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HOW TO CLEAN YOUR AIR FRYER | Kalorik Air Fryer Easy Cleaning Guide

If a novice like me can use this bad boy and have such outstanding results, anybody, and I mean anybody can do it! And, if you work all day and would rather spend your evenings hanging out with your family than hanging out in a kitchen, do yourself a favor and get this machine!

Im so glad I did. We have GOOD, HEALTHY food to eat that tastes wonderful and save both time and money. I love my Instant Pot!

Air Fryer Buying Guide & Faq

Having a healthier outlook on life is something that everyone aspires to do these days. But with the bad reputation that healthy food has in terms of taste, it is a hard feat altogether. On this front, air fryers are game-changers. For that reason finding the right fit is paramount. Based on that, here is some guidance on how to land the best deal and fit.

Tips For Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Now that you realize the error of your ways, its time to give your air fryer the attention it deserves. Good news: You can read on for a comprehensive guide on how to clean an air fryerbut before you do, we suggest you check out the following helpful tips to ensure that the cleaning process isnt more arduous than it needs to be.

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Best Large Fryer: Instant Vortex Pro 10

The Instant Vortex Pro isn’t just big in size, but in features, too. With nine pre-programmed settings such as proofing, broiling, and dehydrating, there’s almost nothing you can’t cook with this massive fryer. Its huge rotating basket can fit a whole chicken, and the fryer even comes with a rotisserie kit, so you’ll have everything you need for big family dinners. Plus, the Instant Vortex Pro includes two baking trays that you can fit in the air fryer simultaneously, so it’s incredibly simple to fry up your main course and side dishes all at once. You can even create custom programs based on your go-to temperatures and preferred time settings and return to them for reheating dinner from the previous night. It currently has more than 7,500 five-star ratings, with a reviewer saying it’s “the best kitchen appliance” they have ever bought, adding, “we use it for so many different things and it saves me from having to heat up the whole kitchen with the regular oven.”

To buy: $160

How To Clean A Basket

Air Fryer, Tidylife 8

“We always advise thoroughly cleaning the unit after every single use,” says Blair. If you spend just a few minutes cleaning an air fryer, then there’s no need for deep cleaning it’ll always be ready to go for the next dish.

  • Unplug and let cool. You want the air fryer to cool off enough that it is safe to handle but still warm, making clean-up easier. Unplug the unit and let it sit for about 30 minutes. This way the unit and parts won’t be blazing hot, but any stuck-on food should still be easy to remove.
  • Wash the fryer basket. Many baskets are dishwasher-safe, making them super easy to clean. Be sure to check a manual to confirm that they are in fact dishwasher-safe, otherwise, wash with hot, soapy water and a soft sponge.
  • Wash the grease catcher. Sometimes called a crisper plate, outer basket, or pan, air fryers often have this piece under the basket to catch any drips. Some models build this into the drawer itself. Many are dishwasher-safe, but they can also be cleaned with hot, soapy water.
  • Deep clean . If the basket or grease catcher has stubborn, stuck-on food, Blair suggests soaking them in hot, soapy water for several minutes before cleaning. A mixture of baking soda and water can be used to help scrub any remaining grime.
  • Wipe the interior and exterior. Give the main unit and control panel a wipe with a damp cloth, as needed.
  • Dry. Let all of the components completely air dry before reassembling.
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    Instant Pot Vortex Plus

    We were impressed with the performance of this air fryer from the makers of one of our favorite multi-cooker brands. Instant Potâs Instant Vortex Plus is sleek with its stainless steel face and large, easy-to-read buttons. It boasts six cooking settings, including air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrate, with different programmable temperature and time settings. The dial allows for easy selection so you don’t have to click a button 100 times to get to the temperature youâre looking for. The air fryer basket is large and square, which creates more cooking space than its round competitors, making a smart home investment for a family. Its removable tray has a thin, hinged handle, which allows for easy removability, but also lays flat to not disrupt the cooking area.

    Best Air Fryer Toaster Oven

    Make Sure To Clean Regularly

    Finally, make it a habit to clean your air fryer regularly. As much as possible, you should do so after each time you cook in it that is after it has cooled down completely. And thats it you now know how to clean an air fryer. This is the first step to proper air fryer maintenance, so you should take these steps to heart.

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    Hamilton Beach 36 Quart Digital Air Fryer Oven With 6 Presets And Easy To Clean Nonstick Basket

    Maximum flavor, minimal cooking oil

    Make delicious, crisp food with the Hamilton Beach Air Fryer. This 3.5 liter fryer uses air and little to no oil to cook all your favorites, from French fries to steak. Cook on manual mode or choose from one of 6 pre-programmed settings for crisp French fries, chicken, seafood, steak, baked goods, and veggies. When your food is ready, the nonstick cooking basket is removable for easy cleaning.

    • 6 pre-programmed settings – One touch is all it takes to cook French fries, chicken, seafood, steak, baked goods, and veggies to perfection
    • Manual mode – Select your own cooking time and temperature
    • Removable large capacity nonstick basket – For easy cleanup
    • Audible beep when cooking is done
    • Cooks all your favorite food, from French fries to steak

    How Can You Avoid Grease Building Up


    A little water in the base of the drawer can help avoid excess fat and oils from smoking.

    “When you’re cooking high-fat foods like chicken wings or bacon, grease can drip down into the tray causing mess and smells,” Fiona says. “You can add a small amount of water to the base of the drawer before cooking to stop the fat from smoking and reduce cleaning.”

    Don’t overfill your air fryer, either, as this can also cause the heating element to become dirty. It also reduces its effectiveness and you won’t get the results you’re after.

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    Air Fryer Cleaning Guide

    Air fryers are extremely popular for home kitchens across the globe for many reasons. You can find affordable air fryers that fit almost any budget. And, in addition to preparing tasty foods in a more healthy manner, an air fryer can help keep your kitchen cleaner by avoiding cooking oil messes.

    Cooking with oil, especially deep frying, make a huge mess. Plus, hot oil can also be dangerous, and there is a terrible burn risk when using traditional frying methods. Air fryers allow you to make all your favorite fried foods safely and without the mess of popping, splattering frying oil.

    Even though air fryers require only a minimal amount of oil, they still need to be cleaned appropriately because oil, food fats, and food particles can drip or splatter inside the air fryer basket. Luckily, the mess is contained inside a fryer and not all over your stovetop. However, if the grease is allowed to build up in the air fryer tray or heating element, you will notice odors. Or, you could see smoke when using the air fryer because of bits of trapped foods burning.

    To keep your air fryer in perfect working condition and frying your food to a perfect golden brown, clean your air fryer regularly. Ideally, after each and every use. Regular cleaning of your air fryer can prevent hazards such as kitchen fires from occurring.

    Cosori Air Fryer Max Xl

    One look is enough to fall in love with this air fryer. Its sleek matt body with metallic edges is so eyed soothing. If you are looking forward to buying a new air fryer, then this award-winning air fryer is what you might be interested in.

    It has a big touch screen with 13 one-touch cooking functions. The screen is exceptionally user-friendly and makes sure that your touch is at the perfect spot every time. The emoji printed functions make it effortless to understand and use.

    With 360-degree hot air circulation, it ensures that your meals are evenly cooked and crispy at their best. And this also with the tiniest amount of oil. Which is an absolute blessing to fitness geeks. It claims to lessen 85% oil consumption in your daily food intake. And that by maintaining the traditional taste of the food. And that is obvious when you are using it to prepare your entire days meals. Impressive! Isnt it?

    Now, lets move on to the capacity of this beautiful air fryer. With a 5.8-quart basket capacity, it is an ideal fit for a medium to large family. This means it can cook food for 3-5 people. Now if your family is not that big, I think its still handy in case if you have to get guests pretty frequently.

    Now, this feature might seem ordinary unless you tend to forget to shake the contents inside the air fryer. Shaking is important for an evenly cooked and crispy meal.

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    What Parts Of An Air Fryer Need Washing Every Time

    Always empty and wash the tray where fats could accumulate. The basket will also need a wash after every use.

    Wipe the inside of the air fryer with a damp cloth.

    “It’s easy to wipe up inside the unit with a microfibre cloth soaked in warm soapy water,” Fiona advises.

    Before cleaning, make sure the air fryer has cooled down sufficiently, but not quite enough for food residue to have completely dried or coagulated. “If the unit is still a little warm, it makes cleaning so much easier,” she adds.

    Not all air fryers have an exposed element or fan, but you should also clean around these as best you can. They may be protected by a grill which will need to be wiped down with a warm, damp cloth. If the element is exposed, try a very soft brush to gently prise away food residue.

    Mesh grills or rotisseries as well as fat reducers and other parts are not as easy to clean. They may require extra soaking in hot water and detergent to break down the grease. Some manufacturers such as Philips recommend a liquid degreaser if hot water and detergent is not sufficient to remove the oil, but check the care instructions for your appliance.

    Once everything has been cleaned, make sure parts are completely dry before returning them to your air fryer.

    Cleaning The Heating Element

    How To Clean an Air Fryer, the Easy Way

    Depending on the model, the heating element may be removable so you can clean it by hand, or it may need to be spot-cleaned. If you have a removable heating element, you should always disassemble your fryer before cleaning.

    If you see any debris such as food on the heating element, remove them with a scrub brush. Clean your air fryer once a month to take care of any build-up you might have missed.

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    Cleaning An Air Fryer With Baking Soda

    Baking soda is the swiss army knife of chemicals. Combined with a bunch of different things, baking soda can achieve a wide array of results. One of its useful areas is cleaning, more specifically, cleaning an air fryer.

    The most critical zones can be cleaned using a mixture of water and baking soda, use just enough water to create a paste-like texture. Apply the texture where its needed and let it sit. Then, gently scrub the area until the wished-for results are achieved.

    Now, if the part cleaned is removable, rinse it under running water. If not, take a paper towel and remove all the baking soda.

    Be Careful With Nonstick

    Consumers have complained on our website and elsewhere that the nonstick coating on some air fryer components flakes off over time. We havent seen this , but our advice regarding other nonstick cookware holds true here, too: Do not use metal utensils, steel wool, or any other abrasives, because they can scratch or chip the nonstick coating.

    And if the nonstick coating is flaking, dont use the air fryer. Instead, call the manufacturers customer service and ask for a new basket, or try to return the air fryer to the retailer.

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    What To Do And What Not To Do Before Deep Cleaning

    Cleaning is a very common task in a kitchen. If you cannot clean your utensils with proper products then your most favorite utensils will not last for a long time. Before deep cleaning your air fryer, you need to learn what to do and what not to do. To maintain your air fryer properly, you need to avoid the products that are harmful to your air fryer.

    • As an air fryer contains a lot of food particles when you cook food, you need to remove these before the deep cleaning. To remove the food particles and residue from your air fryer, avoid using metal utensils, abrasive sponges, or steel wire brushes. These products can damage the non-stick coating on your air fryer.
    • As the main unit of the air fryer is electrical, you need to avoid submerging the air fryer in water. if you do that it can be ruined.
    • If you notice any bad odor coming from your air fryer, you can remove this by putting a lemon in the basket. After that wait for 30 minutes to sit the lemon before cleaning the air fryer. A piece of lemon has the power to reduce foul odor from an air fryer.

    Why Should You Clean Your Air Fryer

    How to clean AirFryer – Quick and Easy Way

    We all know that many people use air fryers instead of deep fryers because air fryers use less oil. However, many people have reported their air fryer gets a smelly odor related to oil residue after frying or cooking.

    After each use, your air fryer accumulates crumbs from the food you’re preparing, which can end up baking onto the appliance and can create lots of bacteria. In order to ensure that your air fryer is safe to use next time, it’s important that you perform a deep clean before storing it for winter or other periods of non-use.

    If you’re looking to keep your air fryer longer, there’s no better way than to give it a good clean. It will help prolong the life of your appliance and ensure that you’ll be able to use it for years to come. Otherwise, you may have to consider these budget-friendly replacements.

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    Cleaning The Outside Of Your Air Fryer

    Giving your air fryer a wipe down now and again is advisable, although food won’t build up as quickly so you won’t need to do it after every use. Simply use a damp microfibre cloth for this purpose. Models that don’t have many dials and cracks where food can enter are easier to clean.

    For safety reasons you must never place the main appliance into water or put it under running water, even if you’ve removed the power cord.

    How To Clean The Outside Of An Air Fryer

    Keep in mind that the air fryer is an electric device and should therefore not be soaked in water. The removable parts are safe to soak in water but the core should not.

    When cleaning the outside of the air fryer, avoid soaking wet sponges or cloth. With a bit of bad luck, the liquid may find its way inside the air fryer and render the display or the entire device useless.

    Cleaning the outside of the air fryer should be done with a damp piece of cloth, achieved with a little bit of soap and very, very small amounts of water. Wipe down the entire appliance twice, one time with the mixture and the cloth, the second time with a paper towel.

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    Tips For Cleaning An Air Fryer

    • Consult the manual. As tedious as it sounds, don’t skip the manual for your particular model. Air fryers range in design and can have different parts with different stipulations for proper cleaning. This is especially key when determining if there are parts of your air fryer that are dishwasher safe. Get to know the model before cleaning.
    • Don’t submerge the unit. “When cleaning an air fryer, do not immerse the main unit in water or any other liquid and make sure that you never put the main unit in a dishwasher,” says Blair. This will damage the electronics and ruin the air fryer.
    • Use a soft sponge or damp cloth. Metal tools and scouring pads can damage the nonstick coating. If some stuck-on residue refuses to budge, soak in hot, soapy water before scrubbing with a sponge. For parts that are not removable , use a paste made from baking soda and water and wipe away with a soft sponge.
    • Cleaning extends the life of the fryer. Not only will cleaning the cooker help produce better dishes and rid it of unwanted smells, but it also helps the appliance work properly. This means you’re less likely to encounter mechanical issues.

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