan, you slide a clear plastic tab on the top of the handle away from you. At the same time you pull the pan’s handle toward you.

A clear plastic tab serves as a cover for the food basket-release button.

The basket and pan sit in a chamber on the bottom half of the Purifry.

Frozen Mozzarella Sticks In Air Fryer

The air fryer recipe for breaded frozen mozzarella sticks is a terrific and simple snack for any occasion. Breaded cheese sticks that are crunchy on the exterior and melting on the inside are the result of this dish. Because they dont use any oil, they taste exactly like deep-fried versions.


  • 8 ounces of Mozzarella cheese Sticks of cheese, chopped into cubes
  • 1 cup all-purpose flour
  • 3 eggs, thoroughly beaten
  • 2 cups Italian-style bread crumbs .
  • season with salt and pepper to taste

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Analysis Of 400+ Reviews For Black+decker Purify 2 Liter Air Fryer

BestViewsReviews analyzed 244,546 reviews for 243 products in the Air Fryers

We analyzed a total of 430 reviews for this product out of which, 1 reviews were received in the last 6 months.

The analysis indicates that around 100% reviews were positive while around 0% of reviews had negative sentiment.

Black+decker Purify Air Fryer Review

ð¥BLACK DECKER Purify 2 Liter Air Fryer Black/Stainless Steel HF110SBDð¥

Scouring the web to discover the best air fryer for me.. I knew I wanted something reliable. The problem is that some reviews sound great- yet some units seem to break down out of nowhere. Out of all the units weve reviewed, the BLACK+DECKER Purify 2-Liter air fryer screams reliability.

Its not the most expensive air fryer and its from the Black + Decker team. This, and what were about to uncover, make the BLACK+DECKER Purify air fryer unit a great option for a first-time air fryer buyer on a budget.

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Tips For How To Use Black And Decker Air Fryer When Cooking

In recent days, many people have had their own air fryers but they are still curious about how to use Black and Decker air fryer most efficiently to get their best food result. So, to troubleshooting these curiosities, I will you some tips to use this appliance in this part. These will help ensure that your food turns out delicious every time.

  • Cooking with oil is not necessary when using an air fryer. But if you still wish to use it, go for small amounts of oil since the air fryer does a better job in cooking food compared with traditional ovens which require more oil or butter for them to taste good. That said too much oil can be bad for your health thus healthy cooking is always recommended.
  • The most common mistake people make when using an air fryer is overcrowding it up with ingredients thus making them obstruct heat from circulating. This results in undercooking or burning off some ingredients while others are still raw. Ensure to follow the instructions on how many ingredients should be placed inside the air fryer to avoid such cooking problems.
  • Another common mistake people make is putting cold food inside an air fryer when it is supposed to cook food at a certain temperature for a specific time period which comes with the manual provided when purchasing the air fryer and also online through Black and Decker official website.
  • Purifry Is Best For A Small Crowd

    The Purifry is not ideal for big groups or large families. Its fry basket is small, and so are the portion sizes it cooks best. For instance, the manual recommends you make french fries in half-pound batches , which is only two four-ounce servings. The Purifry took just under 15 minutes to prepare this amount of frozen, crinkle-cut fries.

    You can, however, cook more food than recommended in the Purifry. For example, I increased my test amount to 23 ounces, the typical amount you can fit on one baking sheet. The Purifry finished the job in just under 27 minutes.

    Regardless of how much food I cooked, the Purifry nailed the end result. French fries were quite crispy on the outside yet soft and creamy on the inside. They weren’t powdery or dry, an issue that often plagues oven-baked fries.

    Just for fun, and because it’s in the manual, I dropped a 7-ounce burger patty inside the Purifry. Nineteen minutes later, I was treated to a surprisingly flavorful piece of meat. Tender and juicy, I never expected to enjoy a burger this much from an air fryer.

    The Purifry air fries burgers, too.

    Chicken wings were another area where the Purifry delivered the goods. Perhaps it’s because I only cooked a small batch of four wings at a time. Or maybe air circulates faster inside this fryer. Whatever the cause, chicken wings I made in the Purifry were fantastic. Their meat was moist, and skin impressively crisp.

    Chicken wings cooked in the Purifry turned out especially well.

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