Air Fryer Recipes For Dinner

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Air Fryer Buffalo Cauliflower Bites

AIR FRYER SALMON | my favorite 15-minute dinner recipe!

This picture-perfect recipe is oozing with deliciousness!

The second you pull this dish out of the air fryer, itll be gone in a snap.

These mini buffalo cauliflower bites are low-carb, keto-friendly, and surprisingly healthy.

This dish is basically a vegan alternative to buffalo wings. It still has the spice and kick, without the added calories.

Dont be scared to go a little crazy on your most loved barbeque or hot sauce.

This mouthwatering dish is a Chick-fil-A copycat recipe thats super easy to make.

The chicken is sautéed in pickle juice and buttermilk for that juicy tenderness.

The breading is loaded with paprika, garlic powder, and cayenne for some added heat.

The best part of this recipe is absolutely no oil is required!

Who needs the extra calories from deep fried fast food when you can get the same crispiness and crunch in an air fryer?

These vibrant air fryer fish tacos are paired with a citrus salsa and spicy chipotle mayo.

Dont forget to whip up a fresh guacamole to spread across the fish tacos.

While the recipe calls for white fish fillet, you can opt for salmon or even shrimp.

If youre looking for that extra crunch, you can throw the final product into the air fryer for some added yumminess.

Air Fryer Taco Stuffed Pasta Ingredients

You may have all of these ingredients for this Mexican twist on an easy recipe in your refrigerator or pantry and not need to make a trip to the grocery store! If this is your first time making this delicious recipe you might want to read the possible variations before deciding on your ingredients.

  • Pasta: Use large or jumbo pasta shells.
  • Filling: Fill shells with your favorite taco meat. We used leftover carnitas from our favorite carnitas recipe.
  • Etc: cheddar cheese, sour cream, taco seasoning, parsley, cooking spray

Air Fryer Turkey Croquettes

If you have leftover turkey , you can use it to make delicious and satisfying air fryer turkey croquettes.

This dish will remind you of Thanksgiving because it is basically made from turkey and dressing .

When youve finished cooking these up, dip them in gravy or cranberry sauce and you will have what feels like a healthy fast-food Thanksgiving snack.

Turkey croquettes can be a meal of their own. Just serve them with a salad and youre good to go.

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How To Flip Food In Air Fryer Appliances

While reading through air fryer Recipes, you are very likely to come across the phrase shake basket Its easy to flip food in the air fryer. How you do so would largely depend on the type of food you are cooking. For flat foods like burgers Simply slide a spatula under the food and flip over gently.

For chicken and steak, a pair of kitchen tongs will do the magic. If cooking fries, shaking the basket would suffice.

Best Air Fryer Recipes


The Best Air Fryer Recipes for easy, delicious meals! Air fryer chicken recipes, easy air fryer meals, healthy air fryer vegetables, and more! These easy air fryer recipes are perfect for beginners to air frying.

Air fryer recipes can help you to get fast, healthy meals and snacks on your table without a lot of effort. My air fryer has quickly become one of my most used kitchen appliances. Every time I cook with it, Im impressed with the flavor and crispiness of air fried food!

Im excited to share with you my favorite tried and true air fryer recipes, the ones that I make again and again for my family. These recipes are easy, tasty and most of them require just a few simple ingredients. I hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

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Why Does My Air Fryer Keep Smoking When Cooking Hamburgers

The way an air fryer works is simple. It circulates air in a360 motion around the food.

That means any of the liquid that drips off your hamburgerwill eventually circulate to the top of the air fryer, hit the heating coils,and cause it to smoke.

So, is it safe for you to cook with your air fryer smoking?

No. The fat will cause build up on the fans and unless you do a deep cleaning , that fat will remain there and eventually affect your air fryer.

Thankfully, there are two ways to avoid it:

1.The Bread Method

Simply place 1-2 pieces of breadunderneath the basket into the air fryer drawer. You may need to push down thebread to allow your air fryer basket to sit properly inside the drawer.

The bread acts like a sponge andabsorbs all the fat that drips down beneath the basket. This way no fat willfly to the fan and cause smoking.

This is the way I personally do whenair frying fatty foods. I have never had any issues with smoking sinceimplementing this technique.

2.The Water Bath Method

If you dont want to use bread orjust dont have any around, you can use the water bath method.

Place a small amount of water insidethe drawer of the air fryer and then air fry your foodnormally.

I have noticed some air fryerbaskets sit down farther inside the drawers making this method difficult.

I tried it on a recent air fryer andeven a minimal amount of water caused the bacon to just sit in the water whilecooking.

No one wants soggy foods, especiallybacon.

Other Air Fryer Recipes Youll Love:

Air Fryer Crab Cakes With Chipotle Sauce

These deliciously crisp cakes are loaded with sweet crab. Not overmixing and allowing the mixture to rest before cooking helped the crab cakes hold their shape better, as did cooking them in an air fryer. Serve these hearty morsels with creamy chipotle sauce and you’ll have a decadent dinner in no time.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Crab Cakes with Chipotle Sauce

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Air Fryer Taquitos And Charred Salsa

Taquitos are the ultimate finger foodmini rolled tacos that are warm, cheesy and super crunchy! An air fryer makes this crowd-pleasing snack surprisingly easy to cook up at home. We fill them with chunks of chicken and melty Colby Jack, but you can customize the ingredients to please even the pickiest of eaters with different proteins and cheeses. And while you have the air fryer fired up you can make a delicious charred salsa to serve alongside.

Get the Recipe: Air Fryer Taquitos and Charred Salsa

Air Fryer Recipes For Kids

Air fryer Chicken Breast and Roasted Potatoes Dinner Recipe with Vegetables . Low Budget Lunch

Our air fryer pork chop recipe with air fryer pickles is amazing.

You can read our article about Ninja air fryer recipes if you have that specific machine. Many are listed here though. That is the same mode as any other singular air fryer machine. With that you can get really crispy air fryer russet potato chips, lightly coated chicken, desserts and more.

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Air Fryer Chicken Breast

An air fryer is basically a quick cooker since its way faster than the typical oven.

This tasty chicken breast recipe only takes 20 minutes to make and is ideal for a quick meal.

Loaded with spices that I guarantee you already have sitting around in your cabinet, this one ingredient meal is a classic go-to.

Simply add a couple of sides to the dish, and youre good to go!

These delicious, crispy, and crunchy french fries are a gift sent straight from heaven.

Not only will this dish rival your favorite restaurant, its also a million times healthier!

Say goodbye to the excess oil and calories and hello to your latest obsession.

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Pro Tip: Dont forget to space out the fries before air frying to avoid the fries from steaming.

If youre anything like me and catch yourself making a little bit too much rice, then this recipe is for you.

Grab that leftover rice and make some quick and easy fried rice in your air fryer.

This recipe is awesome since it calls for frozen veggies that can easily be stored in the freezer.

You can adjust the flavors to fit your liking, alongside the ingredients.

Feel free to add a protein source like shrimp or calamari for some added goodness!

How To Make Air Fryer Home Fries

  • Prepare The Potatoes: Stir together the potatoes, bell pepper, shallot and avocado oil, sprinkle in the seasoning, and toss to coat.
  • Cook: Place the potato mixture in a single layer in the air fryer basket and cook for for 15-18 minutes at 390 degrees Fahrenheit.Pro Tip: You should shake or flip the potatoes halfway through.
  • Serve: Serve warm with optional garnish. Enjoy!
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    Sweet And Spicy Air Fryer Carrots

    Cooked carrots are given a major upgrade with this quick air fryer recipe. Cayenne pepper, black pepper and chili powder give these carrots a little heat, while brown sugar and butter mix to create a sweet caramel flavor. In 10 minutes, youll have an impressive side that would have taken 45 minutes in the oven!

    Get the Recipe: Sweet and Spicy Air Fryer Carrots

    Air Fryer Dinner Recipes Vegetarian

    25 Best Air Fryer Main Dishes for Dinner

    Now many nights we will make stuffed air fryer baked potatoes or stuff an air fryer sweet potato.

    We stuff them with:

  • Sour cream and bacon bits
  • Warm cheese and 1 minute broccoli are great if you ask my kids.

    Want breakfast or lunch for dinner?? We do that quite frequently and use instructions for air fryer hard boiled eggs and/or this air fryer breakfast!

    To round up breakfast for dinner, try these air fryer french toast sticks too!

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    Is Air Fryer Useful For Vegetarians

    I think everyone needs one really. We eat meat but do cook vegetables in it quite often because they come out tender on the inside but crispy on the outside like air fryer fried potatoes.

    Snacks like air fryer chickpeas come out amazing and you can just add veggies to our air fryer quiche recipe for a meal. We love air fryer cheese curds with marinara too.

    We use veggies like air fryer artichoke as a side dish usually. If I just want something light I have been known to eat just a plate of spicy air fryer zucchini chips.

    You can serve those with air fryer turkey legs, air fryer turkey neck or just about anything really. Our air fryer spinach chips or buttered versions are great choices.

    Our 30+ Best Air Fryer Recipes For Busy Families

    With an air fryer, you can enjoy all of the yumminess of some of your favorite fried food without the added oil from frying.

    Take a Look

    The advent of the air fryer re-invigorated how we cook foods that are traditionally fried. Thanks to the air fryer, we can now enjoy crispy French fries that dont get soft from the microwave. Even better, foods cooked in the air fryer from scratch are much healthier than deep-fried food.

    These air fryer dinner recipes make weeknights a breeze. Theres no need to work up a sweat in the kitchen when you have easy air fryer recipes.

    After a long day, its nice to come home and prepare a nice meal for your family that is quick and easy to get on the table.

    This list has some great air fryer recipes for beginners, from elegant entrees to savory sides. As a special treat, we even have a delicious dessert idea.

    Lets dive in and explore these wonderful air fryer meals.

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    What Can You Not Put In An Air Fryer

    • Non heat resistant ceramic or glass bowls
    • Wet foods are tricky in the air fryer. Things like battered foods Though you can make pancake batter in the air fryer with a baking pan, as a beginner I would recommend you make pancake muffins in silicon muffin liners instead of regular pancakes. As your confidence improves, you can try making regular pancakes

    How To Store Leftover Meatloaf

    DINNER READY in 20 MINUTES with this AIR FRYER HACK 4 Ground Beef Recipes

    This recipe is for a small meatloaf that will feed a family of four. But if you find yourself with leftovers, count yourself lucky. They taste amazing the next day!

    Simply store any extra meatloaf slices in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Properly stored, they will stay fresh for up to 4 days.

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    Air Fryer Dinner Recipes Chicken

    We also make air fryer chicken thighs pretty often because:

    • You can change them up with a different rub or sauce on them.
    • Thighs are super cheap.
    • The meat comes out tender with a crispy skin on the outside.
    • Works well with bone-in thighs as well as boneless.

    If you want to use frozen bagged favorites, we have air fryer orange chicken instructions here too.

    Need some healthy air fryer recipes right about now? Start with air fryer frozen fish and we will go from there. You can serve it with some air fryer garlic bread for a treat, or pair these with air fryer tilapia.

    Here are some questions you might have in mind right now:

    What can I make for dinner in my air fryer?

    Just about everything! From chicken to pork, and desserts too. Its our new favorite appliance for making family friendly meals. Here is a list of our favorite recipes.

    Can you cook raw foods in an air fryer?

    Of course! One of our favorite meals is air fryer steak bites on top of rice or put into tacos.

    For a really cheap meal that is packed with flavor you should try our air fryer cube steak with rice!

    Air Fryer Shrimp With Lemon And Pepper

    An easy air fryer shrimp recipe seasoned with lemon and pepper with no breading thats delicious served atop pasta or as a standalone dish.

    This post may contain affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. For more information, please read my disclaimer.

    Theres something about cooking shrimp in the air fryer that you just cant replicate. Its just a mix between the taste, the time it takes to cook, and just the process in general.

    In this post, I am going to tell you how to make lemon pepper shrimp in the air fryer, how to know when shrimp is done cooking in the air fryer, how to cook raw frozen shrimp in the air fryer, and even how to reheat shrimp in the air fryer!

    Its just 6 ingredients and requires just your air fryer and a Ziploc bag. Yep, that means no cleaning extra bowls!

    And guess what?

    This air fryer shrimp has no breading, making the shrimp completely low-carb and keto! To keep this air fryer shrimp keto, skip the pasta and serve the shrimp by itself or alongside zucchini pasta.

    I made this recipe using the 5.8 QT Cosori Air Fryer. Its square basket makes it the perfect size for our family of 4.

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    What Frozen Foods Can You Cook In An Air Fryer

  • If you dont want to make homemade french fries, we have directions for frozen french fries in air fryer. These are a game changer. Youll never bake them again after this.
  • Frozen chicken tenders in air fryer are wonderful
  • Use Rhodes rolls to cook this pull apart air fryer garlic bread too!
  • As well as how to cook air fryer corn dogs and frozen mozzarella sticks in an air fryer the best way ever in your kitchen. We share all the things you need to know for success here.

    I offer up a bunch in my Ninja Foodi cookbook too if you want to print that out.

    Want to see a few of my favorite things that I am totally obsessed with?? Take a peek and see how many you might already havetwinsies!

    Then sign up for my free newsletter, and !

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    Tasty Air Fryer Recipes

    Healthy Air Fryer Chicken and Veggies
  • You can even cook frozen pork chops in air fryer now.
  • Add meat with our air fryer chicken and vegetables recipe or leave plain. Savory air fryer carrots are always a winner but we have a big roundup of air fryer zucchini recipes too. If you have frozen vegetables in air fryer they actually turn out quite well. Try our frozen brussel sprouts air fryer and go from there.

    We have a lot of air fryer vegetable recipes here. You can tweak the seasonings to make this Mediterranean roast vegetables and toss with pasta too.

    Its seriously the only way we cook air fryer mushrooms, air fryer zucchini fritters or mixed veggies anymore. You can even cook frozen vegetables now to tender. Try air fryer frozen broccoli and youll be a believer too.

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