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Ninja Foodi Cowboy Dip

Ninja Foodi 8-qt 9-in-1 Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer on QVC

Now, we can all agree that there isnt anything better than chips and dip, so lets kick off these sauces with the ultimate cowboy dip. This recipe is packed with flavors from cheese to beans to sausage, there is something for everyone, and that is what makes it so great.

No matter whether you want to pair it with some chips, or even some fries, this cowboy dip is guaranteed to be a hit. So, next time you have friends around, give this recipe a whirl.

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Additional Tips For Use Ninja Air Fryer

  • A level basket is critical to a successful cookout since unevenly distributed food wont cook evenly. Avoid overfilling the cart by removing unnecessary items. During cooking, if the basket is overflowing, the food should jiggle.
  • Time and temperature may be adjusted in the air fryer while it is running. Time and temperature may be adjusted by using the arrow keys for TIME and TEMP.
  • To cook traditional oven meals in an air fryer, set the temperature to a lower setting than you would in an oven. Monitoring the state of the food as it is being cooked might help prevent overcooking.
  • Heating the Ninja air fryer before cooking is recommended.
  • Cooking may be started immediately by clicking the START/PAUSE button once youve selected your cooking function In this case, the air fryer will cook according to the time and temperature settings that were previously specified.
  • If you want to prepare tasty cuisine in an air fryer, take the food out of the fryer after the frying time is finished. Then the meal will be shielded from overcooking and charring as a result.
  • The amount of oil needed to cook vegetables and potatoes in an air fryer should be at least one tablespoon. You may increase the amount of oil used to achieve a crispier texture by using more.
  • The food in the air fryer has to be checked often to ensure that it is cooked to the proper doneness. Cooking time is over, so take the food from your air fryer right away. Overcooking will be avoided as a result.

How To Cook A Whole Chicken

Cooking it whole in an air fryer ensures it will not overdone at all. Just follow the steps below and it will turn out tasty and juicy every time you make it for sure.

If youre cooking a Ninja Foodi chicken there is a second way to cook a whole chicken. OR for a smaller meal, follow this Ninja Foodi chicken breast recipe.

  • You follow the first 3 steps below the same way.
  • Then close your pressure cooker lid .
  • Follow directions in our pressure cooker whole chicken post.
  • Once this is done switch lids and close your air fryer lid.
  • Press crisp button 390 degrees for 10 minutes or until the top is as brown as you want it.
  • Remove immediately and slice.
  • We have other great Instant Pot chicken recipes here and how to make a Cornish hen in air fryer is really delicious.

    Details about the whole chicken we used:

    • It was 4.2 lbs.
    • I wouldnt buy one more than about 4.5 lbs.
  • Our whole chicken was organic.
  • Personally I feel these are leaner and have a better texture.
  • There was no bag inside our cavity to be removed.
  • Next try our air fryer chicken parm!

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    Where Ninja Foodi Loses

    There are fewer ways to “customize” your cooker needs here, both function-wise and size-wise. Despite what seems like 20 different Foodi models, only a few of them are actually pressure cookers. There’s less clear scaling up in terms of what each model can do, and cookers that are dedicated toaster ovens or air fryers are still just called the Foodi just with “XL” or “Deluxe” tacked onto the end. The Foodi doesn’t come in a mini 3-quart size at all.

    While you can sometimes score an Instant Pot for as low as $50-ish if you’re fine with only six appliance functions, buying a Foodi locks you into spending at least $169. And it’s a bummer that the Foodi costs so much and doesn’t even have a stainless steel insert. The nonstick coating isn’t as fragile as Teflon, but there are reports of chipping from the metal rack being pulled in and out. Some people also aren’t comfortable with their food chilling in a plastic-y ceramic coating for hours.

    Omni Plus And Ninja Foodi Cooking Menu

    NINJA Foodi Max OP500UK Multi Pressure Cooker &  Air Fryer ...

    Moving further, lets see what the Omni Plus and Ninja Foodi can offer starting from the menu that you can find on the appliance but do note that there are plenty of variants on both lines and this is specific to these models only. As for the Omni Plus 10-in-1, you will find 8 smart programs here including air fry, bake, roast, broil, warm, reheat, toast, and dehydrate. The other two are probably for rotisserie rotating function and to turn the fan on or off.

    On the other hand the Foodi SP101 is also coming with 8 menus that we can select from the control panel including air fry, air roast, air broil, bake, dehydrate, keep warm, toast, and bagel. Unlike the Omni Plus, the fan is automatically activated based on the menu selected.

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    Cosori Vs Ninja Which Would I Get

    For the simplicity of cooking day-to-day favorites and frozen or fresh foods you would usually deep-fry, the Cosori Air-Fryer is certainly the best option. Cooking with between 9 11 pre-sets owing to its quantity of pre-sets. It has an automatic switch-off function for extra safety. Its not so good as the Ninja as far as the manual control panels go, but thats not to say thats a problem. People soon get over their initial confusion and use it with ease.

    On the other hand, the Ninja Air-Fryer offers 4 useful cooking options, air-fry, roast, re-heat and dehydrate, which gives it an advantage for keen food dehydrators. It has more emphasis on manually controlled cooking, where you use a recipe to tell you the optimal temperature and cooking time. But there are more than a 100 recipes in the Owners Manual. And its easier to pause when you remove food for shaking or turning, without having to adjust the timer. So I would say this has greater utility for more experienced cooks!

    Whether you buy from the Cosori or Ninja air-fryer ranges, you can be sure of quality and durability if you take care of your innovative new kitchen wizard!

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    Ninja Foodi Mashed Potatoes

    Alternatively, you can use your Ninja Foodi to make the classic side dish of mashed potatoes. You might not be obsessed with mashed potatoes, but they are something that most people enjoy, and they are very filling.

    Ninja Foodi mashed potatoes are full of flavor and a great side dish for almost any meal. So, you should definitely consider giving this recipe a go.

    Ninja Foodi Cream Cheese Shredded Chicken

    Ninja Foodi Review Pressure Cooker Air Fryer Combination with Recipe

    If you fancy something a little more fancy, then you can make Cream Cheese Shredded Chicken using your Ninja Foodi. This recipe uses lots of different ingredients and because of this it is packed with wonderful flavors that make it insanely yummy to eat.

    From the cream cheese, to the seasoning on the chicken, to the fact that this dish also contains bacon, there is something for everyone in this recipe. So it is definitely worth considering this if you want to take your evening meal to the next level.

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    Best Budget: Thomson Tfpc607 9

    What We Didnt Like

    • Saute feature isnt available
    • Smaller capacity

    Another excellent 9-in-1 Pressure Cooker is the TFPC607 model from Thomson. This multi-purpose cooker can be used as a Pressure Cooker, Air Fryer, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, and Steamer. Moreover, you can also use it as a Yogurt maker and Warmer.

    This 6.5 Quarts cooker has dimensions of 13.38 x 12.2 x 14.56 inches. It is large enough to cook a roast for your entire family. In addition, you get two cooking lids. One is a classic pressure cooker lid, while the other is an air frying lid. The latter uses an innovative Cyclonic Heating Technique to ensure that your food cooks well from all sides.

    It also comes with a double-coated inner pot which is nonstick and PTFE/PFOA free. Moreover, washing the cooker is very simple. You can wash it by hand, or if youre feeling lazy, just put it in your dishwasher. Thompson also includes an intuitive digital display to program your cooker easily.

    Apart from the cooker, you also get a measuring cup, plastic spoon, and a dipping rack with your purchase. Additionally, you also get an instruction guide that helps you set up the cooker for the first time.

    How The Ninja Foodi Looks And Feels

    This large multicooker combines the functions of many different gadgets.

    One glance at the Foodi and R2-D2 comes to mind. Its round and bulky with a curved top and a digital control panel across its belly. With its black housing, it looks functional, not decorative, and anyone who comes into your kitchen is likely to ask, Whats that? When you go to lift the whole thing, you realize its solidly built and quite heavy, so once you plunk it on your countertop, youll want to leave it there. Although it does have handles that make it easy to maneuver when you have to.

    The Foodi comes with two lidsa crisping lid, which is permanently attached by a hinge and is used for air frying and other non-pressurized functions, and a pressure lid, for pressure cooking, slow cooking and steaming. The device also comes with a cooking pot, a crisping basket, and an interior rack. Unfortunately, this means youre not totally off the hook when it comes to storage space. Youll have to find a place in your cabinets to keep the parts that arent being used.

    The control panel is clearly laid out, has mercifully large and easy-to-read markings, and is intuitive to navigate. The cooking pot and the crisping basket have a ceramic nonstick finish that gives them the look of cheap cookware, but ultimately makes them very easy to clean. We tested the model with a 6.5-quart cooking pot, but one with a larger 8-quart pot is also available.

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    Dash Compact Air Fryer

    • Comes in an assortment of colors
    • Homemade fries did not cook evenly

    The Dash is perfect for people who cook only for themselves. At 1.7 liters, it can quickly cook one portion of food. A smaller footprint means it takes up less room on your counter, and a smaller basket means easier cleaning. The Dash has a mechanical timer, which makes it a little tricky to program to the exact minute. The temperature dial also doesnât offer many temperature options, but we use the max 400°F temperature to air fry most foods anyway. We love that it comes in an assortment of colors that pop, unlike most air fryers on the market. The aqua, pictured here, is a fave.

    How to choose the best air fryer for you

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    Air Fryer Buying Guide

    Ninja Cooker237 Pressure Cooker, 6.5 quart, Black (Renewed ...

    Now that you have read our Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer review, its time to tell you what to look for before you buy a ninja foodi air fryer. As you have seen above, there are a lot of options out there that offer so much. Some provide the grilling option, others provide the pressure cooking options, and almost all of them are highly versatile.

    So, choosing the right one can be difficult. One thing that you should always do before buying a cooking appliance is to take note of your needs. Make up your mind whether you want a versatile cooking appliance that could cater to all your cooking needs. Or do you only require a simple small air fryer that can provide healthy fried food?

    The better you understand your needs, the better decision you will be able to make. You wouldnt want to spend $500 on an air fryer/grill/convection oven if you only want to prepare pancakes.

    Here are some other basic you should look for before buying a Ninja Foodi air fryer oven:

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    Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer All In One

    Wouldnt it be nice if you could cook something crispy in your Instant Pot without using the oven? Whats the one significant feature that would turn it into an actual multitasking machine? True story, the Ninja Foodi, a pressure cooker-air fryer hybrid, was designed to answer this criticism.

    You should give this multi-cooker a chance, especially if you enjoy a bit of crunch in your cuisine. The unit is quite large, has an equally large attachment, and resembles an Instant Pot more than anything else. However, after owning one for almost a year, I can confidently say its been a great addition to my kitchen and has earned the reputation of being one of the best air fryers on the market.

    Ninja Foodi Confetti Cake

    Finally, lets wrap this up with a recipe that is guaranteed to be a hit with the kids. Confetti cake has become a craze in recent years, and it is easy to see why. If you have limited time to make this cake, but still want to treat the kids, follow this Ninja Foodi recipe to bake your own confetti cake.

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    Ninja Foodi Dz201 Dual

    This air fryer is for those people who are looking for a dedicated air fryer. Most of the above multi-cookers are grills and pressure cookers that can air fry as well. But the DZ201 is a full-fledge air fryer that has a couple of other cooking methods. It can air broil, air fry, roast, reheat, bake, and dehydrate.

    The standout feature is the dual-basket that not only increases the cooking capacity but also allows you to cook two different dishes at the same time. The DualZone Technology allows you to use the Smart Finish and the Match cook features. With the Smart Finish, you can cook two different meals in two baskets.

    To cook similar meals in both baskets, you can use the Match Cook feature and use the same cooking instructions for both baskets. All this is possible because the air fryer has independent fans and heating elements for both cooking zones.

    You no longer need to cook in batches, neither will your food get cold while waiting for the sides to finish cooking. With the 1600 watts powerful heating element, we assure you, you will get tasty fried food that is healthy too.

    The controls of the DZ201 are completely digital and very easy to use. The whole control panel is a digital touch screen that is very easy to understand. The LED screen also helps in understanding what you are selecting. The controls allow you to set the cooking instructions for both baskets separately or copy the same instruction for both baskets.


    Why The Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker And Air Fryer Is Our Favorite New Kitchen Appliance If You Love Pressure Cooking And Air Frying This Is A Game Changer

    Ninja Foodi Deluxe XL Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer 30 Day Review

    Have you seen the new Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer? It. Is. Amazing. Its literally changed how and what we eat for dinner. Let me show you how it works, and then you can cook all the Ninja Foodi recipes we have!

    Ill explain this new machine with you in case youre looking for a Ninja Foodi review before you purchase it.

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    Carl Schmidt Sohn 65qt Pressure Cooker & Air Fryer Combos

    Next up is a model that has a lot of great reviews from those that have tried it out. This is a good looking model that seems more compact and has a nice touchscreen for all the settings and controls.

    There are 22 pre-sets available, 15 of which are for cooking processes, and this means great variation in how you cook your meals. You can experiment with this model. It is also meant to be easy to clean once you have finished.


    MOOSOO are widely known for their incredible cooking utensils but what tops the charts is this particular device that gives you a blue LED screen along with tons of air fryer cooking functions and many presets to choose from.


    • The design is quite nice, compact, and overall pretty visually aesthetic in my opinion.
    • The MOOSOO Pressure Cooker Air Fryer contains 360-degree rapid air circulation technology to reduce oil and fat up to 85%.
    • It is known to cook food 70% faster than other pressure cookers or air fryers and quite easily too.


    • Not as many presets or functionalities as the other available combos.
    • The size capacity of the MOOSOO combo isnt that huge either.

    If youre a beginner, then I believe getting the MOOSOO Air Fryer Pressure Cooker combo would be an apt decision for you but it doesnt have a lot of advanced functions so that is something to keep in mind.

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